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Gregory Tracker

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Gregory Tracker



Please post your full background in this thread as well log as any future adjustments to your character sheet via point spending or other alterations and a link to your character sheet.

Gregory Tracker was born in the Federation of Free Trade, the son of a local huntsman turned ratter named Lucius, and his wife Marigold. The youngest of three, only Gregory lived past the age of eleven, much to his parents grief; that, combined with his fathers rapid drop in status and ability to feed the family, led to his mother taking up prostitution, and his father taking up drinking.

Gregory was a quick lad, not the brightest boy around, but always strong, and fast, and he seemed to make up for the ill health of his passed siblings by refusing to succumb to illness, infection, or disease. He made his way through the streets daily, attempting pickpocketing, though his fingers were never as nimble as his cohorts, and eventually resorting to thuggery, stealing what he could to survive.

His parents grew more and more disillusioned, his mothers work wearing her down to a nub, his fathers drinking slowly taking control of his life. By the age of sixteen, he left home, living in an old warehouse by the docks and running full time with a local gang of toughs, quickly making a name for himself amongst the ruffians as a fast hand with a knife. Unfortunately, his tastes did not run towards rape, or violence against women, and when the leader of the gang, a squirrely bastard called Reynolds, sent the boys after the local working gals, Gregory pulled his knives and went to work on him.

Reynolds survived, but lost his nose and both ears, and gained a few scars on his cheeks and forehead for the effort. Mutilated, but still as canny as ever, he sent his boys after Gregory, necessitating a speedy change of life for the unlucky knife fighter, so Gregory hopped on board an outbound ship and never looked back.

He made himself useful on board, though he was not nautically inclined, by nature, and killed his first two men that year during a brief skirmish with some would-be pirates. While the crew was sympathetic, as he was the youngest on board, and they knew he had no family or men to talk to, no one offered him a chance to talk about what he had been forced to do, and he quickly suppressed the guilt he felt and focused on his work.

For a year and a half, he worked on the boat, taking little pay, but learning how to handle his knives, how to fight dirty, and picking up talk of crime and cons run back on land by the sailors. Most of them were career criminals, working on the open water simply as a way to let things calm down back home before returning to familiar hunting grounds. Gregory took to it well, and found it interesting, and soon enough spoke as a seasoned artist of the glib tongue, even though he had never really done any 'work' , as the men would call it, beyond some simply armed assault.

By the time he was reaching nineteen, he left the ship, making his way into Tormauz with goals and dreams of riches and power. He was not to achieve them, being robbed himself within a week of arriving in the capital, by virtue of asking the wrong people about the wrong things and then walking into an alleyway alone.

it took time, but eventually, he begin to make friends, run with a new gang, and pick up practical tips about thievery, and fencing stolen goods, and second story work. He was a fairly talented climber, making his way into bedrooms and warehouses throughout the city, hijacking carts and making something of a name for himself amongst the rather paltry lower criminal element.

By this time, he had lost count of his age, though he was in his early twenties. He had become rather good friends with Tommy Burgoine, doing some jobs for the man, enough to gain his respect and his loyalty. That got him a sitdown with his father, Festus, and that led to him being adopted into the extended family that was the Borgoine syndicate.

For the first time, life was good. Gregory had found a family, a father figure that was worth respecting, a way to actually use his talents without becoming consumed with guilt. He killed men, but they were bad men, and he stole, but only from those that deserved it or could afford it. He had no real compunctions about robbing from the poor to give to himself, but he vastly preferred things the way Festus ran them, and he came to love his new family.

Eventually, he was given permission to put together a small crew, a group of three men he had worked with many times. Alan, his other second story man, was an even better climber and acrobat than Gregory was, and small, too, able to squeeze into tiny windows and openings to unlock doors. Jericho was a thinker, and really, the brains of the outfit, though he deferred to Gregory on most things; he was the locks and traps expert, and he excelled at his craft. Benjamin was the muscle, plain and simple, a wall of a man with scars on his face and a growl that would send a lion running.

When Jimmy split off from the family, Gregory was...let's say, upset. He and his boys immediately dropped their monetary activities, instead offering to spy on and report on the upstart den. As Jimmys crew began receiving funding from the church, Gregory was the one that reported it first, and twice, Gregory and his crew interrupted the activities of Jimmys bunch, losing them two decent hauls and saving three lives in the process.


(A few hours before the meeting, Gregory and his lads were poking around in Jimmys territory, seeing if they were mobilizing to take advantage of the recently spilled blood. Unfortunately, there were several men who belonged with Jimmy wandering about, and they were ready to go. Benjamin, the lest stealthy of the lot, was seen, and as was his nature, pulled his club and went to work on the three men.)

Gregory pulled his knives, flipping his left blade into a reverse grip and sprinting forward as Ben swung his club, hard, into the head of one of the thugs. The man dropped like a stone, sending a spurt of bright red blood into the air, and Ben kept right on going, stepping forward.

"Damn it all, BEN!" Greg yelled, flipping his right dagger and catching it by the blade, throwing it awkwardly at one of the two who had a sword out; it didn't hit him, and likely wouldn't have done much damage if it had, but it did make him duck, and let Ben get another swing in.

Unfortunately, Alan and Jericho weren't much in the way of fighters. Jericho, grabbing Alans arm, led him on back, so Gregory knew it was just him and Ben against the two conscious thugs. Decent odds, but nothing like what he would have preferred...that is, to stay out of the fight.

"Mothers milk!" Ben grunted as a dark red line appeared on his forearm, Jimmys boys finally getting to grips with the situation and bringing shortswords to bear.

By then, though, Gregory was on them. Lashing out with a vicious kick, he jumped forward, stabbing at his opponents shoulder, burying his dagger deep into the muscle. He was rewarded by a blood curdling scream, and a surprisingly powerful blow to the chin, enough to make him see lights and stagger back.

Ben had bitten off more than he could chew as well; his opponent was a crafty one, and skilled besides. Bens trick of swinging his club as hard as he could and hoping to connect wasn't working; already, he was bleeding from two more punctures, not dangerous wounds individually, but together, he was losing blood fast.

Things were not looking up. Gregory knew that Ben wouldn't back off, not until his target was dropped, and he only had one knife left. He hadn't geared up for a fight. Lunging back in, he brought his hand up and grabbed the sword arm of his own opponent, burying his knife into the mans gut and unceremoniously shoving him off to the side to bleed out.

Drawing his leg out, he snapped his arm forward, scoring a slash on the last mans leg, and Ben finally connected, the fellows head turning around with a disturbing squelch sound as he hit the ground.

Panting, Gregory pulling his knives from his opponent, retrieving the one he threw away and looking at Ben angrily.

"Dumb Ox. Why the hell would you go rushing into a fight we weren't ready for? Tch." Shaking his head, he bent down low, fingering the blade of a broadsword the first one to fall was wearing, though he had never had a chance to draw it. Unfastening the belt, he pulled it from the corpse, still shaking his head.

"Gregor, t'weren't my fault. They saw me, an' you know what woulda come o'that," the big man rumbled, thick fingers holding his bleeding arm together.

"Weren't gonna end without blood noways, Jimmy has a say," he added, peering down the street suspiciously, and glancing back over his shoulder.

Gregory grunted. "Might have a point, at that. Let's just get back, alright? Get that arm sewed up. Hell, you take a cut like a champion, I have to say," he said, glancing up at his friend with a smile.

Benjamin wasn't smiled. He was looking down, a confused expression on his face, inspecting the feathered end of a crossbow bolt that was sticking out of his chest. He raised a hand, as if asking permission to speak, but before he could, two more bolts whistled out of the darkness, thudding into him and sending him down to the ground.

Gregory didn't have time to say anything; he pushed himself off of the ground, his teeth clenched and the looted sword sheathed in his hand, and he ran. As his feet pounded on the flagstones of the street, he blinked back moisture, putting the thought of Ben dead out of his mind. It wasn't the time for that, not unless he wanted to join him. He had seen enough of such wounds to know; his big friend wouldn't survive that, not even if medics were waiting to tend to him. Another body created by Jimmy and his thugs.

Biting back a curse, he nearly fell as he rounded a corner, a single bolt whipping past him to bury itself in the arm of a passing drunk. The drunk fell with a yelp, and Gregory just ran faster; he heard, a few moments laughter, the drunks yelling cut short, followed by drifting laughter.

All that mattered now was getting back home, and getting everyone armed. If he had a say, Jimmy would be dead by morning.
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Please apply to the game as a player and post a link to your character sheet here. In the picture you have a patch over an eye. Is that accurate? How did that come about? I'm sure I'll ahve more questions once I see the sheet.

Please see the FFT thread in the OOC area by GD. That will give you some idea of the country. A lot of it your character won't know but it will give you a feel for where he's from. Also, browse through the NPC and Locations threads.

Checking it out now.

Yep, he'll have an eyepatch, though whether it's real or not I'm unsure just yet. Might just be to keep people off guard, might be a minor magical item, don't know. Looking at options.

How much are magical items? I was thinking of giving him signature gear, and either some decent armor and a blade or just two really fancy knives, like from his flight from the FFT. I know in Dungeon Fantasy it costs 1/point up to 100, and 20/point after that, but I figured it was best to ask.

Wealth is cinematic and covered in the house rules section, which you should peek through anyhow.

Magical items aren't normally available for purchase ever. That's not to say it doesn't happen, but there is no "Ye Olde Magic Potion Shoppe" Any potential for magic items is increased by a few things: wealth level, access to magic, background.

Daeron was allowed to start off with a power staff because he stole his father's who was a court wizard, consequently, he was also being educated to be one and thus knew how to use the staff. Thus, it made sense his father would have one and that Daeron could reasonably make off with it and he had the wealth level to accumulate one.

High quality signature gear such as non-reflective black blades might be something you could have acquired at some point but it should be discussed in your background as to how and why you have them if it's signature gear. I can't picture that your character would have much access to magic items. In Tormauz and the FFT usually only named heroes (300+ points) have magical gear.

If you can invent a suitable explanation (and no, there isn't any rules for that, it's just based on my opinion) and you pay character points for it (Daeron did) then we can probably work in a minor item if that's important to your concept.

A bit about Festus' Organization:

Being with Festus over Jimmy implies certain things about your character. You don't need to take a code of honor as a disadvantage or quirk, but it's something to consider. If you don't take a disadvantage you won't be penalized later in game for breaking it but are assumed to have paid lip service to Festus' ideals thus far.

His code is a hybrid between Bushido and Omerto codes which are as follows:
Bushido is the code of the samurai from ancient Japan. Many books have been written about how a samurai should live, including the Go Rin No Sho (Book of Five Rings) and the Hagakure. According to one version of the code, a samurai must possess the following seven virtues.

Gi (honesty and justice): A samurai deals openly and honestly with others and cleaves to the ideals of justice. Moral decisions do not come in shades of gray, only right and wrong.
Yu (heroic courage): A samurai never fears to act, but lives life fully and wonderfully. Respect and caution replace fear.
Jin (compassion): A samurai takes every opportunity to aid others, and creates opportunities when they do not arise. As a powerful individual, a samurai has a responsibility to use that power to help others.
Rei (polite courtesy): A samurai has no reason to be cruel, and no need to prove his strength. Courtesy distinguishes a samurai from an animal, and reveals one’s true strength.
Meyo (honor): A samurai’s conscience is the judge of his honor. The decisions he makes and how he carries them out are a reflection of his true nature.
Makoto (complete sincerity): When a samurai has said that he shall perform an action, it is as good as done. He need not make promises; speaking and doing are as if the same.
Chugo (duty and loyalty): A samurai feels responsible for his actions and their consequences, and loyal to the people in his care. A samurai’s loyalty to his lord is unquestionable and unquestioning.

The “code of silence” of the Cosa Nostra isn’t codified or written down. It makes a good code for a thieves’ guild or other criminal organization. One interpretation is as follows.

Do what you’re told by your superiors.
Always look out for ways to make money for the Family.
Do not hide or hold back money from the Family.
Respect your elders in the Family, and in the Organization in general.
Never let a debt go unpaid.
Never be late paying your debts.
Don’t get caught.
If you do get caught, keep your mouth shut.

Jimmy's codes are far more relaxed and resemble something like this:
Thieves’ Code
“Honorable” thieves in a guild might abide by a code similar to this one.

Never steal from another member of the guild.
Never perform another thief’s assigned task or “steal” jobs from another thief.
Never let your own jobs interfere with the guild’s jobs.
Don’t attract attention to the guild, especially not the attention of the town fathers.
10% of the take from your jobs goes to the guild; you keep the rest.
100% of the take from guild-assigned thefts goes to the guild, and maybe you get a taste.
Don’t kill anyone in the commission of a job, except in self-defense. It attracts too much attention.

While Festus has the will and support of the people, Jimmy has far more influence in the seedy underworld. There is a black market in the city, and he has far more influence there. You've probably been there once or twice, but those people are the kind that you left behind in the federation, only possibly more depraved. They are the hidden sadists and sycophants that Festus strives to protect the people from and it is because of them that Festus is kind of a linchpin in the city, they justify the need for a crime syndicate that actually attempts to be a part of society rather than destroy it. Unfortunately not much can be done about these sickos at present.

The difference is a little grey but this should clarify:
While Festus might support prostitution openly, he wouldn't endorse violent and dehumanizing gang rape. He might let his son deal recreational narcotics, but he certainly wouldn't be trying to get kids hooked on smack at the playground. Jimmy is the kind of guy that would turn a blind eye to these sort of things if it worked for him or would just as likely murder them if it suited his purposes. As such Jimmy and the seedy underworld are much better friends of necessity.

Also, another player is potentially taking up the mantle of Kimly, which means the two of you will have to work out some details OOC. Now Kimly is Festus' number one, but he isn't the boss, that's Festus. Even still, the two of you should be like family and supporting Kimly is something you should intend on doing unless there's a damned good reason not to. You do have your own crew and all, and are considered to be what kept Jimmy in check over the past few years, but over he past few months things got messed up. Recently Festus revealed to you that Fotolio had discovered (with the aid of some spies) that Jimmy is backed by the church, and that's very very bad news. If the Church is backing Jimmy he has tons more resources now, which means his allies in the underworld now have a more powerful ally. Further, there is no real possible way to defeat the church, they are too important to the city.

As one of Festus' men it's likely you've volunteered at the local militia from time to time, as is practice for Festus' men.

Recently Iggy was killed by the church (supposedly) and Sid was forced to flee the city under Festus' orders, drastically putting a dent in Festus' operations as they were some of his most loyal men. Your men and Kimly's crew as well as Lady Vissendor make up the core of Festus' operations though he has contacts everywhere and lots of history in the city.

Fetus himself came to power through losing his mother and father at an early age and being left to wander the streets. Both he and his younger brother Fotolio earned a reputation. Fotolio for being dangerous, but also deferent to his brother, and Festus for being just and kind. Over time the two created a power couple that earned them respect and admiration over the other dubious forces in the city and the nobility came to prefer him over the other crime bosses that harrassed the city. Things were good for a time, but eventually the corruption vacuum was filled when the king died by the nobiliyt. Fotolio rose up and took out several nobles and priests that were corrupt, earning him a position on the wanted list. The other nobles knew the ones taken out were corrupt, but the younger generation of nobility grew scared of Fotolio as he proved once and for all that he could get to anyone. With Fotolio handicapped by not being able to appear publically, Jimmy began to gain more influence and feed into the seedier elements of the city, distancing himself from his father. This was when Kimly was named over Jimmy as the sucessor which caused a defining split in the family, though nothing happened for several years, just a separation of turf, until yesterday when Fotolio was ambushed, and now today with you.

I need to know why Kimly was chosen over you and it has to be more than just he'd been with Festus longer, there has to a really good reason, and I need to know how you reacted to the choice. Where did you get your men from? Please buy them as allies and post a character sheet as soon as you are able.

Do invest (required) in Tormauz: Hidden Lore skill. There's no way your concept can't include this at least at a base level (1 point).

What kinds of jobs do you do for Festus typically? Keep in mind Festus doesn't like to hurt people and is known to give away all his income to charities, which is something you'd have to be involved in at some point in your background.

Lately Festus has left most of the running of the day to day operations to you and Kimly where as he is trafficking more in the company of shadowy spies and senators, indicating something big is going down.

Kimly and Gregory thread: He doesn't know your concept and is still very much early in developing Kimly. Share as much as you reasonably should, you should consider him to be part of your mafia syndicate "family".

recomemend dropping impulsiveness down some to either 5 points or a quirk, this will make it difficult for you to get along with the Burgoines. A sense of discipline, duty and honor is pretty much ingrained into the syndicate (and you could easily pick up a few points there). There isn't much room for impulsiveness of the -10 variety, that kind of thing would put you working for Jimmy rather than Festus. It would work best as a quirk, which would also give reason to have Kimly chosen over you, not to mention he's smarter.

The character is essentially a thug, which is what his background makes him, but you should keep in mind that running with Festus for a few years would have shown you that violence is although sometimes necessary, almost always avoidable, and early on he would have put on lots of "pet the dog" missions of charity. By that I mean, the scene where the tough guy pets the dog or hugs the littlest cancer patient to prove he really does have a heart.

Once a firm sense of humanity was ingrained into Gregory, Festus would have used your skills to better use, but only after this and as far as that goes, there's really no fooling Festus about a person's character, his judgement and perception of people is among his strong points.

I need a picture of each of your men and 2-4 sentences on them asap. Once that's done we'll do a final audit and make sure you're happy and then mix you into the game. Be sure to work with the Taio show asap.

I may have some additional source for you soon as well, it depends on what another player is planning for their background.


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