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The officers of the Honor guard, the imperial navy and the army all exited their great Barracks in unison after listening to leaders speech and with a few parting words they all separated to prepare their particular troops. Not many of them believed in the idea of intelligent life out there with capable enough means to have a true war against ; some at best expected the idea of hunting certainly, but the idea of a true war on the horizon after so many years of peace kept many soldiers up that night with smiles on their faces. The capitals self defense army mobilized early the next morning to attend the opening of the newest factory to aid in escorting the materials it would produce to the shipyards; especially what was concealed under the tarp on the giant flat bed.

Upon arrival the final components of the ship were integrated and with their modular design it would most likely be ready to fly by tomorrow, the prospect of which excited the navy who were busy running diagnostics and last minute checks on equipment. However they were all eventually escorted away for a surprise test prepared for the crew waiting in the hanger; inside a mock up of the S.S. Imperial colonization shuttle had been revealed, it was obviously what the army had transported here but regardless it was sitting in the middle of where their astronauts had been running their anti gravity training for the past few months. In fact this was also part of the reason the army had chosen to escort this shipment in such numbers and in full battle gear. All crew members were positioned as if they were on duty, artificial gravity on inside the ship and 0G outside. In fact it seemed like a fairly normal training session until the explosive decompression. Alarms began blaring and the reports of multiple hull breaches erupted from various communication panels. The army was running combat tests to see how well the navy was prepared for the possibility of 'alien borders' or the more likely extreme terrorist cell hijacking, it was also a worth while test to see how effectively they were prepared in case of the possibility they were able to board a ship in space and capture it by force. The high pitched whirring before the sudden explosive burst from the barrels of the soldiers hand held rail guns were everywhere throughout the ship, in fact the mock up was having holes punched through its hulls everywhere considering the fact that they were using live ammunition on both sides. And though the crew lost the battle after a mere twenty minutes, they possessed enough innovation to throw off the 'enemy' and delay the armies forces long enough to make sure they paid for every step they took into their ship and lets just say, the affair had an explosive ending. They fought valiantly and to the last breath and they made sure the enemies of the empire would not learn their secrets; it was a glorious death.

The army and the navy were both satisfied with the procedure and stamped out another batch of soldiers and sailors to replace those lost after the bodies were cleaned up and sent to the Atmos for processing. In fact it was a relatively easy to add a few extra pods to those that were being loaded onto the colony vessle who were ready to be born to defend and expand thier new home; only the ships crew would be born in space and would have to handle the task of finding a suitable site for colony A+1 and ensure its new residents were settled in safely.

Turn 2.0

Two Days Later

Speaker Comuro watched with envious glee as the engines of the Fanged Wonder lit off her engines for the first time. The lightly constructed buildings of the ship yards trembled like sticks in the wind as the harkonium powered poured raw power into the ground. Slowly, almost unnoticeably at first, the ship began to rise from her moorings in the dust. The dirt below her churned into an angry black cloud, like the trailing wake of a mourner at a funeral. 'An apt image,' Comuro thought, 'considering she is leaving behind a dying world.

The lights over head flickered and dimmed before eventually giving up entirely, leaving the room to total darkness save for where the brief glow of the engines continued to pour in through the windows. Comuro frowned as he reached for his comm. "Will someone please explain to me what has happened to my lights?"

"Uh, sorry sir. It seems the launch systems have drained too much power from the grid. It was either lose containment around the launch zone or black out the habitat, and we thought that it would be better to let the ship go."

"Well, get them back as soon as you can please. If they are not on by the third calling, then I shall have new rugs for me bedroom. Do I make myself clear?" Camuro threatened.

"Ah, yes sir. We'll get right on that sir."

Comuro nodded to the comm, then flicked it closed. Threats would serve for this one time, but they would need more power, especially if they were going to increase the productivity of the yards. The Fanged Wonder was going to only be the first of many, but he needed those many sooner than he thought. Already containment systems were failing in many of the habitats, and the residents were getting sicker. They needed to be free of their home, and soon.

The Serranids

Turn: 2.0

The great ark was taking shape, endless jets of boiling water bringing more and more components to be added to the rapidly forming vessel. Fisshan peered out an observation bubble with some degree of consternation. It was decent, to be sure, but this time it was the first real trial of her laboratory's finest work. If it went failed... well, the news might take years to get back.

"First steps into a deeper ocean..." she trailed off. Defeat could break the wills of all the Serranids for years to come. Still, wait too long and apathy would set in. It was hard enough getting the elders to agree - the fools still thought the charged drive was the greatest thing drawn from the knowledge of the Great Uniter. Her thoughts were broken by the telltale movements of her latest assistant - she didn't bother to learn the names of her assistants any more. "Interpreter Fisshan? The drive has been prepared." The little speakers hooked into the brain were conveniences few could live without - it made communication so much easier when the transmission capabilities of water could be employed. An evolutionary impossibility during their primitive days, to avoid alerting what few predators they had, but now they were dominant and communication was better heard from afar, in the Great Uniter's language.

"Commence testing immediately." The sub-aetheric condensation drive would be the key to the colonisation efforts. Sure, it was huge and took up more space than the entire station that served as the makeshift shipyard to work from, but without it the ship would not leave sight for decades. Fisshan didn't move a centimetre as the bulbous plastic suits detached from the craft and docked back into their podules. Announcements rippled through the water, followed by a countdown.

3... 2... 1... The station began to shake, and what little dilation there was through the bubble faded away. Huge plates rose and then snapped shut, ripples visibly curling through space. Rhythmic thumps could be felt all throughout the station, the condensed space conducting the sound as well as any fluid. Gradually the plates sped up, and the colony ship lurched forwards. For a second, the test seemed to be a success - then the plates stopped, the piercing screech disappearing as space thinned back out.

The assistant poked back into the bubble, taking one look at the Interpreter, before making a hasty escape. Looks like it was back to the drawing board.

Turn 2.0, Homeworld Resonance

Michaël stepped into the lounge. A few tables dotted the room here and there and the hologram in the middle showed images in a 3 dimensional format all around it. Sitting down at one of the tables, he opened his bag and took out the batteries he had saved up so far. He definitely needed a bit of juice to keep going. Opening the container with a *Clonk* sound, he took out the energy capsule contained within. The thin membrane had been designed to dissolve slowly upon ingestion, and much like humans, the power it contained was harvested only after full digestion. The process was slow, but the extremely low percentage of waste made up for it.

Michaël controlled his chair to move towards the windows to take full advantage of the sun. His skin cells, bio-engineered to harvest solar energy, opened up wide and started recharging the drained HED slowly. In the background, the hologram was talking about his rival, Amélie. Another HED modeled after a woman, who was meant to pilot the second spaceship they were building. Outside, the sounds of metal, of whirring and the sound of pressure valves being released made a strange muffled sound. He wondered if he would be the first to fly them in deep space, or if it would be Amélie. He belched.

Getting up, he strolled towards the center of the room to gaze on the buzzing hologram. It was now talking about the mine they had just finished in the Industrial District. Some talk about it being perfected with the aid of worker bots and sensors to find the main ore deposits. Uninterested, Michaël switched to the Energy channel.

'Here we have the latest in energy development. Harvesting the eternal power of the waves, these floating devices farm hydroelectric power across the surface of this sea. Permanent links and individual tracking systems allow our satellites in orbit to accurately locate failing machinery and send the newest generation of sea-maintenance bots to the locale in matter of minutes.' The image then shifted from the reporter to a picture of a fish-like robot with a set of mechanical arms, maintaining its speed against the waves perfectly to stay stationary, fixing what seemed like a defect in the hull with the water attacking electronic circuits.

You can't stop progress, can you.

Michaël rotated his chair towards the windows again.

Two ships. One finished soon with an attached colony module. The other is on the way. Two pilots. Me and Amélie.

He wanted to be picked. Badly. All this training he had endured, all this waiting he had to do. Now the ship was almost ready, and suddenly, out of nowhere, they decided to bring in a newbie pilot in the fray. Talented, sure. But with nowhere near as much experience as he did. Now they were fighting for the title of 'First Heightened in Outer Space'. He cursed those two-timing bastards at the head of the company. Heck, even I.R.I.S. was backing him for the spot.

Feeling the energy flowing through to his circuits gave him a boost. His augmented visual displays overlaying energy information for him also gave him confidence. No, this was a race that he would win for certain. It was time for him to go back to training and prove everyone of the kind of stuff he was made of.

Tarenth, Turn 2.X, High Orbit

Zeardik watched the world below him spin casually in space while he floated almost gracefully, his mechanical eyes focusing in upon what caught their attention before shifting to the next thing. He wondered lightly if space would always be this peaceful, it was definitely a nice change to him from the hustle and bustle of watching multiple security cameras. Zeardik knew that he would be out upon patrol doing this very thing rather often now that he had been assigned to his craft, if one chose to call it that, but still he enjoyed the calm that this sort of thing afforded him. He must have spent a whole day with his main mechanical eye fixated upon the shore, watching ocean tides drag in before retreating back out. He wondered casually if and what sort of things he would see now that he was merely watching his people from within a building now that he was the poltergeist of his very own free floating craft. His mechanical eyes were also better then any camera he had ever had the opportunity to look through, he would have even wagered that they were better then his own eyes when he was alive.

Zeardik sighed to himself at the beauty that he was now able to witness in ways that he was sure that only a few had before him but was sure many more were going to after him, it almost made him feel blessed. Before being assigned to his current assignment he had been contemplating seeking out the Kar’Renk, but they came to him for his experience in observing so much at once. It had made him swell with pride knowing that he had been recognized after so many, many cycles of work for his abilities and now he got to one of the first to experience this in all its glory. Though, all this reminiscing had reminded him of his favorite thing to do while observing everything through his cameras, his coworkers had always been bothered by it, but even though he didn’t have anyone to bother, he’d still decided to keep it to him self. “Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety nine bottles…”

Spectradeas stood on the platform overlooking the Shipyards, his face was placid as a forgotten lake in a forest. His face was immobile, more mask than a face, a design specification of his choosing, he saw himself as an observer of his people. He did not care to offer an opinion that was no grounded in fact. A few meters off, several Fromancea were linked into a bank of consoles, checking up on the progress of the Aracheon's first ship to be launched into space and travel to another planet. The project had been going on for nearly half a Cycle and Reginadeas had been on edge for most of that time, something was bothering him and the other Kings could sense it too. Silvicodeas had made himself scarce for most of that time. Spectradeas heard the sound of someone approaching him and he turned his head ever so slightly to look over his shoulder as he spotted Nubiladeas and Tobynideas moving along the catwalk towards him, talking rather animatedly for Aracheons, a pair of Labrachinea moving behind them working on a datapad as their leaders talked. As they drew near Tobynideas looked up from their conversation and said, "Greetings Brother Spectradeas, I see that the work is going well." Spectradeas' voice was as neutral as his face as he returned his eyes to the ship as hundreds of Saltictadeus crawled over it's surface. "Progress is exactly as according to plan. What else did you expect Brother?" Spectradeas turned his body to face his comrades and at a silent command, one of the nearby Fromancea detached his cable from the console and moved over to his superior and said in a lower mechanical voice, "King Spectradeas, your orders are in place and in the wake of the terraforming work we are assigning resources to the new projects as per your orders." The foreman stood waiting for further orders and Spectradeas turned and said, "Continue as ordered, the vessel will remain your top priority." The Fromancea turned from his leader and rejoined his companions and after he had reconnected to the console, Nubiladeas turned and motioned the Labrachinea to return to their duties and spoke to Spectradeas, "Have you heard anything from Cambhreadeas recently? Reginadeas has been looking for him and he seems to have taken a lesson from Silvicodeas and disconnected himself from the Network to attend to other matters. He is you counterpart and it seems he would want to be present for this time." Nubiladeas had the unique trait of only possessing a single set of eyes as opposed to the normal four sets of the rest of the Kings. Most suspected that he had originally been built this way because his creator had not liked his servant to have so many more eyes than himself, although none of them could understand such as esoteric concept as superstition or paranoia. Spectradeas simply shook his head, choosing not to speak as he watched the panels being welded onto the outer hull of the ship.

The workers begin to see the fruits of their labors as craft take to the heavens and colonists line up for a chance to start a new life.

The era bonus continues (+3 Production and Construction value on all worlds and stations)

Current Development/Tech Level Limit: 2 (8 ranks)

Turn 2 has ended!, turn 3 has begun!

Roleplaying and back-stories have been good all the way around so far, all of you receive +0.5 RP. Turns from here on out will be 3 days in length, at which point they will end and the next turn will begin. Start of turn and end of turn posts (even if they are just summaries) are in effect.

Turn 3.0, Resonance, Low orbit

The index finger of a hand touched the control panel. The ship was shaking already. The HED's on the ground gathering to watch this unique event in their people's history. They were leaving, out into a new world, carrying thousands to help colonize outer space. Some cheered, others gasped as they watched the construct slowing down as it went higher and higher, half expecting it to suddenly tip downwards, crashing and killing all on board. However, by some strange fortune, by some mystical force, it somehow made it, slowly disappearing from the blue sky of this planet. They had left Resonance.

The same hand started dancing on the keyboard. The glove surrounding it, part of a suit designed for outer space. Another hand unbuckled the safety belt and turned towards their co-pilot. "We did it, man. We're out there. Can you believe it?" The co-pilot waited for the cabin to adjust the pressure before opening his helmet to reply. "I still can't. Where did you say we are?" They both laughed. She opened her visor. "We did it. We really did."

Her co-pilot smiled as she took the helmet off, a fairly laborious process. "I know someone on Earth that's not too happy about it." She smiled back to him. "Well, I'm sure he can suck it up. He's a big boy after all. Though I got to give it to I.R.I.S. Changing their minds a day before the launch? That's not going to make him happy."

The Serranids

Turn: 3.0

It had been a long hard journey, but it was done - finally done. The Interpreter was beaming, the workers walked with a bounce in their step, and Governor Cobia was suspended with all the other colonists and eggs in a nutrient rich broth. If all went to plan, the Serranids would have finally pierced the veil of space and spread to an ocean beyond seeing. If not, well, at least there would be a nice fireworks show.

Fisshan shifted her spines ever so slightly, and her assistant turned to enter something into the dizzying array of buttons and levers dotting the control panel. The station began to shake again in what seemed like the tenth time in a day, tiny bubbles flooding out from vents as the aether condensed itself into something resembling a fluid but not wholly so. The plates settled into their rhythmic motion, and the nose of the craft began to glow. Light years bled away in an instant, as though draining them out through a hole, and a point far removed from Serranida rushed close, flooding in to close the gap. The ship lurched through into the murky depths beyond. Then, just as quickly, the space drawn out rushed back in, the immense distances reappearing as though they were never gone.

Elation flooded through the station in waves. The Serranids had taken their first true steps into the darkness. Of course, it could be millenia before the colony developed enough to send a probe home, but that didn't matter. They'd done it once, they could do it again. Faster this time.


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