Who needs engines when you have Space Flippers?

Who needs engines when you have Space Flippers?


The most obvious thing about a Fulkomun is that are increadibally large species, capable of surviving with no protection in the vast emptyness of space, beyond that though very little is known about the Fulkomun, even to their own species. Most of their 'species' are pretty much mindless drones, known as Mala. Leftover Bio-engineering marvels from a long dead race. The Mala brain functions are basically similar to that of a computer, with a biologically created crystal working as the brain, and controlling the rest of the creature, the Fulkomun are much the same, but far more complex, with the brain of even the smallest Fulkomun larger than the entire bodies of most Mala.

The Mala drones that the Fulomun use vary in size, but are generally between 3 and 10 feet tall. Most have an insectoid appearance, with arms specially engineered for the tasks that particular drone most often engages in. The Fulkomun however are much much larger, with even the smallest new-borns being about the size of most races shuttle-craft. Most Fulkomun appear similar to enormous squids, covered in a handfull of tiny insects running about them. Though they don't have any truly visable eyes, they all have the ability to see through the eyes of any Mala near them, as well as use any of it's other senses. The Tentacles of a Fulkomun are not particularly designed for fine manipulation, but they do for moving amongst asteroids, or scraping through the dirt on new worlds as they search for sustenance.

The Mala are actually quite backwards in most of their technology, however they have a great want to learn more. Their skills at Bio-engineering, and basic programming however are far more advanced than any others, it's more than part of their culture, it's second nature to them, it's how they do anything and everything. Now even when they figure out how other's technology works, they are likely to merely replicate it with one of their new bio-engineered creations.

Most Mala Drones have no real personality of their own, much as you would expect from a robot, though they do have basic problem solving skills, and any true Fulkomun can 'reprogram' a drone to do, think, or act any way that the Mala wishes. Recently in interacting with other species the Mala have started to develop some personalities of their own, though they still all work for the betterment of the nest. Fulkomun personalities vary greatly from one to the next, but their personalites often seem somewhat flat, with them focusing almost entirely on a single goal or emotion, perhaps simply they need more practice with programming to give themselves the full range of emotions and complexity that other races seem to have.

Replication of a Fulkomun is actually done through huge nests of Mala. When the Mala recieve enough resources, and a command from a Fulkomun, they start to engineer the next Fulkomun. The eggs of the Fulkomun and the Mala are actually the same, but the time and resources put into them are obviously vastly different, with many generations of Mala working on tending the egg of a single Fulkomun.

The Crystaline brain that runs all of the Fulkomun also emits an almost undectable amoung of radiation, that varies in intensity and wave length depending on an unumerable number of changes within the crystaline structure, this radiation however resonates within other crystaline structres, allowing the Fulkomun to communicate over distances, sharing emotions thoughts and images with one another. Many of the Mala drones however are not intelligent enough to controll their own projections. A strange occurance however has been noted, when enough Mala start to gather in an area, they seem to subconsciously start to esentially share the processing powers of their brains, and form goals as a group, and enact plans far to complex for a single Mala to achieve individually. More recently the Mala have learned to see through one another's eyes, in much the way that the Fulkomun do, sharing more and more information amongst themselves. This has actually given the Mala enough information that the majority of them are becoming truly sentient in their own right.

The Fulkomun do not really have a government, in fact, they have barely any organization at all. Though within any nest, the Mala all share a general set of goals, allowing the nests to react relatively effectively to their pecieved needs, and adapt to changing circumstances. Furthermore the lack of personal wants, or self-preservation amongst the Mala means that they are more than willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, even dieing willfully for a daily mundane task, that furthers the goals of the Nest as a whole. The newly achieved sentience amongst the Mala hasn't really changed this much, as most Mala feel that dieing to achieve their goals is an acceptable price, if simply because not completeing their tasks would leave them without purpose, a fate most of them consider far worse than death.

There is not much of a society to the Fulkomun really, as each Fulkomun does basically as it see's fit, and with all the galaxy at their disposal, the only times they come in conflict with eachother is when two different Folkomun want to use the same Mala for different tasks, and given how quickly they can produce more Mala, they have little need for arguing over them. The one thing that all Fulkomun share however is an instinctive protectiveness over their nests. Any nest which is attacked will start to send out distress calls, and any Fulkomun will drop just about anything it is doing to return to the nest and protect it. Furthermore, the increadable combined might of an entire nest often has the power to basically reprogram even the most powerfull of Fulkomun, though the limited social capability of the nests, and their general lack of emotion, will generally simply implant a goal within the Fulkomun, helping the nest to eleminate threats, find suitable places for more nests, and fullfill other needs of the nest that it cannot achieve on it's own.

Mala Society
The Mala likewise have almost no society to speak of. Before they are born a Mala is pre-programed with a task to complete. Sometimes these tasks are simple things such as "Provide food for the nest." While other times they are far more specific and complex "Find a way to decipher the ancient's texts." Generally if a Mala has completed it's purpose and has no further goals, it can simply ask the nest as a whole for a goal, and the collective will find it something to do that will utelyse it's skills and morphology.

The Fulkomun homeworld has no name, as they have never bothered to name it, though many would refer to it as simply The First Nest. The planet itself is unfortunately bland for the most part, so much so that it is somewhat notable. The planet has no great oceans, or mountains, or any huge variance in height at all really. The entire planet is esentially an enormous flatlands, with occasional small ponds and streams. If you removed all of the grass and water that now covers it, you would see what looks like a world bombarded beyond belief, with millions of craters overlapping with one another, and now faded after centuries of rest and plant growth. From those who merely glance at the planet, they are likely to assume that it relatively un-inhabited. A great wet plains, filled with inumerable tiny creatures being hunted by insects the size of a full grown man. But no great cities, buildings, really anything that would suggest a space faring civilization, or a modern civilization, or even an intelligent species really. But just below the surface, in the great spreads of water that lie just below the surface of the world are hundreds of thousands of miles of water filled tunnels, nests, mines, refineries, labs, and all the trappings of the great engine that supports the growth of the Fulkomun.

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