Part 1- Prelude to Defiance: Chapter 3 - Blue Deck

Quirky the monkey lizard hisses at the jawa and runs to hide behind Mist. Maybe it is smarter than it seems.

The door to the secret bunker begins to close and the monkey lizard dashes up the stairs and out the door as slams shut, seemingly solving the conundrum. The group finishes suiting up and exits the air lock. IG-198 takes off in the proper direction as the others awkwardly follow trying to become accustomed to the magnetic boots and keep Mist focused on following them as much as looking about. Below them the orb of Brentaal IV is even more beautiful than through the huge window on the Promenade. The stars are brilliant and space traffic streaks about, seemingly unaware of the four figures walking along the outside of Sel Zonn station.

IG-198 leads them to the designated hatch which opens upon his arrival. The others eventually make it inside, having a much better feel for space suits with Magnetic boots after their five minute walk. Once in the hallway out of the airlock, R5 is there, alarm claxons are ringing and a loud ruckus is heard from the right. To the left is Blue Deck's docking bay, they have succeeded in bypassing the community area of Blue Deck.

As the group glances towards the noise, Quirky comes dashing towards them out of the great hall of Blue Deck being hotly pursued by an overweight janitor with a broom like cleaning tool.

Under the cover of its cloak, IG-198's hand closes about the grip of its vibroblade. It knows that hurting the janitor could be bad for their mission but then he also can't let the portly human raise any alarm. The droid stays to one side of the corridor, hoping that the janitor will run past at which point it can step out behind the human cutting off any way of escape.

Mist had spent most of the trip across the outside of the station staring in rapt fascination at the planet and everything else going on above her, requiring the others to pretty much drag her to their destination.
Now that she was safely inside, she pulled the stifling helmet off her head as quickly as possible and was about to discard it when she saw Quirky being chased by a fat man with a broom.

"Leave my Quirky alone!" she screams at the fat man, throwing her helmet at him with all the force she can muster.

"Will we never be rid of that creature?" asks the Jawa as Mist chunks her helmet.

<<OOC: Let's try this again.>>

Mist throws her helmet at the janitor as hard as she can.
Dice Roll: 1d20-1
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 18)
Attack roll. Improvised thrown weapon at point-blank range

Quirky runs for the group when he sees them in the airlock alcove, the janitor yells, "CATCH IT, STO... when Mist's helmet smashes into his face, laying him out cold. IG-198 quickly drags him out of the hallway as the group struggles out of their spacesuits, leaving them in a pile by the air-lock door. No further trouble comes from the great hall, and the screams and yelling from there have dropped drastically. The monkey lizard jumps up on Mist's shoulder and is poking at her cat ears.

"Come, we must move quickly and communicate the entrance codes to Maya." IG-198 begins to stride towards the docking bay.

"Awww, hello Quirky" Mist says as the monkey lizard jumps up on her.
Once she is free of her space-suit and able to flex her tail again, she starts purring at Quirky playing with her ears.

Hopla moves beside R5 toward the docking bay with lightsaber in hand (not ignited), a step behind the battle droid. He says loudly enough for all to hear, "IG-198 and I will deal with security while R5 finds the location of the carbonite and Jibba's cargo on the computer. Then R5 will transmit the shield codes to Maya's ship while we retrieve the carbonite and cargo for pickup. Agreed?"

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