Jeremiah Lambert - koipond

Jeremiah Lambert - koipond

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Jeremiah came from good, hard working blue collar stock. The kind of people who sat around watching football on Sunday like it was a sacred activity, though it was much after church like any good family does. The type of family that had strong values, and placed the importance of good morals and a reliance on the grace of God to stick together. Everyone who looked at them said that they were a perfect family.

Jeremiah felt like it was a trap. He never wanted to do what his family wanted him to do. There was that time in the ninth grade when his Dad told him that it was time for the football team. Jeremiah didn't want to go, but he did it because his father told him to and was only able to quit after he got his arm broken in three places when he had finally caught a ball and then got destroyed by the defense.

There was another time when he was pushed into doing martial arts, and the other time when he was pushed into weight lifting, or that time he was given a lacross stick and a helmet for the holidays. Each and everytime they did something like that it was always a something big and violent and brash. Each and everything Jeremiah would end up getting hurt, because that seemed to be the only way that he was able to get out if it.

He liked swimming, he loved cooking and he had the biggest crush on Emery Mcneil from his Biology class, but that was the last thing he was going to tell anyone, but it did lead to his one act of rebellion against his family. It was when he graduated from highschool and went to become a hairdresser. His dad complained at him for an hour, and his mom cried a lot but in the end he did the courses he needed to do and started working with people.

He was closing up the shop when he found out what happened. He was sweeping hair up in the back of the shop when the front door bell rang. He rolled his eyes because it had happened before where he hadn't locked the front door while closing and he had to do someone's hair. You never turned someone away, if they liked you they might stay and besides it was a great opportunity to meet someone new because really only walk-ins showed up this late, desperate walk-ins.

"Be there in a minute," Jeremiah called out as he put the broom away, "just sit down in the middle chair and get comfy!" There was a couple of shuffling sounds coming from the other room which Jeremiah assumed was the person sitting down in the chair. There came the last minute check in the mirror before going out, you had to look good otherwise people didn't trust you with their hair when he saw who had come into the store in the mirror. Their head was tiled at an odd angle, so odd that it couldn't be supported fully by the bones of the neck. A red ring of blood, dripping every so softly, surrounded the mouth that still seemed to be chewing on something.

Jeremiah screamed, anyone would have screamed seeing that figure and fell back against the mirror. Whatever it was approached him, cautiously moving about with a grace that something that looked at the world sideways shouldn't. It was stalking Jeremiah, and he was certain that this was going to be the end of him.

In desperation Jeremiah felt around behind him, looking for anything that might be useful in protecting himself from this creature. His mouth dryed out and open in shock and terror.

With one motion it sprang at him, jaw unhinged so that the mouth was far wider than any human could get it and hands prepared to grab on and never let go. That's when Jeremiah grabbed whatever was in his hand at the time and slammed it against the side of the head of this creature. Luckily it was a pair of scissors and the impact, mostly caused by the leap, drove the sharp end deep inside the skull of this being.

It still landed on top of Jeremiah, who had to stop from thowing up all over himself when the nausiating smell of decayed flesh and dried blood reached his nostrils. With a lot of effort he pushed it aside, and then did throw up all over the floor. It was a grewsome sight. Panting, after the effort of rolling the corpse off of him and throwing up, Jeremiah sank down to the floor and just stared at the scissors sticking out and said between gasps, "They weren't kidding when they said indestructible."

He would have laughed but the crash of glass from across the street made him bolt for the door. Only now that he's inside this room, with these other people did he stop.

Physical Description:

Jeremiah is about 5'10" tall with a lean wiry build. He's got short hair with long bangs that are usually styled with a pomade all to one side. It was then thinned slightly with a razor to give it a kind of edge, all together it gave a really nice overall look. There's even a little bit of blond highlighting in his otherwise brown hair but it's very subtle.

He likes to wear darker colours accented by black with one bright spot that stands out. He'll wear a scarf around his neck, or his arm for flair. He's been known to wear a bright hat, because it just stands out that much more in a crowd.

Here's a good picture for him.

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