So, first one in! Congrats to all the other people who made it as well, and may this game be a long runner!

High five, El Frenchie!

So, we have Fish & Chips, and Advanced Human Substitutes - looks like everything we need for a beachside restaurant.

EDIT: On a more unusual note, our three races collectively appear to have made humanity some kind of strange precursor race, even if the Sontarans indirectly so.

Well there was a race that is now long gone that left behind advanced tech, warp gates, etc...

Oh god... ~Head desk~ I just had this visual of the game turning mass effect. xD
Of course we'd need to discover a highly advanced space station in the middle of the known galaxy first.

You know, there's something I've always kind of wondered; what happens when a genocidal race picks a fight with a bunch of ghosts? Because technically if they are already dead, wouldn't it make sense that they couldn't kill them again? Or are we going to see the rise of ghost busters in the far off future of when everyone else gets sick of running into my Kuvul?

On an unrelated note; congrats to all you who made it and let's be glad that the house cats didn't make it in as a non-NPC race.

Ah, that's a pity. I was all ready to suggest an emblem for the space hairballs, too.

On a similar note, I have the Serranids' emblem ready:

Congrats on everyone who got in, I'm glad I wasn't lumo, must have been hella hard to pick who got in and who didn't.

hmm, I just realized that my race also makes mention to a long gone race that bio-engineered us, I wonder if lumo is actually going to combine all of our histories to make the long gone npcs, would be kinda cool if we all were basically the strange and unfortunate legacies that mankind left behind in the galaxy.


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