Magic in Tekumel

Stay a while and listen...

Magic Prerequisites
  1. Int 5+ for ritual or psychic only, 6+ for both
  2. Psy 5+ for ritual, 6+ for psychic, 7+ for both
  3. Pedhetl 6+ (2 points of High Pedhetl Attribute)
  4. the Magic, Ritual and/or Magic, Psychic skills
  5. A spell to cast

Ritual Spells Cannot Be Cast When Character is...
  1. standing on unstable footing
  2. encumbered
  3. unable to move freely
  4. wearing armor
  5. interrupted

Spell Purchasing
Spells are purchased with the skill points a character recieves upon creation. Skill points are converted into Spell Points at a ratio of 2 spell points for every skill point and each spell costs its level in spell points.

Spell Casting Cost
Spells cost 1.5 times(rounded down) their level in points drawn from the character’s energy pool. They can be cast as many times as the character desires until they run out of points in their energy pool.

Metal and Spell Casting
Sorcerers cannot wear metal or touch metal and cast spells at the same time. The extra-planar energies conflict wih the metal and create a life-threatening explosion. It is a bad idea.

Damaging Offensive

Non-Damaging Offensive