House Rule 3 - Clothing

All characters are required to have specific clothing or outfits. What these outfits are, ar up to you. Describe away so we get a good idea of what you're wearing - but they cost/weigh according to the Player's Handbook (page 129):

Artisanís outfit (1gp) 4lb
Clericís vestments (5gp) 6lb
Cold weather outfit (8gp) 7lb
Courtierís outfit (30gp) 6lb
Entertainerís outfit (3gp) 4lb
Explorerís outfit (10gp) 8lb
Monkís outfit (5gp) 2lb
Nobleís outfit (75gp) 10lb
Peasantís outfit (1sp) 2lb
Royal outfit (200gp) 15lb
Scholarís outfit (5gp) 6lb
Traveller's outfit (1gp) 5lb

Also here.

All PCs may have a free Traveller's Outfit (or Peasant's Outfit). Any others are to be bought and listed on your character sheet.