Oh no, god no. I wouldn't dream of making these images in the ... huh.. maybe few hours that separated those posts. I wish

I wouldn't be freelancing if I could. Though the fact I could find semi-relevant pictures was pretty good.

As for avatars, I think they were this way after the site upgrade.

@Serranid as seen by Giant Squid.


*Rubs out 'Hydrogen Scoop Grand Master Plan' discreetly*

Well, that opens up 'Shield Network Grand Master Plan', at least.

Ah crud... I deleted the base profile from my home save file on my race earlier this week on accident, the one I have at work is mostly done though if I cant get a copy from L to put up so it's no big deal.

You can't just pull the text off the recruitment thread? All the stuff's basically there, and you'd only need to re-add the picture and formatting.

I thought the recruitment thread got deleted. If you have a link to it then yes I can since I updated that when I was finished.

It only got locked - the Recruitment forum doesn't show closed ads. You go to Game Profile from the topic display of Starfarers, and there's a link there to the (now locked) recruitment thread.

Here's a link, all the same, Mr. Space Potato Head.

Yeah I just ran through statistics and checked my posts, shoot i'll have to refind that picture since it's locked. ~goes to input info~

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