Act 1: The Ixian Prisoner Scene 1: Idle Hands No Longer

Feeling the stone crash into him, Irimus is momentarily stunned as his breath is expelled. Catching himself and trying to recover, the half-elf pulls out a wand, holding it like an orchestra conductor as he nimbly moves along. Pointing it towards the torrian creature, he calls out, taunting it as he points to the Ssark, "Beast, why do you attack us when you are doing nothing but coddling to that one? He holds the power, and you are nothing but fodder for him? Why do the will of another when you could be free? He cares not for you, he wishes only to exploit your strength and use you until you have nothing left!"

The massive Torrian ignores Irimus' song, the monstrous humanoid appears to simply be to daft to comprehend the Bard's off-key song. Rune however is more accurate, the pulse of that he casts at the third Vaegould is enough to blind the nomad. even despite the cowl guarding the man's eyes and the many years he has spent under the harsh desert sun. Howling in pain the Vaegould falls to the ground, dead and with blood streaming from his eyes.

Seeing his soldiers fall around, Ssark lets out a growl, "This is our Desert, you dare spill the lifeblood of my brothers HERE!" Gripping his massive club, the lizardman swings the piece of jagged wood at Orion who nimbly ducks underneath the swing, but Ssark doesn't end his swing there, he follows though and spinning on the balls of his clawed feet he slams the club into Rune with such force that you hear the crumpling of steel and the grinding of gears.

On the other side of the wagon, one of the remaining Vaegould closes with Griel and swings a vicious looking handaxe at him. On the rise behind him the last Vaegould draws back a wretched looking bow and fires a makeshift arrow at Griel, which barely slips through the Warden's armor to strike flesh.

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Phase of the Stars; HP: 70/78 AC 26 Fort 21 Ref 22 Will 25 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Well that hurt me a little bit more than I was expecting...but you won't see me for a second until it's too late. Reeling a bit from that attack that could have been more deadly, had he been completely solid, Rune disappears for a blink only to reappear next to Ssark again and completely solid.

"Foul beasts..." Boone mutters to himself. "Nasty." And yet, though the odd desert dwellers have drawn blood from his companions, the Blackcloak himself is hardly worried. He's been in tough spots before. Coming around the wagon to clear his sight-line, Boone images his longsword and his orb into his hands. Boone points the blade at the weird Torrian Hurler, letting illusory black fire wrap erupt from the otherworldly steel.

"Nastriium delloch serian memnoch DELLOOSH!"

Instantly, a burst of necrotic shadows leaps into existence in the desert near the Hurler, threatening to drag the beast down to the ground and burn his brain at the same time.

Greil grunts as he swings his hammer towards the nearest warrior. Get out of my way! he cries

Rune manages to avoid Ssark's brutal swing by not quite being all there at the time. Nonetheless the blow sends him reeling and with a flash he disappears and reappears on the far side of Ssark. Boone circles around the wagon and attempts to conjure a fog of shadows to ensnare the Torrian Hurler and the Vaegould Warrior next to him, but the desert sun is too strong and he only manages to summon a thin mist. Griel is more successful, he slams his shield into the Vaegould Warrior that charged him, you hear a massive crackling sound as the nomad's face caves in. He falls to the sand and you hear a distorted gurgling sound as without a face he is unable to scream.

Rising out of the sand to your left is another figure no of you had seen, another human in a long cloak the color of the desert sand and wielding two long curved blades. The figure sheds his camouflage and rushes towards Irimus but in his haste loses his footing and swings wide. But not so wide that Irimus is unable to see the thin blue sheen that coats the assassin's blades.

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Regaining his composure after bending under the lizard-warrior's club, Orion once again sets his feet in the gravel of the road and takes in the fury around him. It is just then that he see the sand shake loose from the cloak of the hidden assailant who is on Irimus in a flash with his cold steel blades. Seeing Ssark opposed by men of stone and gear, Orion leaps from the road to the sands, running around the assassin that has pinned Irimus against the donkey. He lashes out with his palm to the assassin's shoulder, spinning him around. "Get out of here, minstrel. I will fight this cowardly wretch!"

As the assassin springs forth from the shadows, Irimus barely manages to get out of the way. In shock at the unexpected attack, the bard slinks away under protection of his ally.

Orion closes with the Assassin, pummels him with his fists and grabbing him by the arm pulls him away from Irimus, who takes the opportunity to escape towards the rear. Grabbing the Assassin by the wrist Orion manages to slice at the Assassin with his own blade.

On the dune, the Torrian readies his sling and begins to swing it over his head. When the sling gets up to speed he looses the sling at Boone, but when he does so you are astonished to he that somehow the Torrian failed to load his sling.

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Catching his breath and surveying the field for a second, the half-elf breaks out into a smile as he starts humming and flicking his wand this way and that. "An assassin from the shadows, who would have that it, GOOD GODS, WHAT IS THAT?!?" he screams out at the torrian as he points into the dunes with his wand and moves closer to the wizard to provide him with some aid.


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