Heh, as soon as I get scrape together the RP. And, naturally, after I figure out whether to name him after the spanner crab or the spanner barb.

I don’t know why, but I just had this strange idea for a planet marvel/dc that would be biological (since it’s super powered heroes flying through space and not ships) with the racial bonus of ‘Slave labor’ (not actually slave labor but you’ll understand why in a second) to represent the idea that the planet also has supervillians who would easily plot with outside forces to conquer the planet and their infrastructure is built around the constant destruction and rapid rebuilding of buildings/facilities etc to explain the extra infrastructure gained by that racial trait. I don’t know what other traits they’d have but this is a fun idea to think about between jobs here at the office. lol

Someone in the recruitment thread mentioned something like that if I recall. It's kind of a cool idea really, though I'm not entirely sure how well it fits the setting. I've always thought that Sci-fi and superhero just interact strangely though, but maybe it's just me. As for what other traits to take, I'm sure there are more than a few combo's that can make sense. I imagine that half of us didn't end up taking the racial traits that others might be expecting based on our race descriptions. For instance we have a lot of races that are semi-religious, but who knows how many of them might actually have true-faith. True faith itself might actually make sense for super-hero's representing some kind of justice-league-esk type of thing for a world, rather than 'temples' per-se. With the re-fluff that we are allowed, the sheer number of options available to us is rather astounding really.

So if I understand correctly, we start with dense residential districts, regardless of whether we meet the requirements for it? What happens if we want to upgrade them?

You wouldn't be able to upgrade them until you met the requirements.


Well, I believe we mostly are waiting for the space dogs to post their racial info now.

They decided going to the stars meant that they were the same as the other chumps out there and in their brief lucidity, decided to genocide themselves.

/crackpot theory

I don't know why but the idea of a race killing themselves off in order to avoid doing what all the other races are doing sounds like a race of Emo gits.

Just my opinion though.

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