Act 1: The Ixian Prisoner Scene 1: Idle Hands No Longer

With only one enemy left on the field, Boone decides to end the fight with melee. Though he is often loath to enter battle personally, he is hardly without resources, after all. He sketches a quick sigil in the air, summoning a lethal combination of eldritch swirling blades around his person and then strides boldly towards the human assassin.

"Have at thee!" he cries. His sword lashes out, a blur of black fire and magic death.

Taking Ssark's blow with his shield Greil shrugs most of the attack off. His own endurance bracing himself against the attack. As Ssark runs away Greil grips his hammer. taking a few steps forward he places his foot on the chest of a dead warrior Hey where do you think your going? You're missing out on all the fun! Digging his heel into the sand he breaks in a charge and dives straight at his foe

As he speaks ancient incantations and picket of dancing blades surrounds him as he walks in a wide circle towards the Assassin, stopping on the far side of him from Orion. Boone's own blade slowly begins to glow with a haunting light as the steel is licked by black-colored flames. With this terrifying weapon Boone assaults the Assassin, when he steps back he sees that he's drawn a long smoldering slash across the Assassin's chest from shoulder to spleen. Further down the road, Greil pursues the fleeing Ssark, chasing the troglodyte down the Warden slams his massive hammer into Ssark's back, there is a loud crunch and for the first time Ssark look like hes beginning to feel the effects of his wounds.

Seeing his erstwhile commander fleeing and beaten, the human Assassin attempts to extricate himself from the prediciment he finds himself in. Slipping from between Orion and Boone he sprints down the road after Ssark.

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Orion is unperturbed when the assassin dart's between himself and the minstrel. The cowardly thief is no match for his taught frame and practiced gate. As the assassin sprints across the dunes Orion chases after him, striding across the road and dunes and effortlessly catching up with the rogue and striking him across the back just as he tries to draw a breath.

Seeing the enemy make a break for it, Irimus runs up, pointing his wand at the retreating form of the assassin. With a flick of his wrist, he creates an audible whine in the air around the retreating human. The air folds in on itself and a high pitch whine that messes with his equalibrium.

Phase of the Stars; HP: 60/78 AC 26 Fort 21 Ref 22 Will 25 AP 0 Surges 0/9 used

Knowing that these vile thieves cannot escape from him, Rune has to move forward in order to stop them by calling on the cosmos once more to keep them from running away.

Crouching like a coiled snake, Orion chases after the Assassin, catching up to him but unable to land a blow. Irimus follows suit but he manages to cast a wave of dissonant noise at the Assassin who clutches his ears in pain. On the dune, Rune also stalks towards the fleeing nomads. Despite the hour of the day the Moon and many Stars suddenly become visible in the desert sky, casting a pall over Ssark and the Assassin. The Troglodyte ignores the out of place celestial bodies, but the Assassin withers under their glare, falling to the sand.

Seeing that he is alone and has no hope of flight, Ssark once again attempts to batter Greil, swinging his massive club at the Warder, Ssark connects once dealing a minor blow.

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Greil parries one blow but takes another. Still the Warden's look remains focused and he raises his hammer. With a mighty yell he brings it down. His blow seems to come down to try to sweep out Ssark's legs out from under him

Cheering on his ally as he locks into combat with the sand dweller, Irimus begins jeering and taunting the lone enemy, hoping to break his resolve, "Your men fell first, and so shall you! I've seen women put up a better fight. You call that attacking? Hah! Griel's mother hit him harder than that!"

Phase of the Stars; HP: 60/78 AC 26 Fort 21 Ref 22 Will 25 AP 0 Surges 0/9 used

Feeling pretty good about how his day is turning out, Rune takes a moment to ready his next attack against Ssark to knock him to the ground and keep him there for good with a bolt of fiery energy.


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