Corporal James Mitchell - ChronicLunacy

Corporal James Mitchell - ChronicLunacy

Because I'm sick and twisted and your char concept was just that good. Post some details here!

Corporal James Mitchell

"I told 'em. They wouldn't listen. I'm not crazy. I just knew the truth. They fired me because I told them the truth. I got kicked out of my house because I tried to warn them. Now look..."

Name: Corporal James Mitchell
Age: 28
History: TBD
Personality: TBD
Appearance: James is currently living off of a meager income as a bagger at Wal-Mart when he's not walking around the park holding his sign and foretelling of judgment day, so he's not exactly the most put together sort of person. When not at work, he normally dresses in a pair of combat fatigue pants, a t-shirt, and his Army Rangers jacket complete with name patch. He wears his army uniform mostly in some vain attempt to give credit to his argument, but most of the time he just gets looks of pity and some spare change instead. He's been letting his brown beard grow out despite Wal-Mart policy, but he isn't quite at mountain-man stage yet. His emerald-green eyes hold a distinct spark of intelligence and awareness, but there is also a hint of madness in them as well the way they are always shooting around in a paranoid search for threats. He's been arrested for carrying a concealed firearm before, so the only weapon he keeps on his person is a combat knife. He's never had to use it, however. Even when a trio of local street toughs thought it would be funny to beat the crap out of him he defended himself quite ably using nothing but his hands, feet, knees, elbows, and teeth.

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