Interacting with Aliens

Language Barrier
When your species meets a new race, they will likely be unable to communicate right away as your people require time to translate. Translation takes 1 full turn, though without a science lab module or a universal translator, such translations are sketchy at best and could possibly lead to problems. Note that such transmissions sent or caught by your worlds are treated as though they had the science lab module in terms of translation times and accuracy.

Trading with Others
You may choose to bring technology or resources, etc to an alien world for trade, the only things you cannot trade really are breakthroughs, which others must unlock for themselves. Though keep in mind, anything you trade will likely become available to more than just those you trade with...

Trade Routes
Trade Routes (Requires Level 2 Logistics and Level 2 Economics to create)

After finding an alien world or station you may both decide to trade for mutual benefit. To create such a 'trade route', both players must create (or dedicate existing) cargo ships (number doesn't truly matter, though more ships can mean more trade). These ships automatically travel back and forth between the two worlds/stations. Each full trip (one to and one back), the commander of the cargo ship gains a total amount of ore and/or gas equal to the cargo space the ship has (example; if normally able to carry 4 resources, the ship returns 4 total resources from the trade). Ships cannot receive more than 1/2 the world's resource values. You also may not have more resource gain from a trade route than a world has resources (limiting the amount you can gain from the world or station by an amount equal to the resource values it has). Such ships can be plundered/raided and their goods stolen, and thus should be carefully guarded.

The following can impact the maximum amount of resources you can gain from a route;

-World has base fertility of 5+: increase resource value by 1

-World is of a type you do not command (example, if you trade with a crystal world when you control none of your own): increase resource value by 1

-Station or world is your first trade route with that species: increase resource value by 1.

-Both you and the other race have Economics at level 3: increase resource value by 1.

-If you trade with multiple species, the resource value of your first route with each species has resource value increased by 1. (for example if you trade with alien race A, when you start a route to race B, both of your first routes with those races will have their maximum resource value incerased by 1).

Resources gained through this ability are applied at the start of the turn following the ship's return, you may distribute them to that world, or use your logistics ability to transfer them to other worlds and stations as though the receiving world or station actually generated those resources.