Act 1: The Ixian Prisoner Scene 1: Idle Hands No Longer

Phase of the Stars; HP: 70/78 AC 26 Fort 21 Ref 22 Will 25 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used large friend, you can take care of this guy next to us...I'll go after the hurler. Taking a step away from the adjacent enemy, Rune focuses his Cosmic magic on the enemies on the cliff in hopes of hindering their attack from higher ground leaving the other enemies at a disadvantage.

Irimus follows Boone around the wagon to fire at the enemies on the dune but like Boone is unable to hit his target. Rune also fires at the Torrian Hurler on the dune and the Vaegould next to him, but they continue to evade your attacks.

On the road Ssark circles around Greil and wails on the Warden with his greatclub, blindsiding him with the first blow and following up with another brutal blow that sends Griel reeling. On the dune the remaining Vaegould Warrior returns fire at Irimus with his shortbow but fails to hit his mark.

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Completely battered by Ssark, Greil continues to stand with him keeping him locked in combat. You're not scaring me! With a yell he swings his Hammer aiming to batter his opponents arm to hinder his attacks.

Boone scowls, not liking the battle's latest turn. "Oh, you rascally bastards! You'll not escape the wrath of the Blackcloak! Have at thee!"

Greil raises his hammer high above his head and brings down the heavy metal weapon on Ssark in a sucessful bid for vengeance for Ssark's own assault on Greil. Boone comes to the battered goliath's aid by casting a phantasmic bolt of energy and the nomad leader, the wizard's spell-power forces Ssark back and distracts him enough for Boone and his allies to force an opening.

The assassin circles around Orion spinning his blades around in his hands picking up speed. With one hand the assassin stabs at the monk, drawing blood and forcing an excruciating poison into Orion's blood, taking a step away from the Monk the assassin attacks Rune with the dagger in his off-hand, but the small blade fails to pierce the Warforge's metal skin.

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Phase of the Stars; HP: 70/78 AC 26 Fort 21 Ref 22 Will 25 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

It seems you are incapable of capitalizing, well I will show you what it truly means to hurt someone. In the blink of an eye, Rune disappears from next to the assassin to appear next to Vaegould Warrior 1.

Unmoved by his temporary blindness Orion calmly listens to the sound of the assassin's blades on Rune's metal body, his quip and evaporation, Ssark's feet shifting in the sand, Greil's hulking armor settling in readiness for an assault. Then with his eyes closed he steps forward on to the road, the change in surface leading his way, and with enormous speed and strength he brings his leg around to sweep the assassin and throw him back.

Seeing Griel taking punishment time and again, Irimus dances forward, praising the warden for his efforts, "Hang in there Griel, we've got them on the edge! Keep up the good fight and get ready!" With a flick of his wand, he causes the sand underneath the Ssark to shift, pitching it headlong towards the waiting warden.

Taking a deep Breath Greil feels completely revived from the bard's magic. Sidestepping in the sand He prepares to continue his revenge on the lizard bandit.

In and flash Rune disappears and reappears a few yards a way from his attacker. Orion on the other hand closes with the Assassin and despite his blindness swings at him. The monk is unable to land a blow, but with great effort manages to overcome the searing pain that has blinded him.

Ssark continues to assault Greil, stepping closer to the Warden again and swinging at him twice with his massive club. Greil manages to duck under the first of Ssark's swings and to deflect the second.

Coming to Greil's aid, Irimus's words inspire Greil to keep up the fight and his spell trips Ssark and he stumbles a few steps. Greil spots an opening in the blundering monster's defenses and strikes, landing a solid blow against his foe and further impeding his movement.

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