Character Applications

Character Applications

Please post your characters applications, here. Remember, we re only looking for
Age: 18-25
Class: Magic User, or Fighter
Background: (Opt)
Full character creation will be done once players have been accepted into the game., so you don't need to worry about it. Not yet, at least. However, feel free to check out the Character Creation thread if you'd like to glance over how the system will work.

I figured I had better hurry and put my stats up. They are by no means finished, I still have to work with my skills especially, but I have been working on it.


Age: 23
Class: Magic User
Ya'ab is the youngest child of twelve, hence his name. As his mother gave birth, she shouted 'Ya'ab!' meaning 'Enough!'. The tradition in the middling family was that the knowledge of Ketngku accompanied the child in its first few moments out of the womb, and that the name of the new child was impressed on mother's mind at the moment the child came forth. Thus, the first words of the mother after the birthing were considered the sacred name of the new child. This practice created a series of interesting siblings for the young Ya'ab to grow up with.

Ya'ab started out with little hope for a future. As the youngest of twelve, he had no chance of earning any of the birthright, and would have to make his own way in the world. At seventeen, however, he was lucky enough to catch the eye of a high-ranking noble, and saw this as his chance to achieve everything he ever wanted to in life. He then proceeded to spend what little money he had as well as tenfold more in order to impress her. And to tell the truth, he didn't do half bad. She actually narrowed it down to him and a noble from the neighboring region. But in the end it was Ya'ab who was cast out on the curb, left on his own to take care of his now mountainous debts.

Needless to say, he was unable to pay them off, and subsequently had all his assets seized and was himself sold. He was passed around by various lenders, being sold at a surprisingly high price each time. His skill with the arcane gave him high value and each time he switched hands, his new owners always made at least twice what they had loaned him in the days before he his fall.

By twenty three, he had passed from the hands of the last of his many lenders. Unfortunately for him, though, the man who owned him last cared more about money than the welfare of his slaves, and sold Ya'ab to the highest bidder to cover the final amount. This bidder just happened to be a local gladiator trainer, who enjoyed watching half his property maim the other half. Ya'ab, who has never had battle training, has now been forced into an arena where life comes only through death, and survival comes to none but a few.


When asked to describe him, those who know Ya'ab first mention his shortsightedness. Ya'ab focuses on the here and now, often acting rashly without considering the consequences. This can be both good and bad, and has earned him some degree of respect in a few eyes. His ego can sometimes inflate itself to gargantuan proportions, but he has learned to control that aspect of himself to some degree. Many would also mention his suavity, and how quickly he is able to pick up on situational etiquette. At times, though, he forgoes etiquette to speak boldly, which has gotten him into no end of trouble. Finally, while somewhat statuesque, he is still light on his feet, and has managed to perform sometimes complicated acrobatics. Most of these skills have emerged after his fall into servitude, and his realization of this gave him a more positive attitude towards his adversity.

Bardu JaBari

Class: Fighter {servant of Chegárra}

Description: height 5'8”, weight 220lbs, eyes Grey, hair none.

Homeland: Mu'ugalavya

I have made several changes to try to better match the environment. The photo is still and adequate representation of the character concept. If you would prefer that other alterations or adjustments be made. Please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you.

Name: Huke' Mahl-Bannon
Gender: Female
Class: Fighter
Age 18 (but, she is not exactly sure)

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Short and simple.

Age: 24
Class: Fighter

Name: Skim
Age: 19
Class: Fighter/anti magic
Looks: Standing around 5 feet tall Skim has a very thin build strong runner legs and curious blue eyes, short redish brown hair is pulled back with a tan piece of cloth tied behind the neck. Skim wears rough leather armor tight across the chest and covering the stomach with a dusty pair of leggings, no boots but sandals on the feet showing dirt and blood.

Still working on back story and personality so fare this is what I have, will work on it more tomorrow.

Demo Arder

Demo Arder
Age: 20
Class: or Fighter

Arder is a shady looking person. His eyes are wide underlined with almost coal black eye bags, contrasting harshly to his very pale, even for those from his home lands, yellowish skin. His nose slightly bent having been broken more then once. Face thin and anaemic, cheeks bent inwards. Eyes a pale grey. Slightly bushy eyebrows, a scar or two cutting through the bushy hair of the same brows. Only a faint trace of beard is starting to show on the youth's chin, nothing much though.

One would not suspect his capability in fight as his body is rather thin and frail structured. No body fat and a few not fully built muscles are to show no-less. In compensation over big hands, almost supernaturally big making his arms look longer then they are in reality, the same applies to his feet. To compensate his choice of clothes are a black cloak made out of leathery chlen hide, and boots that make his feet simply big instead of clown like long. Under the coat he wears a regular white cotton shirt black died kilt secured by a chlen hide belt. On his hands a set of spiked chlen hide gloves.

Although if certain factors might deprive him of his ideal choice of clothing, instead leave him only disproportional and funny looking.

Name: Jer'yl
Age: 19

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