Character Creation in Tekumel

Character Creation in Tekumel

Here is how to make your character. Please post any questions, you may have, in our, "Character Creation: Questions" thread.

Character Sheet TemplateCharacter Bio:
Character Information:

Stats + Derived Values

Attributes + Defectts

Spells + Skills

Character Creation
You receive 30 points to distribute between your stats and attributes. You may receive more points if you take character defects. Stats for humans range from 1 (inept) to 10 (world-class ability). A score of 4 is average. All your stats start at 1.

The Stats
Strength- The force you can exert, weight you can lift and damage you can take.
Dexterity- Your coordination to dodge, balance and run and damage you can take
Intelligence- Your ability to learn magic (5+ required)and influences number of skill points
Psyche- Ability to manipulate extra-planar energy for magic (5+ required), non magical characters benefit from magic resistance and possible flashes of insight.
Willpower- Force of will to endure difficult situations, resist stunning attacks.
Charisma- Your ability to appeal to others.

Pedhetl- Your ability to be a conduit for extra-planar energy. Set at 4 unless modified by the High Pedhetl attribute, Low Pedhetal Defect or some other force.

Derived Values
Values are subject to change by various attributes and defects

Combat Value = Str+Dex
Initiative = Dex+Will
Health Points = Str+Will x5
Magic Resist = 1/3 (Psy+Int+Pedhetl)
Energy Pool = (pedhetl x 5)+(Ritual Magic + Psychic Magic + Energy Management) + (1/2 Will)
Respect = 0

The Skills
Characters receive 20 skill points plus Int + Will rounded up. Skills range from 0 (lowest) to 6 (highest). The skills have been reduced by a handful. To purchase a skill you must multiply the pt/lvl of the skill by the cost per Skill Level.
ex. (Acrobatics 4pt/lvl) lvl1 = 4pts (4 x 1), lvl2 = 12pts (4 x 3), lvl 3 = 24pts (4 x 6), etc... So having lvl 2 in Acrobatics means you spend the 4pts for lvl1 and the 12pts for lvl2. Thus it cost you 16pts.

Skill LevelCost
1 - 1
2 - 3
3 - 6
4 - 10
5 - 15
6 - 21

You can spend a single point to gain a familiarity with a skill. It is better than being untrained, but not by much.

If you would like a to create a skill not on the list we can probably arrange something.

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