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Lionel Theodore - SirLoganofGilead

SLOG's personal thread for character development and information!

Name: Lionel Theodore
Age: 34
Occupation: He is a Florida State Trooper Sergeant. (whispers to DM…two guns…the one in his shoulder holster, and his backup strapped to his leg :P)

Thanks for the sympathy let-in. I need games.

It's not a sympathy let-in! I like your story and I like your character and I like you. People I've gamed with previously and know to be good roleplayers get extra consideration.

Decided I would quickly list some possessions so I don't go making up a billion things as I need them.
-Main Firearm, Glock G37. Carries a .45 caliber round and has a 10 round magazine. Standard size handgun carried in shoulder holster. 10 rounds in the magazine to start. 7 left.
-Backup Firearm, Glock G39. Carries a .45 caliber round and its standard magazine holds 6 rounds. However it can hold the 10 round magazine from the G37. Subcompact size handgun. Carried in ankle holster. 6 round sin the magazine to start.
-Keys. This key ring holds Lionel's car keys, house keys, and work keys.
-Pager. Standard issue department pager. Lionel chose the pager option over a cellphone becaue he has no one to call, and he would have to contribute $20 a month for the cell phone.
-Wallet with badge, $15, and a condom.
-A standard flask that is about half full with Jameson's Irish whiskey.
-He is wearing a leather jacket, his undershirt from his last shift, and his uniform pants.
-Florida Highway Patrol engraved zippo.

Manly ammo! I approve!

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