Part 1 - Rendezvous on Alderaan

Part 1 - Rendezvous on Alderaan

Prelude to dinner

The Banshee overflies the capitol of Alderaan in all its majesty. Flying over beautiful countryside and past huge gliding Thantra's it comes to a vast and beautiful country estate. This estate has its own landing pad and the Banshee sets down.

Captain O'Keefe comes back and announces, "Ok, we are here. Head on out and the staff will take care of you. I'll go get Maya and her patient." When you disembark, there are several staff members waiting, each with a small
It contains the payment, 500 credits.
package for the heroes. A female leads Mist to a medical suite for treatment and then to a room to clean up and a male takes Khen and Hopla to their rooms. IG-198 and R5-B8 are taken to the hangar where a mechanic offers any number of maintenance options, such as an oil bath. R5 then returns to Hopla's room to recharge. Maya stops into the hangar and informs IG-198 that he should be presentable and unarmed for dinner and that a servant will arrive for him.

Once taken to their rooms, there are fresh clothes and an offer to launder their current ones. They are told they will be summoned in one hour for dinner.

At the appointed time, a servant comes to get each of you and provides your laundered clothes, in time to change into if desired. Mist is asked to leave Quirky in her room. You are all taken to the grand banquet hall and to your appointed seat. While nobody here is dressed formally, the table is set for a formal dinner.


The doors to the Grand Banquet Hall open, and in strides a middle-aged man who has a well-kept goatee and is wearing Senatorial robes. Easily recognizable as Bail Organa, he smiles and nods to the major domo.

The major domo claps quickly twice and servants bring out dishes and then quietly dissapear as Bail walks to his place at the head of the table. Once the staff is gone, his major domo clears his throat, "Senator Organa, may I present to you," he points to each person at the table going around, introducing them by name:



The major domo retreats to a corner and stands.

Bail smiles and says, “Welcome to Alderaan,” he says. "Some of you know each other. Maya is an intelligence agent of mine. The good Captain is coming out of retirement to oversee this project. Ivar comes to us with a strong Antarian Ranger recommendation. Maya vouches for the rest of you as having no love for the Empire at the least, and perhaps common goals in the best."

He addresses everyone, but primarily the ones who are new to Ivar, “I had hoped we might meet under more pleasant circumstances, but unfortunately the Empire makes almost everything unpleasant. Still, I am glad to see that the . . . difficulties at the spaceport above Brentaal didn’t impede you too much."

“I’ve asked you to join me today because the agents of mine that you rescued seem to think you can be trusted. Since you worked hard to help them, I believe I can put my faith in you as well. I have a task that needs to be completed, but unfortunately my status as a Senator prevents me from taking care of it myself, or even from sending someone directly associated with the Royal Family. Even if you don't share our ideals, you cannot do much better for pay or friends with influence and power. Ivar, I'd like you to join this group, as from what I've been told they are all from different pasts with little or no connection."

He nods to the major domo, who approaches the table and removes the floral centerpiece, revealing a holo-projector. An image of a planet springs to life.

“The planet Felucia was ravaged during the Clone Wars, but once the fighting was over, the Empire set up a permanent facility on the world. Nothing large—just a small garrison where they could keep prisoners out of the way. Some months ago, I was contacted by an Imperial Admiral who was disillusioned with the way the Empire had twisted the once-great Republic, and he began feeding me sensitive information. A little over a week ago, that communication stopped. My agents tell me that the Admiral has been taken to Felucia, where he is being held against his will. I’d like you to learn what has become of him, and rescue him if you can.”

Organa nods to Captain Verana, who adds, "From what I've gathered, they are using an old communications bunker. It is a pre-fab job commonly used to drop in place and develop quick outposts. Usually they only have an armored E-web emplacement for defense, but I'd expect more. Long range scanners can pick any up on approach. There is flaw, an airvent shaft that should just accommodate the larger of you," he glances at Hopla and IG-198. The holotable shows schematics of a generic two story communications bunker. He nods and interlaces his hands before him.

Bail Organa smiles, "Do you have any questions? Does this seem like a job you would be willing to undertake?"

IG-198 feels uncomfortable without weapons, it was only an 'order' from his current employer, Maya, that made him comply. He stood behind and slightly to one side of her. His cloak was as clean as it had ever been, and although he had it closely wrapped about him, the bits of his 'body' that did show gleamed in the lights after the cleaning and polishing he had received.

The droid did not understand the need for all this preening, but its patience looks as though it has paid off, as it seemed to have landed him his next job offer.

"Once my hire with Maya is complete I am free to employ. I will undertake your mission, assuming payment is within acceptable parameters." Despite the work of the droids, IG-198's voice still crackles as it speaks.

Bail Organa nods, "Very well IG-198, consider yourself on retainer for this secret resistance. Payment for this first mission is 2,000 credits. That goes for each of you, if
OOC: Generally, this is the direction of the campaign. Work for Bail to dig up dirt on the Empire. If everyone wants to go a different direction, I'll adapt.
you want in, or even for just a mission or two. Transport will be provided for this one."

Hopla respects the senator for organizing--and financing--a mission to rescue his informant. As the droid speaks and the others consider their answers, Hopla touches the Force, opening his mind to let it guide his
Asssuming the result is not negative, then:

"I will go," Hopla says.

After having it explained to her (at length) that it is not appropriate for her to attend an important meeting like this wearing just a metal bikini, Mist is wearing a simple fitted white dress adorned with random bits of pretty pink ribbon for no reason other than she likes them and no-one has ever let her play 'the dressing up game' before.
She tries to pay attention to what Bail Organa is saying, but there is so much new stuff in the room that she is frequently distracted. Her tail practically dances in response to her sense of wonder and excitement at all the new stuff.

Hopla looks around the room. Though it seems unwise to bring the cat girl on such a dangerous mission, he recalls his earlier sense of her, and her potential importance. "Mist, I would...ask that you accompany us as well."

Khen sits there listening to the offer. He has to consider if this is really what he wants to do with his life? Should he really spy on the Empire? He's a thief and gambler at heart and doesn't particularly care for the Empire, but he really likes living. Doing this would definetly put him in the "not living" category should the Empire find out. The money sounds good... real good...

There is always money to be made. Khen looks to Mist and then to Maya. Of course there are other benefits to this gig other than money...

"I'll do it, but I wanna bunk with Mist!"

Bail Organa remains quiet with a bemused look passing across his face. He obviously is not sure what is going on.

Maya rolls her eyes at the jawa's comments.

Hopla regards Ivar Jaleo. "Greetings. What is your role in all this? Will you too go on this mission?"


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