Characters, Starships, and NPCs

Characters, Starships, and NPCs

Captain Tagrin Fandanirri, Duros, 7 Noble 3 Crime Lord.
EM-16, Balmorran Arms Battle Droid 6 Nonheroic (Tag's minion).
Tsilze Choka, Vong, 2 Scout 4 Jedi (Loyal to Tag).
R8-DX, 2nd-Degree Droid
Greykabukk, Wookiee, 4 Scoundrel 4 Soldier 2 Gladiator.
Warwick, Ewok, 4 Scout 3 Soldier.
Netrel'vrenkr'inrokini (Renk), Chiss, 2 Noble 5 Scoundrel 2 Gunslinger.
Vittix Krreh, Clawdite, 1 Noble 1 Scoundrel 5 Scout (loyal to Renk).
NPCs aboard the Ambassador
Currently vacant.


The Ambassador, Consular Class Cruiser. See Stat Block below

The BowTIE, TIE/D Defender. See Stat Block below

PC Stat Blocks
R8-DX, 2nd-Degree Droid

Diplomatic Security Agents, IG-110 Droids

Starship Stat Blocks
The Ambassador, Consular Class Cruiser

The BowTIE, TIE Defender

Unaligned For those who have not chosen a side, or choose their own side.

Galactic Alliance of Free Planets aka the Rebel Alliance
For those who oppose the Empire and the New Order.

The New Order A faction dedicated to new leadership in the Empire.

The Empire The status quo.

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Logo images should be 75 vertical x 75 horizontal.
PC Character images should be 75 vertical x 75 horizontal.
NPC Character images should be 75 veritical x 75 horizontal and placed to the right of the logo.
Starship images should be 800 horizontal, and not excessively vertical. Gallery of Ships
Starship Icon images should be 75 vertical by 75 horizontal.

The Galaxy
Original map linked at end of Rules Compendium

Former Crew of the Midnight Express (the Remembrance)
Tem Sinda, Nagai 4 Noble.

Raina Sharr, Human 4 Jedi.

Tiya, See Personalities (Chimaera)

Naru, Twi'lek, 4 Scoundrel, 3 Jedi, 1 Crime Lord
F0-X1 "Fox", Loyal to Naru, Probe Droid, 1 Scout, 2 Soldier, ID 1.
Lucky the Ysalamiri
3Z3 Medical Droid
Katalyn D'vair, Human, 2 Soldier 4 Scoundrel 2 Scount 1 Master Privateer.

Dorat, Sullustran, 8 Scoundrel.

Rotta the Hutt, Hutt, 7 Noble.
Diplomatic Security Agents, IG-110 Droids.
Darus Kernak, Human, 5 Soldier 3 Scout 1 Elite Trooper.

1C3, Droid, 4 Scoundrel 5 Independent Droid.

Aurren Rane, Miraluka, 4 Jedi 3 Soldier 1 Jedi Knight.
Icara Page, Near-Human, 3 Jedi 2 Scoundrel (Loyal to Rane).

Former Crew of the Midnight Express (the Forgotten Ones)
Tigani Cisgata, Ryn 4 Jedi

Griss Thornn, Corellian 1 Scout 3 Soldier

Vee R-Lan, Gran 4 Scout

Grav Zaarka, Togruta, 5 Jedi

Kaelyn Virai, Human. 6 Jedi

Kara Harper, Human. 1 Scoundrel, 5 Soldier

Rei Siva, Nagai. 1 Noble, 5 Scoundrel

Simon Yanto, Zeltron. 6 Noble

Jack Forester, Human, Scout 3, Soldier 4
Zyra Melan, Bothan, Scoundrel 1, Scout 1, Soldier 2
Darion Sec, Human, 3 Scout, 4 Soldier, 1 Gunslinger

Major Personalities
Ardinn Kord, Human, Leader of the Alliance

Rynah Mothus, Human, Jedi Master.

Arsaec, the Emperor, Human, Sith Lord.

IIS Agent X / Captain Edvar Mentel / Lt. Ryo Endel, Clawdite.

Governor Anders Tarkin, Human.

Palpatine, Cloned Human, Sith.

Dreego the Hutt, Cybernetic Hutt.

narrow24 Captain Billy, Ewok.

narrow24 Kron, Human, 8 Jedi.

narrow24 Ardo Reineer, Human, Sith.

narrow24 Travars Narash, Trandoshan.

narrow24 Rohan Fulbs, Gungan.

narrow24 Kellor Kerrussian, Human.

Horace Glaston, Human, Military Genius.
freeclint Trolk, Gamorrean.

freeclint Tomia, Ithorian.

freeclint Gorbag the Hutt, Hutt.

freeclint Fassa, Gungan.

freeclint Lt. Greer, Human.

freeclint Captain Leems, Mon Cal.

freeclint Captain Ryjer, Human.

tsuyoshikentsu Admiral Amirel Rehnou, Human.

tsuyoshikentsu Dathon Kraa, Bothan.

tsuyoshikentsu Chicorrrylwyyk, Wookiee.

tsuyoshikentsu Commander Tyranu Keffler, Human, Imperial Naval Forces.

tsuyoshikentsu Toonda Gree, Sullustian.

tsuyoshikentsu Lofbacca, Wookiee

Chimaera Ashla, Togrut, Force sensitive.

Chimaera Captain Nageland Hammer, Twi'lek smuggler and spice-dealer.

Chimaera Tiya, Human, Jedi.

Chimaera Graav Zarka, Togrut, Sith.

Chimaera Mariin Zee, Nautolan, Sith Apprentice.

Chimaera Ryben Zoid, Khil, Sith Lord

Chimaera Admiral Am-Bom-Ni, Navy General

Chimaera Lieutenant Commander Ettore Greer

Chimaera Major Deena Sal.

Chimaera General Graef.

Chimaera Abid Leechi, Umbaran.

Chimaera Prince Sookik, Rodian.

Chimaera Beskreiga Ordo, Mandalorian.

Chimaera Lord Suarvik, Dashade.

Chimaera Huura Desilijic Kreyba the Hutt, Hutt.

Chimaera Admiral Hackssler


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