A shadow fell over the students in Mr. Winter's physics class. That much, in the wake of the explosion, they could handle. What many failed to grasp, however, was that the daylight was currently blocked a dragon which was standing outside what used to be the outer wall. It stretched its wings, towering over the building and its occupants, and glared at Mr. Winter. The teacher, unfathomably, was rooting around in his desk drawer, though clearly he was not oblivious to the creature whose ire he had earned. No, his frantic pace and fearful expression made it clear that he, somehow, knew exactly what was going on.

THE GUARDIAN OF ELYSIUM'S GARDEN DEMANDS THAT YOU RETURN THAT WHICH WAS STOLEN. The dragon did not speak, yet its words were heard by all.

Mr. Winter responded by standing up, triumphant. In his palms he held a glittering green gem not unlike the ruby that had escaped Dazzle's bag during the explosion. The physics teacher turned towards the dragon with an accusing finger. You are the one who has stolen the Fruits of Ecstasy from the Kingdom of Kruenth! And by calling upon its awesome power, I shall defeat you in battle! With that, Mr. Winter took a huge bite from the gem, and a brilliant flash of green light filled the room.

When the students regained their vision, their teacher had been replaced by a mighty warrior, clad in shining armour composed of interlaced green gems. Holding an enormous warhammer in both hands high above her head, the warrior roared, then charged.

Jody, from where he lay on his side, let his gaze fall on the red gem in Iliana's hands. He licked his lips.