Act 1: The Ixian Prisoner Scene 1: Idle Hands No Longer

Phase of the Stars; HP: 70/78 AC 26 Fort 21 Ref 22 Will 25 AP 0 Surges 0/9 used

This time, you will not escape the power of the stars. Prepare to burn. Steadying himself for an all-out attack, Rune focuses on the two closest enemies and attempts to call forth the cosmos to fall and burn those in front of him.

Rune summons a hail of shooting stars from the heavens, one of which hits the last Vaegould Warrior in the head, killing him while the stars continue to fall. Calling more power from the heavens, a bright ray of light reflects of the Moon, striking the Torrian Hurler and dazzling him. In the meantime Rune fades, like the moon concealed behind dark clouds.

Still gripped in combat with Greil, Ssark circles around the warden and swings at him with his club again. But shaken as he is by the Goliath's last attack, the lizard-man fails to lands either swing.

Boone stalks forward, feeling very much as if he now has the measure of at least some of his foes. "Amaranth metrion zinthos!" he cries, pointing sword once again at the hapless "champion" Ssark.

Boone completes the incantation with a flourish, and a powerful blast of illusory magic leaps from his blade towards Ssark. The fell magicks invade Ssark's mind, driving him a little bit mad and forcing him to see enemies where none exist!

Still engaging with the lizard man Greil raises his hammer and brings it down in with a fierce gutteral yell. You bandits dared to cross our path. Do you even know who we are?! After he brings his hammer down. Greil stands firmly in the dirt and sand, His feet drawing upon the rich power of earth to help protect him from attacks.
As Greil waits for the counterattack he muses Heh, who are we in fact? A ragtag group of specialists heading towards a difficult goal? Bring it...

Boone finishes his incantation and you see the color drain from Ssark's face, eyes wide in shocks a he hastily looks around as if suddenly surrounded by foes that are not really there. Greil attempts to take advantage of the opening Ssark's distraction, but his hammer narrowly misses the reptilian humanoid.

A few yards away the Assassin slashes at Orion with his sword, drawing a little blood. The monk feels a familiar pain begin to course through his veins, but grits his teeth and manages not to succumb to the painful poison.

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Form is nothing more than emptiness, emptiness is nothing more than Form.

The assassin's blade bites shallowly into Orion's arm, but he thinks nothing of it. He understands the venom within him and it is no longer anathema. He embraces it as a things and does not fear it.

Following the fleeting tread of the assassin across the road, throwing a block with his right arm as he advances. A quick low kick to his shins. He grabs the assassin's forearm with his hand, leaving his strike stalled. Finally he step forward and delivers an elbow to the scoundrel's chest, the sound of the hit on his breastplate resounding unnaturally around the empty desert.

All the while the monk chants softly to himself.

Form is exactly emptiness, and emptiness is exactly Form.

Orion's elbow slams into the Assassin and knocks the wind out of the desert dweller, regaining his composure he spits a gob of blood and spit onto the sand.

On the dune above Rune and Irimus, the Torrian loads two more large stones into his sling and spinning it violently releases them at the two, hitting each of them with a solid shot.

Feeling a soft crunch as he's hit by the stone, Irimus shudders and tries to maintain control of himself despite the pain in his ribs. Uttering a silent prayer to Ioun, he feels the warmth of healing light fill his body, rendering him completely repaired. He then points his wand at the torrian on the hill, and with a foul utterance, launches a black, gnashing eyeball at the creature that hits it square in the face. As the eyeball bites and chews, it renders the half-elf cloaked to the torrian's sight, much to Irimus's delight.

Phase of the Stars; HP: 61/78 AC 26 Fort 21 Ref 22 Will 25 AP 0 Surges 0/9 used

After being hit by a rock, Rune solidifies once more but not before he winks out of sight and moves closer to the hill path. From there he lets loose a celestial light at the hurler in hopes of scorching him enough to no longer pose as a threat to his companions. You shall not be able to attack us both again shortly fiend.

When the Torrian Hurler's stone hits Rune the Warforged winces before briefly blinking out of existence and appearing a few yards away. Irimus looks to the ridge and locks eyes with the Torrian, a spark of magic flashes from behind Irimus's eyes and the Torrian grabs his eyes in pain. Singing a soft (and off-color) limerick to himself, the Bard grins and is rejuvenated. Raising his wand, Rune draws a glowing sigil in the air and a blast of light streaks towards the monster on the dune. The light hits the Torrian and it burns the flesh off the massive beast, leaving only a pile of bleached white bones at the top of the dune.

Seeing the extraordinary display of power by Rune and having lost all but one of his soldiers, Ssark realizes that the battle is lost. Regardless, he takes two half-hearted swings at Greil, connecting with the second, before taking a step away from the Warden before sprinting down the sandy road.

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