Part 1 - Rendezvous on Alderaan

"Hopefully some decent alcohol and maybe some good food." spouts off Khen Dhur before Ivar has a chance to respond.

Maya raises her eyebrows and observes, "This is a drastic change in demeanor from the ragtag bunch who saved me and had no problem working together with anyone with a common enemy and in need." She just leaves that out there, leaning back in her chair and turning her focus back to the imperial site plans.

Mist smiles as the Organ man (Bail Organa) nicely answers her question.
"Big mushrooms and big animals?" she muses, then adds enthusiasticly "That sounds really interesting. Can I go look now?"
Her sense of excitement and wonder once again sets her tail dancing at least until the disagreement between metal man and scarred man.

"Please stop fighting" she says in a small voice, "I don't understand why you're fighting if we all want to stop the white armour men and go to the mushroom planet"

Maya smiles and nods to Mist. Bail Organa nods, "Very well said Mist. Are there any other questions about the mission, there will be plenty of time in your hyperspace jump to get to know each other better."

Hopla Jocha extends his
Dice Roll: 1d20+13
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 19)
senses with the force.

Ivar waited for the sudden rush of conversation to settle before looking to the Zabrak. "Besides the recommendation of Senator Organa and Captain Verana? My own words could hardly be more persuasive! Consider: I have accepted their opinions of you all and trust you because of them."
His reply was sardonic and out of place with his general demeanour, he put a napkin to his lips to cover something.

"I hope to bring a voice of sanity and calm, one that is sorely needed." he spoke seriously but with a hint of a wry smile curling his lip. "I'm also a reasonable pilot with most speedercraft and familiar with some Republic ships." he said to Hopla, much more sombre and direct.
"Who is your Master, and what would he make of that?"

"Great... more sanity to screw things up..." Khen mutters under his breath.

Hopla bows humbly. "I misspeak. I do not question your value. I only seek to learn who you are, what skills you possess. This only seems prudent. I mean no offense by such questions. You are reluctant to speak of yourself, and that is your choice, though it belies the trust you claim. You are a pilot. That will be of great use." He bows again, careful to show courtesy to all in the room.

Perhaps Bail does not trust the group now in his house, despite Maya's word, and sends Ivar to watch over them. Hopla does not blame him for such caution. It warns him that he, himself, should also be cautious.

Mist smiles at the Organ man's praise and blushes a little. He seems to be another example of humans being much nicer than Hutts... though Hutts are icky so that isn't hard.
She considers asking who they have to find on the mushroom planet, as she missed that bit of information, but with the other people arguing, she figures that it will be safer to ask when they are on the ship.

Ivar stopped the little gestures he was making with his hands and smiles that were showing his more relaxed and amiable side. Instead he kept his face carefully still, and while his face was open and eyebrows carefully smooth, he gazed at Hopla firmly.
"Now is not the time or the place, we can be warm and friendly when there is less urgency. I'm sure your droid seems to be of that programming."

Ivar sat back in his chair, his arms resting comfortably on it and resisted the temptation to lean forward to confront the Zabrak for his etiquette. He tossed the word "belies" around his mouth, wondering how anyone could hear it and not think it an insult. He hadn't expected a relaxed conversation from what he had heard of the group, but neither had he expected suspicion or interrogation.
He had yet to understand who he was dealing with and he couldn't believe that these people would insult the Senator as his own table by questioning his judgement so freely. All things he would have questioned seriously if the Senator was not present to defend his own honour.

As he puzzled on it, it occured to him how blatantly his own question had been ignored. He put the thought aside and spoke to the group.
"As I understand it, we have a single captive on a simple base to recover. I would expect us to at least be able to land close by covertly. Given your experience of working together, how close do you all think we can get before alerting the guards? Do we have a chance of getting past many layers of security?"


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