Part 1- Prelude to Defiance: Chapter 3 - Blue Deck

Mist looks curiously at the space suit being offered to her. She doesn't much like the look of it, but everyone else who is going on the space walk seems to be getting into them, so that suggests they are probably part of the rules of the game. At no point as she ever given any thought to what space actually is and how fatal exposure to it would be.
Noting the absence of anywhere to put her tail, she lets out a 'meow' of frustration then curls her tail around her waist so she doesn't get it caught on anything.

Getting the bulky suit itself on is fairly easy, though being unable to stretch her tail out while wearing it is a little frustrating.
"That doesn't look like any fun" she observes when Maya presents the box for her Kowakian monkey-lizard.
"I don't think he'll like the box"

Maya solemnly nods, "Very true, unless you think you can get it to wear the other small size space suit. Which will nearly swallow it whole. Does it have a name?" She points at the smaller locker, still containing a space suit.

"I'm sure I could force it in to the box, if that is what is worrying you." IG-198 says from where it has been standing waiting for everyone to suit up.

The combat droid stares at Mist for a moment before almost absently saying. "I am not a man."

This flesh form confuses the droid, and IG-198 is unsure of the best way to deal with her. "The Jawa is the smallest of us. Would this... Quirky... be able to share its suit?"

Maya says, "If he's not going in the box, figure it out quick. I'll have our ride ready, call with the code for us to get in." She slaps on her helmet and heads into the airlock, it cycles and she is last seen disappearing out onto the station.

"The little thing will tear a hole in my suit!!" Khen shouts as he begins climbing into the suit. His robes begin bunching making the suit less comfortable.

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"Then it seems that the only option is the box."
"We can also kill it and leave it." Khen says without minding how Mist might react.

"What ever is decided it must be done now. We should not linger here." The droid stomps over towards the airlock, obviously intent on leaving no matter what the others do.

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