Part 1 - Rendezvous on Alderaan

"We'll get discovered immediately." answers Khen. "But that's okay, Quirky will just eat the faces off everyone on the base anyhow..."

"Quirky doesn't eat faces" Mist protests indignantly, then looks confused for a moment, remembering how much gore was splattered all over the monkey-lizard when they were fetching the carbon man.
"Wait, was that from a white armour man's face?" she asks, looking and sounding horrified, not to mention feeling a little sick.

Maya quietly nods, "From what I could tell, the Imperial Officer must have done something Quirky didn't like at all. After all he did not eat the face on the service technician he attacked. It is one of the reasons we had him left in your room." She looks over at the Captain and Ivar, and explains, "Quirky is her pet kowakian monkey lizard." Organa remains blank and unreadable, as he has through most of this meeting. His sabaac face is amazing, which makes some sense for a politician, especially a secretly subversive one.

Bail clears his throat, redirecting again the course of conversation, "Does anyone have any more operational or idealogical questions about what we are doing here?"

IG-198's sensors flared a brighter red at Ivar's comment about 'your droid', but sensing its employers wishes the droid remained silent and still - though for some reason it felt the absence of its weapons even more.

"My blaster is empty by the way. Can I get some help with that?" asks Khen of Bail.

The major domo coughs, and says, "I will have staff bring a fresh power pack to trade out to your room."

Hopla studies the hologram and says, "If the outpost has sensors, we could approach the planet from its dark side. But I do not know if they will be able to detect us if we fly low in the atmosphere. We may have to choose between risking detection, or traveling the planet's surface on foot."

Captain Verana interrupts, "Tactics are better discussed later. Let us not waste the Senator's time. Are we all clear? I'll make sure your R5 droid has all the holo's we've seen here, the planet, location of bunker, image of he Admiral, and layout of the style of bunker. Do we have any further questions for Senator Organa?" He looks about the room, making eye contact with everyone, including the two droids during his statements.

"I want to go now" Mist says impatiently, the prospect of seeing something new and interesting has gotten her all excited and now everyone is just sitting around talking instead of taking her there.
"I want to see the mushroom planet"

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