...That picture just gave me a great idea... Must go draw my peoples ultimate weapon...

Just got a fortune cookie at lunch... 'You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend.'

A few years ago I was taking one of my friends to his first dnd game, we got food on the way, and his fortune cookie said "You are about to partake in an amazing adventure." and all of the lucky numbers appeared somewhere on his character sheet.

Hmm, I feel bad about everyone having awesome symbols for their races, I just can't seem to come up with one. Probably doesnt help that everytime I try, I can't help but think of this.

@Lumo: Just a quick question, how do you want us to post the race information in the appropriate folder?

Do you want:

-Just background?
-Race crunch/mechanics?
-Anything else?

@RD: Remember that evo game where I made that banner? I give you that planet.

Eh, I just threw the app into a thread, plenty of room in a thread to add posts with private data, etc. Or a dedicated private thread, for that matter.

Plus, it's a place to throw up more fluff as it comes up.

Also: Darn, you beat me to it. I was just about to put together a squiddle for RD.

Eh, it was painless, just threw in one design with another

@app thread: I guess I'll do just that, yeah. and maybe come up with a catchy phrase like you did. Hmmmmmm...

Originally Posted by Arcanis_Shivilrah View Post
You know, there's something I've always kind of wondered; what happens when a genocidal race picks a fight with a bunch of ghosts? Because technically if they are already dead, wouldn't it make sense that they couldn't kill them again? Or are we going to see the rise of ghost busters in the far off future of when everyone else gets sick of running into my Kuvul?

On an unrelated note; congrats to all you who made it and let's be glad that the house cats didn't make it in as a non-NPC race.
Well, they're on a mission from God. What do you do when God asks the impossible? In their case, switch to a bigger gun...

"And so begins the endless tale of Koranu, who found the planet of the Mist Demons, and who made the world itself tremble with his rage, for only the Greatest Honor could defeat the Unholy ones. And yea, the very world became his weapon, as he made the volcanoes wake from their long slumber, and yea, did Mist Become Steam. But this was not enough to thwart the Demons of Mist..."

Sorry for my silence thus far I had no idea where this thread was, I'm a noob to this site.

In relation to the idea about including past races, That would be a bit hard with my old masters as those that aren't dead had thier minds wiped and put inside robot bodies for slave labor.

Go ahead and post races in the Races folder like Frenchie and Ping have, that's fine. Also include your racial traits and initial development point expenditure after the race description, but mark that part private for me of course. I will be sending out PMs here letting people know what their home-systems look like and where they are located.


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