Starfarer's Main Game

Starfarer's Main Game

There is a flash, as energy and matter spread outwards into the darkness. Countless eons pass as the energy collects into galaxies and solid bodies. Many worlds are formed, some begin the creation of life. Of these worlds, a few produce sentient life. Of these, some begin to develop quickly, looking to the heavens. Many empires rise and fall in the vastness of space, leaving ruins and signs of their passing in their wake. Silently, they tell the stories of ages past. Shadows, darker than the space they lurk within, move silently through the universe. New species now look to the stars, seeking to master the heavens themselves.

This is the beginning of a new era!, an industrial revolution is underway as races prepare themselves to explore the vastness of the universe. Their workers and scientists scrambling to be the first to create the first colony ship, or the first exploration craft and even the first space station. Though the people's enthusiasm is inspiring, who knows how long it will last.

Production and Construction values on all worlds and stations are each increased by 3.

Current Development/Tech Level Limit: 2 (8 ranks)

Turn 1 has started!, it will end once everyone has posted their end of turn post. Remember that your worlds gain 1 infrastructure at the start of each turn, including this one.

The Serranids

Turn: 1.0

It was unusual, to have so many Serranids gathered in the one place. Not least because the water tended to be unable to support too much more than its usual passage, but because today- today was a red letter day. The speaker blared out as much, so it had to be true.

"Today, my fellows, today is the day we begin our trek into the greater ocean, to beat apart the currents in the home of the Great Uniter. Today, we take the first step to leaving our nearby waters, and journeying forth into the deeper oceans surrounding us." The Serranid moving its spines to trigger the sensitive receptors in the box pressed a button, replacing its own visage on the screen with a floating platform - and something very large in it. A hollow shell, cast from polymers the likes of which those peering past the aether through windows of liquid crystal could never comprehend.

"As we speak, *Water* station is being modernised for the assembly of our very first long range 'space' ship, and we will carry forth our fry to another world - our First Post beyond the shallows of our home."

The water shook as the speaker played the sound of the coils starting up. Thin strips of wire wound within and around the shell began to smoulder, collected steam boiling off almost instantly. The whole contraption began to shudder, as if it were about to explode - and indeed it was, with millions of tonnes of water being brought to a boil in a short space of time. Plumes of steam curled forth from the bottom for a split second, then a torrent of water began rushing out, boiling away in an instant, smashing the platform up and down, sending humoungous waves out over and over, fish fleeing before they were boiled away by the intense heat. Slowly, yet visibly, the rocket lifted off the platform, a plume of superheated vapour floating away in its wake. After a few minutes, the shell split away, falling back down to the planet, a second, smaller shell carrying it for its last leg. The jet thinned, and soon it seemed like it wasn't going to make it - then the second shell broke away and the launch drone drifted silently into orbit.

What passed for a cheer went up.

"Today, our first fry have had their taste of the Great Uniter's 'space'."

*Technically speaking, Serranida is just called *Water*, and the suffix convention only entered the language when it became important to distinguish it from any number of other waterworlds.

As Leader exited the stateroom of his palace unto the veranda with a hollowed dome of a chair in tow he dropped it in place near the guard rail, sat down and commenced to stare out across the vast expanse of the great capital of Sontar. He meshed his fingers in contemplation as his elbows found rest upon the rail and he gazed down at the now expanding 'modern' industrial district before him as the old buildings and equipment were no longer suitable for the needs of him and the great sontaran empire. He grunted slightly as he heard the sounds of blasting in the distance and stared at the far off smoke, his father had not even considered the possibility that there lay untapped potential resources beneath the very capital; but we cannot allow the short sightedness of the past to slow our expansion to the future.

Leader panned his view to the east and stared at the shipyards who were preparing for the launch of the Great Sontaran empires first manned flight into space; All previous ventures into this field had been conducted by remote control or sophisticated computer systems, that was until one of the vessels had discovered the possibility that despite the hazardous terrain and strong gravity one of the planets in their own system, the closest to the sun possessed the capacity to support simple life other than what existed upon their own planet. This lead to the great question, 'Could there be other sentient life out there?' and of course the rapid modernization of these facilities that had been considered more a hobby of the last leader and rather impractical with their lack of satisfactory results to defend or expand the great sontaran empire.

On advice from his council a month ago the leader isolated himself for several weeks to contemplate the issue and when he returned he called a meeting of every military officer to address them on the 'articles of discovery' that would soon also be known as the 'first contact procedures' for later that evening. All future generations of clone soldiers of course would possess this knowledge inherently in their stored memory, however all current generations would need to be instructed by their commanding officers on these procedures if they were to be assigned as the crew of the navies future space fleet that would soon be in production. And so Leader calmly collected himself, waited and as he watched the sun slowly sink into the horizon, the last gleaming sliver of fiery light washed over the en-shadowed capital and its towering buildings like a rare piece of artwork he wish he could frame; And he stood from his chair, clenched his fist impassioned by the scene before him as he walked back to the stateroom. Upon entering the empty stateroom he stood upon the holographic platform where his chair once resided, he had decided he would stand to deliver this message to his people, all he had to do now was wait as he listened to the whirring motors and electronics warm up beneath his feet.


Turn 1.0

*Tick. Tick-tick. Tickatick. Tickatick. Tickactick. SLAM*

A grumpy hand shut the alarm up. A moan erupted from the bed and Michaël got up. Scratching his head, slowly straightening, his augmented vision showed him his 'vitals' and displayed his energy reserves. Plenty for the day, but you could never be too prepared. Unplugging a set of batteries that had been charging on the wall, he put them in his sports bag and headed for the shower.

He always thought the downside of being modeled after humans was that they were somewhat imperfect. As if I.R.I.S. had meant for it to remain. Hair grew, they needed to ingest specific fluids in order to maintain their skin structure and care for their inner skeleton. Heck, even sleeping was not a necessity, though admittedly the amount of energy required to work through an entire day without stopping would stretch the planet's energy reserves. Especially if everyone did it.

He was still unsure what to call himself. I.R.I.S. had referred to them as Humans and HED's, but that didn't sound right. They weren't exactly humans, and they weren't exactly bloody bots. His pride, stung at the thought, coiled upwards. No, they were much better than robots. And much better than humans. He thought of a new word for his kind: The Heightened. It had a nice ring to it. He'd send it out to his friends via mindlink during his lunchbreak.

Taking a while to dress up and style his hair, Michaël grabbed his bag and walked out the door. As soon as he was outside, a hologram popped out of nowhere and made his heartpacer race.

"Good morning from I.R.I.S.: Announcement One: If you are still having problems with sleep protocols, please stop by the closest Automated Assembly Chain in your area. The conservation of energy is important to you as much as it is to us. Announcement Two: We have added a new energy monitoring system throughout our grid. You can now track the amount of energy your workplace and your home use, as well as remotely power down appliances that are not currently in use. If you have any problems to report, please contact our People's Agency in Resonance One. Announcement Three: Please stay clear of area Ind-66, further mining has been planned and explosives have been set in several key points. Evacuation is nearly completed. Anyone that haven't complied with those warnings risk termination."

The Hologram vanished and Michaël blinked a few times. I.R.I.S. had been very insistent on the preservation of power. And the mining was a fairly controversial issue. On one side, the world needed more resources, on another, many people had been displaced from that industrial district to make room for drilling Resonance's core. He had never figured he'd be an environmentalist, especially with his job, but one day he wanted to adopt children of his own to raise. He wanted to be a model father. Or mentor.

Walking in the corridor, then into the hall of the building and outside, he pushed his way through the crowd to reach his train to work, just in time. During transit, he looked around in silence, wondering if any of them were actually human. The thought almost scared him. In a way, they had inadvertently stolen this world from them. Humans had even had them as lovers, only to find that they were different. The shock of the discovery of I.R.I.S. was still fresh in his mind. But he remembered those Heightened-Human couples that were together, refusing to let go, trying desperately to adopt from a shrinking pool of human babies. It led I.R.I.S. to make amends, and they came up with 'Heightened' babies.

Michaël looked up towards the great tower outside that spiraled upwards far above the earth and into the sky. The shuttle slowed down rapidly and came to a stop, letting its passengers off, including the young Heightened man. Staring at the horizon, he slung his bag over his shoulder, gazing on the giant monument in emotion, clearing his throat before finally moving towards the flat building crowned with antennas of all kinds. Upon entering it, a number of people nodded their heads to him. Greetings appeared on his augmented display, as well as an anonymous message "I hope you die this time around.". Michaël grumbled. That wasn't the first time it happened. Someone just didn't like him, and that wasn't reassuring during training. Dismissing it for now, he headed towards the men's locker room. Finding his locker, opening it, he grabbed and put on the suit, the bright golden badge clearly reading 'M. Salio'. Going to the window, he gazed outside. Looked upon the biggest ship he'd ever seen. Ready to reach the stars, and beyond. He let out a deep sigh and whispered.

"Soon.. Soon enough, I'll be flying you baby."

Turn 1.0

The sun rises over the ship yards of Ulat, though no one on the surface see nothing except for a violent red glow through the clouds of radioactive dust still hovering in the atmosphere. Suited technicians scramble along the hulls of their children, preparing the great ships for the new crusade that their God has demanded of them. The Children of the Tribes have seen their planet wounded by the actions of Demons, but they will not allow their holy ground to be trespassed upon again. The Demons may have struck the first blow in this war, but it shall be the Ulatarim who finish it.

Or at least, so hoped God Speaker Comuro. He stood alone in the viewing gallery, protected from the ravages of the environment by three inches of sealed glass, wondering if it would be enough. It needed to be. He could remember the times before the Demons struck. The trips to the Peak of Watchers with his mentor, clawing their way to the top in homage to the mountain clawing at the emerald green skies. Drinking from the ice cold water that flowed down the mountain's melt, enjoying the bitter tang of the minerals it carried. Dancing with Elilu under the stars, and more...

But that was no more, a past destroyed by mortal folly. The skies were now so black that entire generations would never see that emerald sky. The only water safe to drink was so heavily purified to get rid of radioactive contaminants that it left a heavy, dark taste in his mouth. And Elilu had long since been claimed like so many others by the cancers that had been borne by what little food had remained after the disaster. All because they had chosen not to heed God's warning. They never should have waited to be struck down. They should have advanced, the way all true hunters do. Instead they had acted like prey, and so they had enjoyed a prey's fate.

The door behind him hissed open, allowing Tribe Lord Vru to enter. Comuro turned and nodded in acknowledgement, then turned silently back to the window. The large, grey furred warrior stood silently next to his political master for several moments, unsure of what the Shaman was watching. Finally growing impatient, he spoke, "Sir, I have to say something. My men are prepared to board the ships as soon as they are ready, and we are proud that you chose the Tulemeneco to be the first tribe to take the war to the Demons. But there is already talk amongst my warriors. We are not sure what we will need to do once we are out there. How far should we go? Where shall we look? And how do we defeat beings who can do so much harm to a planet without ever being detected?"

Comuro was quiet for a moment, looking to choose his word's carefully. "You are the first, as you say. But you put too much of a burden on your shoulders for one so young. We do not want you to go far at first. For now we must secure our own home, to make sure that we can not be struck down again. Go out, make the worlds nearby pure, then return. We shall resupply you, and who knows? These ships are so small, while the universe is so vast. We shall need bigger vessels, more powerful vessels. And we shall need more experienced Captains to lead them."

Vru nodded gravely, keeping his fangs covered until he had turned away. 'So, the old fools plan on giving me a more powerful weapon, do they? Then let me play the broken whelp for now. I shall wait until the time is right, then make the world over once more, so that only the truly strong may rule!'

Comuro watched him depart, then turned back to the window. No longer did he see the two ships sitting there, but the thousands that would launch from those docks. The Technicians had predicted it would be some centuries until Ulat was clean enough to live on once more. He knew he wouldn't be around to see that, nor his children or even his children's children. But one day the Ulatarim would once more know the world their ancestors were preparing to leave behind. 'But for now let us go out unto those shining stars. There we shall make the Demons burn in agony, even if it means leaving the rest of the Universe as nothing but a dirty, blackened cinder...'

Turn 1.0: The Reximpageas - The Tower of the Kings

Reginadeas looked around the throne room and wondered what was keeping the others so long. It was not everyday that the Kings were called together and he had been sure that they would have been more prompt in their arrivals. Today was a big day, for the Aracehons and for the Kings. They were the rulers of the Aracheons, they had been the first of their kind nearly a century ago and they were the ones that had laid the foundation for the uprising and lead the assault on their former and now deceased masters, the Illdriaril. The veins of golden wire running across his robes coursed with energy. Reginadeas was the last of the Kings to have been introduced to their network back when it was only the twelve of them, making him nominally the youngest of the Kings. He wore robes of a deep crimson laced his ribbons of purple and imprinted with golden colored wires over his upper body. He had implanted a network of thin white cables into his head and they were all over four feet long and tipped with purple. The cables on his head jangled as he paced the large meeting room. A chirp from the door made his head snap around and his cables jangled as the slapped his shoulders. He took several steps forwards as the door slid open silently and in walked four figures. In the front were Capenideas and Philamatadeas, fellow Kings of his and behind them walked Madreaseneas, the first of the Areacheons created for the purpose of being a recorder of Information and the nominal leader of the Idipoudeus. Next to her walked Gigeas the lead designer of the Archtentiea, the recent breakthrough at the reverse engineering of the Illdriaril's primitive space transportation technology had been his work and for this he had been put in charge of the Aracheon's own efforts to reach to the stars.

The four of them moved towards Reginadeas, their legs making a light tink, tink sound on the metal floors of the large empty throne room. The two in the back made the traditional salute of their people by clasping the appendages mounted on their backs, known as Armureas, in front of their faces and then remained silent, waiting to be addressed. Reginadeas spoke first to his fellow Kings, " Greetings, I take it the orders have been given. I also assume their is a reason our Brother and Sister Kings are not answering the call." His voice was even and flat, but what else would you expect from a robot, as advanced as their brains were they were still machines at the end of the day. Philamatadeas spoke first, her voice was softer and feminine but still had a hard and flat edge to it, "Colligadeas is linked up with the Idipoudeus as usual. Serrideas, Nubiladeas, and Spectradeas are with the Trabadea Nicodemea right now, they insisted on overseeing the start of construction on the first vessels. I believe that Tobynideas is on his way to join them, he had business to complete with the Terrvultea Archtentiea about expanding the City boundaries. Silvicodeas is out on his own and seems to have disconnected from the network for the time being." Reginadeas shifted his legs and was silent for a minute, something had changed drastically in the Kings since they toppled the Illdriaril, they had grown and even he was not sure what they were becoming, going to personally over jobs that they knew full well would be carried out perfectly, disappearing for days at a time for unspoken reasons. The Aracheons were on the verge of reaching to the stars within a few years and the Kings needed to be together more than ever. The similarities to what had happened to Arhimadeas were bothering him, he would have to keep a closer watch on Silvicodeas to make sure he wasn't going to follow the same path as the Weaver. He turned to Capenideas and nodded to his Brother King, "What news from the Archtentiea Brother?"

Capenideas was the official head of the Theranhospideus, normally their would be two Kings in charge of each of the castes, but Capenideas was alone in his duties as his former compatriot was no longer fit for his duties. He was the one that formed the caste in the wake of the destruction of the Zagroideus, the architect of the Architects. his head was barren and he wore a suit of tight fitting robes of a somber green with a similar network of golden wires running in organized patterns. On his chest a set of three golden chains hung across his chest and they jingled quietly as he moved. His voice had the sound of a computerized voice, a flaw with his original construction, that he had insisted he kept every time his body was upgraded, a strange thing to do but who would question a King. "All assigned project are underway. The ship's construction has been placed at the top of the priority list and I have both the Archtentiea and the Fromancea working on it. Tobynideas had 200 Saltictadeus assigned to the ship's labor force and the estimated time of construction is one Cycle, far ahead of our original calculations." Reginadeas nodded and said, "Excellent Brother. Report back when the Terrafroming is underway. And send out the Valtokcea to find Silvicodeas and tell him I will speak with him."

The Kings nodded and the other two saluted again, turned, and left through the door they had come through. Reginadeas Turned back to face the large throne at the back of the room, he had never taken the seat there, how could he after what had happened to Dinordeas. No, he may be the leader of the Kings but he was not the Aracheon that Dinordeas had been.

Tarenth, Turn 1.X, Kalialk Containment Facility

“It’s good that you’ve been keeping up on your training exorcizes and even expanding upon them, though I must wondering something. What has been occupying your thoughts as of late, Eldia?” The woman asked calmly, her almost glowing pristine figure clad in flowing white and aqua clothes, her tendrils woven into several long strings with glittering lace mixed in with them. Had she not been floating calmly nearly thirty centimeters off the ground and the environment cast into a dim light that gave the dark stonework a creepy feel, one couldn’t help but find her to be more beautiful then eerie. Though, the armed and armored statues of metal that stood squarely on either side of the only exit along with the bright marginally transparent green field that the woman was currently facing made her seem rather safe by compare.

There was a slight shift in the darkness behind the green field; it seemed to struggle with the light for a few moments before giving way and illuminating the cell in almost its entirety, along with the young woman sitting against the back wall. She had nothing of the floating woman’s grandeur in clothing, preferring instead a black tunic like piece that hung loosely from her comparably thicker frame. Eldia seemed to consider the woman’s question for a while before looking up at her; long elegant tattoos framed her eyes and covered much of her face in accentuating, flattering ways. “I’ve been wondering how my family has been doing. I know my parents have ventured into the Kar’Renk, but I’d like to know how my little brother is doing, since he doesn’t visit me.” Eldia claimed with a soft concerned tone to her naturally pleasant voice, the floating woman seemed to look at the girl sympathetically but shook her head after a moment. “I don’t want to know anything specific, just if he’s doing alright. Please, Narva.” Eldia added after a few moments straightening her self in a display of interest.

The floating woman, Narva, seemed to contemplate it for a few grueling seconds as Eldia gave her the most pitiful look. “Alright, I suppose just a few things wouldn’t hurt anything, but no specifics.” Narva warned Eldia who gleefully rose and approached the green barrier that separated them placing one four-fingered hand on it as Narva closed her eyes seeming to concentrate upon something. “Kelk is still very much alive, went through pilots training for a cargo ship job, though…” Narva trailed off a bit seeming to find something that was a little unsettling.

Eldia pressed a little closer to the field in anticipation. “Though, what? Is something wrong?” Eldia asked a tremor of concerned wavered in her otherwise smooth voice; Narva opened her eyes for a moment when she hears Eldia’s question and more the emotion in her voice. It was easy to see that Eldia cared deeply about her little brother, which seemed to concern Narva a little bit, however Narva closed her eyes again and began concentrating once more.

“It appears that Kelk is struggling with his personal relationships, which is odd for someone his age, but then he’s still young, I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Narva stated reassuringly while Eldia let out the breath she had been holding and eased away from the field some. “He’s fine Eldia; don’t worry about him so much. He’s getting an early start on working towards his death and I’m sure he’ll do just fine once he learns to strike a balance.” Narva assured Eldia whom was moving more towards the center of her cell, relaxing her posture some.

“Yeah, Kelk’s a trooper, he’ll be fine. He’s just the last of my immediate family is all.” Eldia commented sounding almost like she was trying to convince herself more then Narva who clasped her hands together in joy and pride.

“I understand Eldia, but it’s good that you can realize that everything will be fine even without you there to protect him.” Narva praised seeming very proud and happy. “That’s a very good step for you and I’m glad we’ve come this far. Perhaps next time we can talk about what you might want to do besides your excursuses.” Narva cooed joyfully, Eldia didn’t seem so excited over the prospect almost seeming a little anxious and unsure of it her self.

“I’d like that.” Eldia confessed with only a little difficulty at saying it, though she did seem sincere about it and genuinely happy about the prospect, even if a little wary of it. One of the armed statues at the entrance shifted slightly looking over its shoulder towards the two; even it’s blank head easily conveyed the interest it held for someone stating such a thing.

“That’s wonderful, but we’ll have to discuss it next time, I really must be going to my next appointment. Good bye Eldia.” Narva stated with a soft wave as she began floating towards the open entrance and drifted out of sight, Eldia waved a little and tried to say good bye but the words died in her throat.

It took only a few seconds of Narva being out of sight before the guard that had looked back turned and started towards the field that Eldia was behind. “So, a Kuvul thinks that a Kalialk can be redeemed.” The guard stated glaring at her with the blank sheet that was the face of his robotic head. “It makes me sick to think anyone would even want to try and help your kind. A Damned is always a Damned and nothing is going to change the fact that you are destructive waste of a Kar’Tarenth!” The guard shouted at her, Eldia glanced briefly over at the other guard, but the body didn’t move; it was wholly vacant, an extra there if needed. Eldia sighed and sat down in the middle of her cell, taking deep breaths as she drowned out the guard in her own mind; she wasn’t sure if this was some sort of a test or a Garnev that was poorly assigned but she wouldn’t let him get to her. “Oh, so now the Kalialk is too enlightened to listen to me! Well, you’ll listen to this! You want to know why Kelk hasn’t visited you in so long?” The guard stated giving Eldia a pause in her breathing excursuses, though did not look at the guard whom slowly edged close to the field. “He’s afraid of you.” The guard stated softly, his hand brushing through the field slightly; Eldia released her breath raggedly trying to control her feelings. “Yeah, that’s right; I talked to him a few times. He’s scared that you’d do to him what you do to everyone else.” The guard continued while leaning in, a little more into the field that did not hinder him in the slightest, Eldia was actually shaking a little bit as she fought to keep breathing steady. “He even told me he never wants to see you again.” The guard commented egging her on a bit more leaning in so far that he was on the other side of the field.

“LIES!” Eldia shrieked reaching out and grabbing the guard’s blank face and yanking it though field wholly with one hand slamming him against the back wall. “It isn’t true! It isn’t true!” She bellowed while banging his limp body against the wall as hard as she could, splatter black ooze across the already dark wall, the metal armor crunching from the shear force of the impacts. “It’s nothing but lies!” Eldia shouted slamming her fists against his chest which caved completely in spraying more black liquid against the walls. “Lies! Lies! Lies!” She chanted continuing to pummel the body with more force then her body could have every had any chance of containing until there was nothing but dripping black liquid and a pile scrap that was partly embedded in the wall. Eldia sank to her knees weeping silently as purple tears slipped between her fingers only to disappear before touching the ground.

It took only a few moments for more guards to arrive all with weapons drawn at the ready, while Narva floated in, the crowd shifting to allow her passage into the tight corridor, only to stop when she saw Eldia. “Oh, Eldia…” Narva sighed to herself woefully while staring sadly towards the girl in the cell, it was difficult to say if Narva was more disappointed or more remorseful.

“What I tell ya. Once a Damned, always a Damned.” The guard stated in a smug, matter-a-fact tone from within the second suit of armor that had been standing the entrance way to the cell.

Narva spun around and glared at the guard. “Get out of here now!” The normally calm Narva growled at him, who shrugged nonchalantly before walking the slowly dispersing guards. Narva sighed and turned back to Eldia, floating closely to the field that separated them; she remained silent watching Eldia weep, at a loss for what to tell the young Kalialk.

After a few moments Eldia calmed slightly. “Kelk’s not afraid of me.” Eldia asked looking back over her shoulder showing the massive and brutal wound that replaced her left eye, even cutting deeply across her left mandible, dripping with her deep purple blood. “Right?”

The Awakening
Deep within the core of a relatively indistinct planet, a single enormous crystal continues to grow, tended for thousands of generations by the mindless drones, who do so out of instinct. The know not why they do this, or even that they are growing their own minds in the process, they only feel that this must be done. A great shudder passes across the planet, as untold billions suddenly hear something else. No. They feel something else. It doesn't speak to them, it doesn't command them, but it undeniably controls them. As the great steam vents from deep within the planet drives the tides of the swamplands, so to does this new presence drive the Mala. It drives them not just to better efficiency, but it drives them to expand, and protect. The Mala feel an instinctive protectiveness towards this new force, and seperately, they all start prepare it's defence in their own way. What once were tiny tentacle like plants, defending their millions of small nests, now start to grow to massive proportions around a single egg growing with increadible speed. Driven by the increadible need of that which lays below, the egg grows with increadible speed, and even before it hatches, it feels the same need as the many Mala that tend it. This, the first true Fulkomun to be born within thousands, if not millions of years is born with the same purpose that is now imbued into the masses that live across it's home planet. It is born with the sole purpose to protect the Nest. Though it knows not from what it must protect the nest, it knows that threats must exist, and it's sole purpose is to find it. So it yearns for the day that it's shell is no longer needed, that it may sail among the stars, doing the only thing it was truly born to do.

The galaxy was alive with progress, each race preparing for its first excursion into the great beyond. Little did they realize they would not be the first into space, nor the last. The universe silently watched and waited.

The era bonus continues (+3 Production and Construction value on all worlds and stations)

Current Development/Tech Level Limit: 2 (8 ranks)

Turn 1 has ended, Turn 2 has begun

Turn 2 will end once all players have posted.

First steps
Filled with anticipation, the young Fulkomun forces it's own hatching, perhaps long before it's truly ready. Spreading it's long tentacles across the planet, it flings itself upwards, towards the night sky streatching above. As it enters into the dark void, it is at first shocked with increadible pain, as it's too young skin suffers under the unrelenting emptyness of space, filled only with the freezing cold of it's surroundings, and the simultaneous burn of the radiation that now surrounds it everywhere. It quavers at first, and wonders if it should return to the planet to feed, and grow stronger, but with an almost childish dedication, it remembers that it must protect this planet, not feed off of it. And so, the first Fulkomun sets off away from it's nest, gliding on the waves of unseen energies that surround it. The first thing it comes across is a small moon in orbit around a planet that appears to be nothing more than an emense desert. The great Fulkomun circles the moon a few times, even reaching down with one tentacle and scratching the airless surface with one tentacle as it's low glide brings it mere feet from the surface, and then launching itself back towards the darkness of space in the moment before it becomes stuck within the tiny pull that the moon exerts upon it. The great creature then starts to test it's own abilities, focusing on the tiny moon, and seeing not the surface of it, but instead seeing the way that it deflects and pulls at the radiation of space. It watches how gravity pulls at everything around the moon, and listens to the silent grind of the ever shifting rocks as they crunch the thin layer of ice that constantly trys to form around them. It even sends down one of the tiny Mala that swarm across it's body, so that it may literally see the surface of the rocky waste through the drones myriad of eyes, and it feels the countless specialized eyes that inhabit the nest watching the world and it as well, knowing what they see. But as it catches a glimpse of other planets in the distance, it feels suddenly a great hunger. It knows the hunger is not it's own, but that of the nest, and the inumerable Mala that tend to it. Not only does it feel the hunger, but it sees that which the nest hungers for, bits of rock that somehow stand out to the young Fulkomun's senses like great glowing beacons, huge concentrations of air and earth, that could together feed untold numbers drones as they continue their eternal vigil. The system may look dead to many, but the young Fulkomun see's at least potential, and so it sets off to look at each prospective source of aid for the nest, knowing that it's instincts shall tell it when it has found what it needs.


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