Scraps and Souvenirs

Scraps and Souvenirs

This post is for two things Current Treasure and Wishlists.
Current TreasureI would like the Party to nominate a Treasurer. That person should have the first post after this one in which they will keep track of what Magic Items, Gold and other Treasure the Party currently have. Its up to the Treasurer how they want to do it, attached Spreadsheet or Spoilerbuttons for each Character are the ideas that came to my mind, I simply would appreciate someone putting all that information in one place for me as we started to do in the Watering Hole.
WishlistsI'd like each Player to post a Wishlist of Magic Items for their Character Here. No more than 5 items of up to your current Character Level+4. Any item in the Character Builder or Compendium is fair game.

In addition to the basic information about the Item (Level, Slot, Sourcebook), I would like a brief description of what you think the item looks like, why your character wants it or preferably both. This is an idea I shamelessly stole from another game, so let me point you there to give you some examples. I'll also post some examples from a Character of my own here (Sans Basic Info):
ExamplesBattle Forged Plate Armor +1: The scribes of the Order of Tempus tell of suits of armor and shields used by the Order since its founding centuries ago, few of these battle hardened pieces remain in the hands of the Order, many having been lost over time. It is considered to be a great omen if a Knight-Errant manages to retrieve even a piece of one of these suits of blessed mail, let alone a whole set.

Vanguard Craghammer +1: There is a special place in the Order for those who willingly eschew their own safety for that of his comrades, such dedicated and reckless individuals make up the Vanguard of the Order and are given sacred weapons so that their efforts will have greater impact upon their foes.
These Examples are both of items unique to my character's Knightly Order, but the origin of your desired Items need not be similar. Have you heard rumors a swordmaking technique from the West? Did you see a traveler from the South perform astonishing rituals when you were a child? Your descriptions not only make the items more real and interesting but are another way to help build the world.


Rune (ryukinsath):


Orion (Foucault):

Boone Estephus (DannoE):

Irimus the Odd (TheHumanDynamo):

Irimus the Odd:
  • Wand of Psychic Ravaging +3, AV pg. 111 (lv 13) . A bone white wand carved with the inscriptions painted black with the tears of the mentally insane. Irimus would like this to increase his potency on attacks.
  • Amulet of Physical Resolve +3, AV pg. 148 (lv 12). A gold embossed chain with an emerald fist hanging from it. This amulet will help keep Irimus able to move about the field and help his comrades.
  • Ring of Eladrin Grace, AV2 pg. 71 (lv 16). This sapphire ring is neatly held in a band of pure white gold that is constantly cool to the touch. An item of his elven heritage, this ring will further aid Irimus in being able to continue his movement to be where needed on the field.
  • +3 Wyrmscale Tactician's Armor, AV pg. 54 (lv 15). Regal scale armor, this will help Irimus to direct his allies on the field of battle
  • Healer's Shield, AV pg. 117 (lv 10). An embossed god shield carved with an ornate leaf patter, it will help Irimus keep his allies up and fighting throughout the day.

Boone “The Blackcloak” Estephus’s Treasure Wishlist

Magic Items:
Githweave (Masterwork Cloth) Shimmering Armor +3 (Lvl 14)

Orb of Unlucky Exchanges +3 (Lvl 13, AV p. 96)
Orb of Sanguinary Repercussions (Lvl 15, PHB p. 239)

Ring of Shadow Travel (Lvl 15, AV p. 159)

Foe Stone (Lvl 12, AV p. 172)

Note: My first choice here is one of the +3 magic orbs.

- Fey Passage, Shadow Passage, and other travel rituals.
- Any and all divination rituals.

Orion 's Treasure Wish List
  • Githweave Skybound Armor +3
    -Level 15, AV p.52
    -From afar a simple grey robe, but when one inspects it closely they see the layers of shaded clouds that fill this robe as they do the sky.
    -His robes are a symbol of Orion's dedication to his beliefs and his spiritual journey, and one of the few truly necessary items for his journey.
  • Githweave Armor of Sudden Recovery +3
    -Level 13, AV2 p.6
    -These beautiful orange robes are made of a rough and simple cloth, yet they look more vibrant than the lavish attire of the Kings courts.
  • Survivors Belt
    -Level 11, AV p.167
    -The belt of the Master Zui Quan, a notorious drunkard who was famous for going down in a fight and standing right back up. His opponents claimed he simply never knew when to quit and Master Zui Quan won by sheer attrition.
    -The ability to stand up again with honor in the face of defeat by one's opponent would be valuable to Orion.
  • Sash of Vitality Ceaseless
    -Level 14, AV2 p. 112
    -A set of intertwining knotted red and silk sashes was the symbol of the long lost Order of Tai Lung. They where legendary for their practice of self-flagellation with their knotted silk sashes to build endurance and resistance to pain.
    -Orion would try to honor the Order's symbol by enduring as they did, giving him more longevity in battle.
  • Helm of Vision Unclouded
    -Level 11, AV2 p. 112
    -A relic of the legendary Master Oogway who's inquisitiveness and cleverness made his stories retold long after he had left the West. It is not known where he ended up, or where and how he died. Some say he hasn't yet.
    -A potent item of a revered master Orion would treasure this more for it's spiritual significance than the powers of perception that it bestowed on him, but for those he would also be thankful for some small measure of Master Oogway's insight.
  • Keoghtom’s Ointment
    -Level 12, PH p.254
    -This small, shallow clay jar contains an ointment of legendary curative powers. It is said to cure the sick and cleanse the poisoned and to knit the wounds of the grievously injured.
    -This is the sort of reward a hermit or spiritual master might give for Orion's help, for it's healing powers would greatly help him when he is alone and injured on his journey.
  • The Legendary Urn of Whispering Warriors
    -Level ??, Made Up
    -Said to contain the souls of the entire Tenshu army.
    -No idea what it does, it just sounds really cool.
  • Wallwalkers, aka Black Boots of Ba Sing Tse
    -Level 10, AV p. 131
    -Crafted from the silk of the cave spiders in the mountains of the far north by the monks of the Temple of Ba Sing Tse these silken boots are required to meet with the masters of the Temple for no stairs reach their cells and meditation chambers.
    -The creation of these boots is a spiritual challenge for the aspirants of the temple. The spiders are savage and poisonous, but the monks require that only one wild spider provide the silk for a set of boots. So the students must show true dedication and respect for all living things, no matter how dangerous or malign to weave their own set of boots.
  • Thoughstealer Shiruken, Stone from the Head of the Yang-Tzi River
    -Level 9+, AV p. 80
    -One of the great rivers of the West, the Yang-Tzi is famous for it's dangerous rushing waters and mists that will confound the most skill riverman. It is said the Old Man Yang walks the river, stealing the minds of those he catches on his waters without paying homage and turning their minds to stones he collects at his home at the head of the river.

Improved armor is the priority for now. I don't think Orion would be one for seeking out items for their own sake, but given them or finding them he'd put them to use. So I wouldn't say he's actively looking for any of these things. However, he is looking for masters and other practitioners, who may have or direct him to these items.

Greil's Treasure Wish List

Stout Weapon +4
Level 18 Adventurers Vault
This solid hammer looks like it has been used for everything from bashing heads to bending armor. Greil has heard of this hammer for it's ability to draw upon to life force of the weilder to enhance the strength of an attack.

Amulet of Vigor
Lvl 14 Adventurers Vault 2
Greil heard tales of an amulet that allowed a person to draw upon their own natural vitality at a higher rate than one would normally allow.

Amulet of Physical Resolve +4
Level 17 Adventurer's Vault
This striking amulet's magic helps keep Greil moving even while he works to slows his enemies

Bloodvine Earthhide Armor +3
Lvl 15 PHB 2
This dark brown armor has faint tendrils of red running all around the armor. Greil would like it because it would help him to stay alive in a fight by helping him shrug off blows

Horn Tusk Armor +4
Level 17 PHB 2
This muddy red armor is derived from the rare Abmup Boar which will fiercely protect it's heard. Warriors prize the fighting spirit of the Boar and mark the armor with it's horns and feel the animals vitality keep their strength afloat even as they are struck down.

Steady Boots of the Ram
Lvl 11 Adventurer's Vault 2
These fur lined boots feature a rough sole which would help Greil to navigate the natural terrain of the mountain or desserts where his is

Absorbing Shield
Level 17 Adventurer's Vault 2
This large steel shield is praised by many comrades in arms who gladly give their life to protect those around them.

The boots would be a higher Priority. Down the Line either a cloak or a Armor is preferable to a new weapon

Rune's Magic Item Wish List

Cloak of Translocation +3 (lvl 14 CB)
Rune is as tuned into the void that he is capable of turning it into his advantage against the enemies. The cloak itself is an item that he recalls from his master's stores from his hometown.

Staff of Ruin +3 (lvl 13 CB)
Rune wishes to cause enemies as much pain as possible, and this staff will aide him in achieving his goal. It is distinguished from many other staffs by the depiction of a dead goblin on the orb on the top of the staff.

Withering Dagger +3 (lvl 13 CB)
Rune is capable of using his sorcerous powers to weaken his enemies and make it that much easier to hit and deal damage to them. It has a magical acid on it that eats away at his enemies' defenses.

Mithrendian Steel Dagger +3 (lvl 13 CB)
In order to become more accustomed to the void, Rune is channeling the magic energies of the dagger to keep him in there longer in order to move farther than he ever has before. Still coming from his master's store of magical items, he has not seen it in use since he last saw his master and his hometown. He fears that the goblins have currently stolen it and are hoarding it away somewhere.

Iron Armbands of Power (paragon tier lvl 16)
Focusing on both melee powers and his cosmic energies, Rune needs to put a little more oomph in his melee attacks in order to become someone to fear up close and personal. These armbands are covered in runes and etching detailing the cosmos that he reveres.

*Priority would be one of the daggers or Iron Armbands.*

Finley's Wish List

Tuning Songblade +3 (lvl 14 CB)
Another Basso instrument of destruction for Finley. The echoing nature an perfect pitch allow for prolonged damage to it's targets

Echoing Songblade +3 (lvl 14 CB)
Used by a less skilled master, this blade would echo and reverberate uncontrollably. Held in the right hands, this weapon can grant it's owner an encore of a previously exhausted power.

Harsh Songblade +3 (lvl 13 CB)
Finley, always wanting to expand his bardic range, would love this song blade because it plays mainly in deep bass octaves. The deep, booming sound it makes as it moves through the air can be used to deal thunderous damage to the wielder's enemies.

Skald's Armor +3 (lvl 13 CB)
This leather and chain armor would grant most anyone a silvered tongue, but when worn by Finley, he would be able to bluff his way out of even the most dire of situations.

Gem of Colloquy (lvl 12 Paragon Tier)
A glittering jewel that defies gravity. It's stunning powers would allow Finley to turn any phrase, in multiple languages no less!

Crown of Whispers (lvl 10 Heroic Tier)
The triplets of gold point and rubies are stunning. But most stunning would be the enhanced intuition ability and the added skill in diffusing arguments grant to this charming Bard.

Battleforged Shield
Level 14 Uncommon
Covered in Dwarven and Draconic runes, this shield aids badly wounded allies.
Price: 21,000 gp
Item Slot: Arms
Power (Daily • Healing): Free Action. Use this power when an ally adjacent to you regains hit points. That ally regains additional hit points equal to healing surge value + 2d8 as though it had spent a healing surge.

from the Compendium

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