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I don't mind acting as the treasurer, unless someone else really wants to. Now I was trying to do the statblock thingy...but I don't think I am able to do it correctly...can someone show me how it's exactly supposed to look? I just used the CB summary to post my character's stats and stuff instead.

Have you put your character into a sheet on Mythweavers? Thats' the first step. Go to the Sheets tab up at the top to make one. Once you fill it in you'll notice a section in the top middle labeled "Stat Block", copy that and past it into where ever you want your stat block.

That block is kept up to date based on what is currently on that sheet, HP, surges, powers used, etc. So if you hit the check mark on your daily power listing and generate a new block it will have a strike through for used. The only thing I think it does have a space for is conditions like dazed. And DannoE's spoilers were his own doing, but since the character sheet doesn't have enough space for descriptions in the Feat section they're necessary.

I just tried to upload the Character Builder file for Carric but I'm getting an error? Am i doing something wrong?

there is an "upload" button on the sheets page right in the middle, so thats what I assumed it was for. Am I wrong?

I think it's for the XML version that Mythweavers uses, for offline backups.

I just posted Orion, my Elf Monk. He has Enduring Mountain, so if anyone else is interested in taking that for Tribal benefits it's good, +2 healing when you spend a surge + number of people nearby with the feat.

I'll write some stuff for him tomorrow. Sue me, I wrote 2.5k words about Lamaris today!

Hey guys sorry I'm taking so long getting this set up, I will try to upload it asap.

Foucault I'm cool going with enduring mountain as well

Originally Posted by Foucault View Post
Sue me, I wrote 2.5k words about Lamaris today!

Foucault that was an epic epilogue you wrote, I still need to figure out what the hell Jal-rizen is gonna do


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