Characters, Starships, and NPCs

Characters, Starships, and NPCs

Captain Tagrin Fandanirri, Duros, 7 Noble 3 Crime Lord.
EM-16, Balmorran Arms Battle Droid 6 Nonheroic (Tag's minion).
Tsilze Choka, Vong, 2 Scout 4 Jedi (Loyal to Tag).
R8-DX, 2nd-Degree Droid
Serani ke Drassan, Near Human, 7 Jedi 3 Jedi Knight (Loyal to Tag).
Ainoer Zuzis, Miraluka, 5 Scout 5 Jedi.

Edriss Ordo, Human, Scout 4 Soldier 4 Bounty Hunter 2.

Greykabukk, Wookiee, 4 Scoundrel 4 Soldier 2 Gladiator.
Warwick, Ewok, 4 Scout 3 Soldier.
Kal'thazz, Togorian, 1 Jedi 2 Scoundrel 5 Soldier 1 Elite Trooper 1 Imperial Knight.

Captain Netrel'vrenkr'inrokini (Renk), Chiss, 2 Noble 5 Scoundrel 2 Gunslinger.
Vittix Krreh, Clawdite, 1 Noble 1 Scoundrel 5 Scout (loyal to Renk).
Tarnil, Human, 7 Soldier 3 Elite Trooper.

NPCs aboard the Ambassador
Dorat, Sullustran, 8 Scoundrel.


The Ambassador, Consular Class Cruiser. See Stat Block below

The BowTIE, TIE/D Defender. See Stat Block below

NPC Stat Blocks
R8-DX, 2nd-Degree Droid
Starship Stat Blocks
The Ambassador, Consular Class Cruiser

The BowTIE, TIE Defender

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The Galaxy
Original map linked at end of Rules Compendium

Faction: The New Alliance, Rebels



Type: Military

Enemies and Allies:

Scale: 16 (multiple galactic sectors).

Organization Score Criteria: See FUCG 74.

Titles, Benefits, and Duties: See FUCG 77.

Roleplaying Applications:

Major Personalities

Chancellor Ardinn Kord, Human, Leader of the Alliance

Rynah Mothus, Human, Jedi Master.

Jedi Master Aurren Rane, Miraluka, 4 Jedi 3 Soldier 1 Jedi Knight.
Jedi Knight Icara Page, Near-Human, 3 Jedi 2 Scoundrel (Loyal to Rane).
Admiral Hackssler

Admiral Am-Bom-Ni, Alliance Navy

General Carlist Rieekan Alvar

Minister Horace Glaston, Human, Military Genius.

Alliance Intelligence

Minister Solon Voth

Captain Leems, Mon Cal.

Diplomatic Corps

Ambassador Prima Agamenan, Human-like.

Ambassador-at-Large Rotta the Hutt, Hutt, Noble.
Diplomatic Security Agents, IG-110 Droids.
Lesser Personalities

General Ettore Greer

Captain Darus Kernak, Human, 5 Soldier 3 Scout 1 Elite Trooper.

Jedi Knight Kron, Human, Jedi.

1C3, Droid, 4 Scoundrel 5 Independent Droid.

Lieutenant Falgev

Sergeant Darion Sec, Human, 3 Scout, 4 Soldier, 1 Gunslinger.

The Dead

Kala Dornal, Jedi.

Magoza saKrin, Gamorrean, 6 Nonheroic (Tag's Minion), Deceased.


Mon Gazza Liberation Front.




Faction: The Empire




Enemies and Allies:


Organization Score Criteria:

Titles, Benefits, and Duties:

Roleplaying Applications:

Major Personalities
Arsaec, the Emperor, Human Sith Lord.

Commander Tyranu Keffler, Human, Imperial Naval Forces.

Galactic Hawk and Imperial Intelligence

General Vhiran Deo, Human.

General Montross Torwyn, Human, Imperial Intelligence Service.

Special Minister Guy Singh, Human, Imperial Intelligence Service.

Colonel Lassiter Widdom, Human, Imperial Intelligence Service..

Colonel Nema Reth, Bothan, Imperial Intelligence Service.

Major Raina Sharr, Human Jedi (Sith), Imperial Intelligence Service.

Commander Tenzing Norgay, Human (Clone).

IIS Agent X / Captain Edvar Mentel / Lt. Ryo Endel, Clawdite Intelligence Operative.


L3N, Alchemical Clone.

V1K, Alchemical Clone.

Commander V3K, Alchemical Clone.

ARG1, Alchemical Clone.

5AL, Alchemical Clone.

Doctor, Human, name unknown

Lesser Personalities

Ryben Zoid, Khil, Sith Lord

Colonel Kerlos Deo, Human, Imperial Spokesman.

Captain Ardo Reineer, Human Jedi (Sith).

Graav Zarka, Togrut, Jedi (Sith).

Jeren Case, Human.

Tigani Cisgata, Ryn 4 Jedi (Sith)

The Dead

Mariin Zee, Nautolan, Sith Apprentice.

Major Deena Sal.


Imperial Express Courier Service, The Empire

Imperial Intelligence Service, The Empire


Galactic Hawk, Marauder Corvette, The Empire

The Revenge, Imperial Super-Star Destroyer, The Empire


Coruscant, Hirkenglade Market.
Skychaser’s Rides, Coruscant.

Jibber's Pawn Shop, Coruscant.

Buttle's Wares, Coruscant.
The Sartis Sector.

Iblis, Sartis Sector.

Maeva, Sartis Sector.

Outpost Zeta, Sartis Sector.

Faction: The New Order




Enemies and Allies:


Organization Score Criteria:

Titles, Benefits, and Duties:

Roleplaying Applications:

Major Personalities

Governor Anders Tarkin, Human.

Palpatine, Cloned Human, Sith.

Admiral Amirel Rehnou, Human.

New Order Intelligence

Minister Drees As'lano, Bothan, New Order Intelligence.

Colonel Tem Sinda, Nagai Noble, New Order Intelligence

Lieutenant Dathon Kraa, Bothan, New Order Intelligence

Lieutenant Aemi Tunel, Corellian.

Lesser Personalities

Jan Ols, Human.

Captain Griss Thornn, Corellian Soldier.

Vee R-Lan, Gran 4 Scout

The Dead


Imperial Security Service, The New Order

Onyx Squadron.


The Hammer, The New Order

ISD Legion, The New Order

PX-119 Longarm-class Customs Inspection Craft, The Empire


Brentaal System, Brentaal IV.

Mysterious mountain stronghold, Cato Neimoidia.

Faction: Dreego’s Crime Syndicate




Enemies and Allies:


Organization Score Criteria:

Titles, Benefits, and Duties:

Roleplaying Applications:

Major Personalities

Dreego the Hutt, Cybernetic Hutt.

Gorbag the Hutt, Hutt.

Huura Desilijic Kreyba the Hutt, Hutt.

Captain Ryjer, Human.


Captain Nageland Hammer, Twi'lek smuggler and spice-dealer.

Travars Narash, Trandoshan.

Rohan Fulbs, Gungan.

Trolk, Gamorrean.

Fassa, Gungan.

Business Partners (but not Allies)

Captain Billy, Ewok.

Kellor Kerrussian, Human.

Tomia, Ithorian.

Toonda Gree, Sullustian.

Bounty Hunter Stormtroopers, Human Females.

Grazak, Trandoshan.

The Dead




Nar Shadaa.

Faction: The Unaligned

Major Personalities

Naru, Twi'lek, 4 Scoundrel, 3 Jedi, 1 Crime Lord

F0-X1 "Fox", Loyal to Naru, Probe Droid, 1 Scout, 2 Soldier, ID 1.
Lucky the Ysalamiri
3Z3 Medical Droid
Captain Katalyn D'vair, Human, Privateer.

Sinlyn Lev, Mandalorian.

Quagvyuwa, Wookiee.

Tiya, Human, Jedi.

General Graef.

Abid Leechi, Umbaran.

Prince Sookik, Rodian.

Beskreiga Ordo, Mandalorian.

Lord Suarvik, Dashade.

Lesser Personalities

Chicorrrylwyyk, Wookiee.

Lofbacca, Wookiee

Ashla, Togrut, Force sensitive.

The Dead

Nabbatt Antay, Corellian.

Dakhah Archgana, Corellian.

Aln and Jan Skylan, Corellian.

Redo Leequs, Corellian.

Micus Tunsyn, Corellian.


Cato Neimodians.



Dreighton. [INDENT]The Daily Grind Tapcafe, Dreighton.

Maturus Family Motors, Dreighton.

Howlin' Chico's Howlin' Mad Deals, Dreighton.


Promiscium Worm.

Promiscium Fever.


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