Part 1- Prelude to Defiance: Chapter 3 - Blue Deck

IG-198's crackly voice chimes into the conversation. "R5-B8 suggests space walking and forcing past the force field in to the loading bay. I am equipped for walking on the outside of space craft if this will be any use to us. As for our the one know as Jibba Jabba he either decided against accompanying us, or was killed or captured. Either way, I compute his threat to us as minimal."

Maya frowns, and wonders aloud, "I'm still not 100%, so I won't be too much help if forcing through the force field hinders me any more. I could use a space suit to get on board the Banshee, and supervise the pick up myself if you choose to sneak outside the space station to the docking bay." She walks over and looks in the lockers revealing spacesuits in several sizes.

Mist lets out a "mew" of surprise as her Kowakian monkey-lizard takes an interest in the droids, but upon noticing that the interest is mostly harmless, she ignores this development and starts inspecting herself for any signs of ill treatment, licking herself clean at the discovery of any dirt.
It is only the mention of space walks that returns her attention to the group.
"Is walking in space fun?" she asks, her tail practically dancing in anticipation of a new game, "I want to play a game that doesn't involve getting shot at"

Maya nods Mist, "Don't we all! It can be fun, and I imagine it would avoid us needing disguises to cross Blue Deck to the hangar. There may still be shooting if things don't go well, but if you are quick or lucky, there could be minimal in the way of blaster fights. Grab the carbonite, transmit the landing code to the Banshee and then pile onboard and leave."

IG-198 looks around the group it has found itself with. It does not trust the Jawa, does not understand Mist, believes Maya would drop them without thought if it meant completing her mission, and as for the Jedi - while its programming has changed dramatically, the IG unit was originally created to fight Jedi. Not the best group to be associated with, yet they have seemed to work well together so far, and if associating with the likes of these beings was the price for IG-198's independence, then it was a price the droid was willing to pay.

"Is there any other plan to consider?"

IG-198 replies binary

"The only other option that I can compute, other than disguise which for some of us could be difficult, is to cause some kind of distraction to draw the Imperials away from the loading bay."

Maya nods, "Good thinking, in fact a distraction would be helpful regardless of our approach. I have an idea." She pulls out her comm-link and calls up Jibba Jabba, "Jibba Jabba, if you are able to answer, we could use a distraction, we can complete your errand if you can provide cover." She looks at those in the room, "Was that clear enough? Or too much in code for the furry guy?"

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