Part 1- Prelude to Defiance: Chapter 3 - Blue Deck

Khen shrugs. Then he walks over and does his best to get swatted by Mist's tail.

The comm crackles and Jibba Jabba replies, "Riot in alien residences, ok? Tell me where get cargo." Maya grins and nods, she replies, "It will be at the main spaceport on Alderaan, and don't worry about docking charges either. Give us five minutes before you start it." The reply comes back, "OK".

After that, she calls the Banshee and requests an exterior pickup near V-deck. She begins putting on a space suit out of the lockers.

R5-B8 says binary

Hopla begins donning a spacesuit as well. He wonders what will become of Atton, and if Mist will blow up at a critical moment of their escape. What will be, will be, he thinks. His old Jedi Master Vi'in Thorlek loved speaking in tautology.

In a quick burst of chirping and beeping, IG-198 replies with binary

He then turns his attention to the others. "Does anyone know the best way of bringing down the shields from space?"

The hologram of Switch dissappears, and the kowokian monkey lizard begins banging on the astromech's head. R5 replies, binary The astromech begins shaking back and forth and spinning its dome trying to remove the nuisance, to no avail. The monkey lizard cackles with glee.

The battle droid rattles off a confirmation in binary, and then lets the others know what the R5 unit relaid from Switch.

"Seemingly there is an access hatch near the blue deck hangar. R5-B8 can open this for us giving us access without having to force our way in. Switch claims its debt is paid with this service."

The IG unit looks over at the vacc suits. "It seems there is no better plan than this. I suggest you prepare and we should start as soon as possible.

R5 rattles off the location and directions to IG-198 and heads back up the stairs. As it starts slowly climbing the stairs, the monkey lizard gets off and starts messing with Maya's helmet that is sitting on the ground. Maya takes the time to remove her blaster and holster and puts it on over the space suit.

Maya shakes the monkey off her helmet and hands Mist a space suit, "Suit up." She also tosses a small sized suit to the Jawa. She pulls out a small vaccuum sealed box, to Mist she says, "Your pet can go in here and I'll let him out once onboard the ship. Shouldn't be long, if you can get him in it."


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