Part 1 - Rendezvous on Alderaan

As she is looking around the room, a thought strikes Mist and her expression becomes distant, as if she is day-dreaming. In her mind, she can see and hear cool water gently bubbling up from crystal-clear pools, infused with a sense of comforting calmness. Though she has never seen this before, it seems oddly familiar... and then Hopla's voice brings her back to the room.
"Fountains" she murmurs, just before Khen expresses his desire to bunk with her.
"Wait, did I miss something?" she asks, then excitement shows on her face.
"Is it time to play with me? What are we playing?"

Quizzical looks go from Organa and Verana directed at Maya, who shrugs, "Mist, do you understand what is going on? Right now we aren't playing, we are planning to work at stopping the Emp- err, white armor men and their bosses from causing trouble for more people. I haven't forgotten that we are searching for Atton, and have already put out word to look for him. It just won't be easy since he dissappeared off of Sel Zonn station. Are you going to continue to help?" She seems only slightly frustrated.

From his slumped position, far back in his chair, the Corellian looked up. His green eyes surveyed Hopla briefly from under his dark brow and then he spoke in an educated voice, tinged with the accent of his homeworld.
"I had no role before today. Currently seeking allies and strength for the Senator seems the best course to rectify the terror in the galaxy. So I am inclined to assist."

He lifted his chin so his face came into view, his fair brown hair hung straight and his youthful face reflected an honest demanour. Though his bright lively green eyes failed to sparkle.
He watched as Maya tried to steer the feline to some sensisble conversation. Then tugged his dark green robe around his forearms as though he were cold, and said "I would have trouble believing this group is capable of such a task - you can see why I am sure - were it not for the Senator's recommendations. Perhaps we can agree everyone's committment, and then plan our journey?"

IG-198's sensors flare red as Ivar speaks. The droid is unsure why it feels the need to say anything in reply, logically the only person it should feel loyalty to is the one who is currently paying it. But for some reason, that the battle droid finds vaguely disturbing, it does speak up.

"You assume we will accept your company in this task. I know what these others are capable of, you I do not."

Ivar's gaze moves slowly over the cold metal form of the battle droid, with no movement in his expression to hint what his response will be. His eyes are unfocussed and he looks through, or past or somehow around the droid. He blinks and looks to Senator Organa.

Mist is not deaf to Maya's frustration and blushes a little.
"I'm sorry" she says in a small voice, "Everything is just so new and it's hard to concentrate"
She lets out a sigh and closes her eyes for a moment, marshalling her powers of concentration and trying to ignore the posturing between the metal man and the new man.
"It isn't what I was made for," she admits, "But I really don't like the white armour men and I do want to learn about the galaxy"
Pointing to the hologram, she asks "What is it like? The planet where that is?"

Captain Verana glaringly responds to IG-198, "Droid, he is veteran of the clone wars. Served in one of the toughest theaters and lived to tell the tale. He'll more than carry his weight." The captain definitely says the word 'droid' with contempt.

Bail nods, "Ivar came with recommendation of an Antarian Ranger that I trust completely." He then turns his attention to Mist, "Very good question, young lady, the planet has dense overgrowth, huge fungi, and massive
creatures are the order of the day on Felucia. It’s a wild, untamed planet, and you should be careful to avoid much of the local wildlife.”

The captain's contempt is lost on IG-198 - the droid impassively stands in its place behind Maya, seemingly ignoring the the comment.

When Bail speaks his support of Ivar, IG-198 accepts his word without comment or acknowledgment. If the battle droid's employer wants this human on the team, then he is on the team.

Khen leans over to Hopla and whispers loudly, "5 credits says that Eye-Gee and Eye-Var try to kill each other before this mission is over." He knows that he said it loudly enough for the others to hear.

As the others talk, Hopla opens his mind to the Force, to see who else in room, aside from those he already knows, is a force user.

To Captain Verana he says, "Captain, the droid only speaks plainly. It has a strict way about it. Be not offended." Inwardly, Hopla tamps down a flare of anger, disturbed that he must do so. "Even so, it has a point." Hopla turns to Ivar. "My master taught that an ally you do not trust is no ally. We know nothing of you. What do you bring to the mission?"


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