Ilde Banter

Ilde Banter

Its an OOC Thread. 'nuff said.

I'm curious as to whether MW works the same way as DNDOG as you guys whom already play here post your Dice Rolls in your main post or if we need a separate thread?

In my other game, we post the rolls right in the Game Thread.

Dice Roll: 1dx+y 1da+b
d Results:
d Results:
Insert text here Or you can just hit the little dice button on the Advanced toolbar.

Hey, if you guys get bored and want something to read, try Storytellers Playbook

I'd like to keep the "The Devil You Know" Thread for just information about the world so its easier to search through, so I've deleted DannoE's and Ryu's posts there and am trying to figure out how I can have you guys be able to read it without editing it.

DannoE if your still having trouble with the PDF please let me know where

EDIT: I've locked the thread, and the House Rules thread as well, those threads will be strictly information and please discuss the house rules or world should as you see fit here. Thanks!

Six, another methond instead of roll /roll is (dice=attack)1d20+918916(/dice), replacing the () with [] which would show up as:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 13 (Total = 9989186929)

I personally prefer that method as it keeps me from having to move my mouse around to find results.

Sixgun, regarding the character status posts, as posted in the character thread, MW sheets provide for a stablock. Posting this either in the end of the spoiler containing crunch, or in a separate spoiler at the end of the post is the most effective way to display as such.

In addition, the code for a spoiler here is [spoiler][/ spoiler] without the space, instead of spoilerbutton /spoilerbutton]

Excellent! Please do that then, put a statblock from your MW sheet at the bottom of your game posts under its own spoiler.

Thanks for helping me out with the system here on MW.

EDIT: Just saw the statblock on the character DannoE posted, it is really good, more than I expected but extremely helpful. DannoE, im curious as to why some of the powers have strikethroughs on them? Did you retrain them or are you using this character in another game and have spend those powers? If the latter is it possible to duplicate the sheet so you have a separate statblock that reflects Boone's status in this game?


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