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Noah Flemming - Paper_Bard

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Noah Flemming
Age: 29
Ethnicity: Caucasian (English/Scottish heritage)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 190lbs

Physical Description: 5'11", at first glance looks out of shape. Has a beergut that while noticable, isn't that large. He kept in decent shape through Taekwando and Fencing when he was writing his novel. Blonde hair, cut medium-long, semi-curly. Average skin tone, neither pale nor tanned. Blue-grey eyes.

Noah never really cared about having the nicest clothes. His family lived on low income while he was writing so he learned to get bargain deals at Value Village for clothes. The only special t-shirts he buys are for the Power Metal bands who's concerts he goes to and buys some of their merchandise. He did get a change of clothes, however, after he ran from the hotel. He is now wearing jeans, a dark shirt, and felt jacket. He also grabbed some shades as well.

Has a wife, Kathrine (26) and a daughter, Tess (5).

Loves both of them dearly, has been a faithful husband and a caring father.

Hobbies include reading fantasy novels and listening to Power Metal. He also enjoys the odd anime (he met his wife at an anime convention. She has since drifted away from the medium but allows her husband his hobby).

Noah worked as an electrician at the MTS Centre (winnipeg's largest sport and concert venue) and got to meet Iron Maiden backstage when they came a few years back. He learned most of his skills from his father, who'd also been in the profession. Unfortunately his employers let him go two years ago, and he turned to writing during that time. His wife took up a job as a secretary and left Noah to care for their daughter and write his book. He dropped her off at daycare when he went for Taekwando and Fencing classes but otherwise enjoyed her company. He found he was a very good writer and managed to finish the manuscript after only a year of writing, and it was of masterful quality as well.
It got published, and was on the New York Times bestseller list for a few weeks. The money from the sales of the novel allowed his wife to quit her job and become a stay at home mother (she'd been raised in a more conservative home and had wanted to do that in the first place) while Noah took care of the appearances and book signings and was away from home for a while. Then a smaller film company sent him a proposition. They wanted to make a film based on the novel. And so here he was in Tampa, trying to get that sorted out.

Noah stood over the king-size bed, a pair of boxer shorts in one hand and his duffel bag in the other. Kathrine, his wife, watched in silence, leaning against the bedroom door. She was wrapped up in her pink bathrobe - the one he'd bought her last christmas - with a mug of piping hot coffee in her hand.

"So you have to go down to the States?" She asked as she took a sip of her black coffee.

"Yeah... Tampa, Florida. Its certainly a lot warmer than 'Winterpeg'. I might go hit the beach." He smiled as he stuffed his apparel in the duffel bag. Boxers. Shirt. Pants. Bathing suit.

Kathrine raised an eyebrow and pointed at the gut he'd been growing since he started writing. "Just be careful you don't scare any small children with that gut of yours." She laughed, snorting lightly. He loved that about her. "So I guess all that time you spent writing that novel of yours finally paid off, if they want to make a movie out of it."

Noah nodded. "Yeah, I guess it did. I mean when you think of all the fantasy novels out there, even the ones that get published, its kinda crazy they picked mine. I mean I'm just a former electrician from Winnipeg. We Canadians don't get much spotlight in hollywood." He tossed the last article of clothing in the duffelbag then scooted over to his wife, wrapped his arm around her waste, and gave her an intimate kiss.

"Mmm... I'm going to miss you honey." Kathrine said seductively, eying the mug of coffee over Noah's shoulder to make sure it didn't spill.

"I know. Look, I just have to be there in person for a week or two while we get all the paperwork through. They're already on set and want to start filming, but I guess they're some sort of last minute legality issues so they need me to come over there and sign a crapload of paperwork. Here we've got computers and internet and they still need me over there. Eddy will be coming with me, so don't worry. Your brother's a lawyer, he'll make sure I don't lose my head in all the paperwork." He gave her another kiss. "My flight leaves in 45 minutes, I gotta to get going."

Kathrine nodded. She slipped out of his grasp to the kitchen, popped out the toast, and handed Noah his breakfast. "Just make sure you make it back in time for your daughter's birthday."

Noah smiled. "Sure thing, I'll see about getting Tess a gift over in Tampa. I'm sure they got Hanna Montana over there as well."


"Eddy?" Noah called out into the darkness of Eddy's suite. He and Kathrine's brother had each been given a suite to stay in while they waited for the paperwork to go through. The rooms were nice, but there wasn't much in the way of entertainment in the close vicinity of the hotel.

Noah had hit the shops the earlier that day, and had bought a real japanese katana from one of the more specialized shops in Tampa. He had always been a fan of Samurai and fuedal japan, had even borrowed elements from them for one of the cultures in his book, but had never owned a real katana before. He had taken lessons in fencing and martial arts inbetween his writing, and that had created an interest in buying the paraphanalia.

Eddy, meanwhile, had hit the clubs, looking for some local 'booty' as he'd called it. Noah just shook his head, held his sword, and watched as his brother-in-law left his suite.

Then later that night he heard some loud noises in Eddy's suite. Their rooms where right next to each other and the hotel had skimped on the insulation, so he was able to hear some of what went on in Eddy's room. There was a lot of shuffling, the sound of a lamp falling over, and groaning. Noah had thought that someone had broken into Eddy's room and was now ransacking the place, likely looking for valuables.

In a move that surprised even him, Noah grabbed his kata, unsheathed it, and tiptoed his way to Eddy's room.

"Eddy?" He called out into the darkness of Eddy's suite. "You there?" The door was open slightly. Light from the corridor lamps shone into the crack, but didn't go far. Noah silently cursed the cheapness of the studio that was making the film and pushed the door open completely.

He could just make out a figure, standing in front of the bed. It was shaking, like it was cold or nuts, and it made strange gurgling noises. Noah swallowed the knot in his throat and made to back out of the room again. Unfortunately the sword clanged against the door and the figure heard it.

It whipped its head around, let out a blood curdling scream, and charged Noah. Training and reflexes supersceded thought and Noah quickly brought the blade down on the figure's head. The katana had been well made and cared for, and dug deep into the figure's head, splattering blood everywhere and likely brain matter as well. With a yelp the figure dropped to the floor and began writhing.

Light from the corridor spilled across the prone body, revealing its features. Noah gasped. It was Eddy! His white business suit was drenched in blood and ichor, and foam spewed from his mouth as he continued to writhe.

"I... I'm sorry... Jesus Eddy... what the hell was that?" He knew deep down that Eddy was dead. He had broken through the man's skull, spraying brain matter on the walls. The shock wouldn't let him accept it, however. "Eddy... please... please get up!"

The figure continued the writhe. Noah didn't know what to do. So he took his duffel bag, and his sword, and ran.

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