Part 1 - Rendezvous on Alderaan

Bail Organa nods, strokes his goatee, pondering, and the states, "I've contracted Sironna O'Keefe to fly you there. Get to Felucia, find out everything you can about Admiral Varth's location and rescue him if you can. I'll pay you each 2,000 credits for this mission. After the mission, contact Maya and she will direct you to meet up with the new base of operations for this secret resistance. I'm afraid I can't be publicly connected with this, which is why I'll gladly pay you well and provided you with what I can. We might not ever meet again, but know that I am indebted to each you for your help. I bid you a good journey, but I will now go and enjoy some time with my family. Feel free to utilize the Captain's experience before setting out, the Banshee will be ready for lift-off when you are. I have confidence that you will be successful, may the force be with you." He smiles and nods to the room. The major domo opens the door for him and closes it behind him. He then comes up and pulls a datacard out of the holoprojector on the table and has R5 copy the information.

Maya looks up, "I hadn't thought you would need me. I'm still recovering from my injuries, but I might be able to come along depending on how much rest I get in hyperspace. So, do you think you need another body and blaster on this mission?"

"Greater numbers will give us greater flexibility in the field, though I do no think that our options will be many in this mission." IG-198 considers for moment. "I also am not sure the Jawa wanted your company for your combat prowess. Though I maybe wrong, perhaps he can enlighten us?"

"Yeah... the flexibility thing... that works..." stammers out Khen after being put on the spot by the droid. The jawa tries to stare menacingly at the droid but it doesn't translate well with the hood.

Maya looks over at Hopla and Mist, "What do you two think, no, what do you all think. Do you need an extra body on this mission?" She looks over at Ivar and Captain Verana, as well as the droids.

Captain Verana replies, "No, they shouldn't need any extra help." R5-B8 beeps and whirs in the positive. One vote for and one vote against...

Hopla says, "I would welcome Maya's presence, but I will
vote no
defer to Captain Verana's judgment. I would, however, take R5 with us, if it is willing."

"You want to take that bucket over Maya???" Khen then looks over at IG198, "I wasn't talking to you."

Mist looks thoughtful for a moment, unsure of why this needs to be argued about.
"I like you" she says to Maya. "I don't think you should miss the fun"

Ivar stood back and let the others discuss it for a moment, then catching her glance he weighs in carefully.
"I don't know you Maya, but if your injuries impair you it's an added risk. Perhaps you could remain on board with Captain O'Keefe so you would be close to hand in case advice or backup is needed?"


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