Ilde Banter

Just a note: Sixgun, i don't know how soon I'll get back to my "previous adventure." Please don't hold up on my account; I'll circle back around as soon as I can.

Sure thing, Foucault is actually the one holding that up, not you. Once he has posted his I'm going to dish out who is Guest-Starring in what, and you guy's will get to that as quickly as is convenient.

Much like my Worlds, I very much believe you are constantly creating your Character and their Backstory rather than establishing it all up front. That said I probably wasn't clear on one point: your Previous Adventure does not comprise the entirety of what your Character did venturing from Level 1 to 10, its only a small slice of it, like a short plot line that spans a couple episodes in a TV Show that lasts for half a dozen. Whats most important about this is that you need not work into the Previous Adventure how you came to serve the Despot of Keshan. That is one of the many details you can work out as you need them.

Here is the List of what needs to happen BEFORE the Game Proper Starts:
1. Foucault needs to post a Previous Adventure
2. Kidd needs to post his Character

The following should happen as SOON as POSSIBLE but I'm not going to hold up the Game for them:
3. The Treasurer (Who appears to be Ryu since he volunteered and no one has said anything since) posts a List of Current Magic Items
4. Everyone posts a Magic Item Wish-List (Only after a Current Magic Item post is up)
5. Everyone posts their Guest-Star parts to their comrades Previous Adventures

And yes, I am intentionally publicly shaming you here to get you guys to post your stuff.

Let me know if you want the Inventory list of Current Magic Items done differently, right now I have everything I think is relevant and done in a way that I think you'd appreciate. If anyone wants a different color let me know, I did it based on class (or in my case I like blue). But if you guys have a preference on that let me know and I'd be happy to change it. And let me know if I did something wrong I just used your character postings and your link to the character sheet.

I've got my character all set. I'll look into what items I want. Problem, is I was able to afford most of the incidental items I wanted. Oh well, it looks like it's time to make some shit up!

Thanks for doing the Inventory Ryu.

On that note, do we want to set aside a portion of our loot for a "Party Fund"? For buying communal resources like Potions of Healing, Bed and Board, Ritual Components, bribing guards etc? I would say count the Fund as another person for the purposes of splitting cash and sold loot. Divvy it up six ways instead of five and set one portion aside for the expenses? What do you guys think?

As your primary ritual caster, I'm perfectly fine with that (as it'll save me some cash on regeants and what not). Keep in mind though that I'm able to cast two bard rituals a day for free (I haven't chosen quite what rituals I'm taking yet, wanted to see the party fully before doing so).

So Ryu and Six, I would like a change of color. Red doesn't really fit with Orion. I thing something more neutral or cool. Since green and blue are taken how about grey?

Again sorry that I've been so bad about posting my info and stuff. i was house sitting for the week and I didn't have internet so I could rarely access sites and didn't have any of my materials

Grey is fine by about you six? I'll make Orion (Foucault) grey and make Irimus (TheHumanDynamo) red?

I made Kidd Orange on the map (Your Welcome) so I dont really see the need to chance Irimus, but yea, Orion will be grey now.

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