Lila Kaden - Syndl

Lila Kaden - Syndl

Thread for Syndl's character, Lila Kaden. If you're reading this thread and you're not Syndl (or me), please do not post!

General Info

Name: Lila Kaden
Age: 30
Occupation: Housewife, Mother
Concept: Lila woke up to a mewling, gurgling sound in the middle of the night. She thought it was her daughter waking up with another nightmare. This would make it the third this week and already she was growing tired of the disruption to her sleep. She rolled over to wipe the sleep from her eyes and started at the sight of blood. Lots of blood. Her four year old daughter, Brianna, stood next to the bed on her husband's side covered in thick, dripping blood that started from her chin and cascaded down the front of her nightgown. Briann moved slowly around the bed with a limping, staggering gait that made Lila fear the worst.

Her first reaction had been to leap up and lunge for her daughter, fearful that something awful had happened to Brianna. Was there someone in the house? A burglar? Someone worse? Concern for her daughter drove fear out of her and she scooped up the girl.

"John! Call the ambulance. John!" Brianna struggled in her arms, but Lila was used to the girl's efforts at getting free and she held her tight. Her husband didn't move and she shoved him hard to wake him up while trying to see what had happened to Brianna in the dim twilight. Brianna tried to bite her hand as it came close and the girl moved with strength Lila didn't expect.

"Bri! No! Just let me see what happened? Can you tell me what happened? Where does it hurt?" Brianna's efforts became stronger and she lurched towards Lila with a madness unlike her. Lila pushed Brianna away from her onto the floor. "John! Wake up!"

Lila, in an effort to get away from her daughter, pushed over John and slid in something warm and slick. Her hand came up covered in more blood and when she looked down at the carnage, she suddenly realized that the blood on Brianna had not come from the girl. Lila screamed.

There was a scream outside that caught her attention and then Brianna was on top of her lunging, biting, scratching. Her daughter had become some crazed, wild animal. Lila tried to be gentle, confused as she was and scared for her child, but deep inside her some survival instinct came alive and she began to fight against Brianna for her life.

She threw the girl across the room and there was a sickening thud as Brianna slid down the wall. Lila bent forward, scared she had done the worst thing ever, that she had killed her only child. The girl sprung forward, attaching herself to Lila's chest with a grip like iron.

She eventually disentangled herself from the creature she refused to believe was her little girl and ran. She ran and ran and ran until she could run no more.

I love this. If I'm reading this right, she's wearing a blood-soaked nightgown and has nothing with her?

<tries to stifle an evil cackle>

Pajama pants and a night shirt, but yes. No weapon, no shoes, no coat/jacket to speak of. With this much realism, she's either dead right off the bat or she'll come out of this as one pissed off mama with balls of steel.

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