Act 1: The Ixian Prisoner Scene 2: Once More into the Breach

Knowing the only way to fulfill his true purpose, Rune decides to talk to the "crazy" bearded man in hopes of gaining some insight on this town and the people who reside within it. Standing up and strolling over to his bard companion, Rune takes a seat at their table and tries to strike up some conversation. "So it seems you are the man to speak to in this town in regards to all local knowledge. For instance, the military in this town, are they well organized and capable of holding their own against a horde of monsters? I merely ask because at some point I must return home to liberate my town...but on to more pressing matters. Any idea as to what caused the most recent uprising or has there been any unusual additions to the slave trade?". Trying his hardest to not seem too eager for any and all information, Rune sits back in his seat, trying to not creak from all the sand that got in to his joints from their previous traveling.

Greil nods at Rune's comment, Mmm The Half-Elf can be very persuasive. grunting slightly he continues, It may not be my place to judge but you may want to withhold comments of monsters sacking cities, you don't know who or what may be listening
Still holding his sheild Greil stands. the Goliath tries to patiently walk over to the bard however his desire to set out from the bar coupled with his size causes slight clumsiness as his thighs hit tables or chairs on his way over. Grunts and glares later he reaches his destination. He leans over as much as possible an odd sight considering his height and whispers to the minstrel, Slaves rebel time and time again but if something more serious is happening it means someone with skill or knowledge is running it. A trip to the military quarters could be our best option. Standing tall again, he nods his head towards Wallac and proceeds to stand near the exit door, clearly ready to move on.

Taking a break from his performance, Irimus makes his way over to the table and quickly takes a swig from his tankard. Trying the sausage, the half-elf smiles as the fatty spice of the meat washes over his mouth, and he follows it with another sip of his drink. Having immediately noticed the affect of his song over one of the patrons in particular, the crafty bard pretends to have seen nothing until the man approaches and begins offering his information and friendship. Rising and shaking the bearded fellow's hand, Irimus smiles and bids him to sit down and join them. Once they are all together and can speak a bit more discreetly, the bard leans in and whispers to their new friend, "We seek a slave of some note. If you could perhaps make some inquiries on our behalf, I would see you are well compensated my friend. We wouldn't know where to ask or whom to seek out or avoid. I assure you, our patron will see you rise to the ranks of nobility of this city if his ward is returned."

Rune's sweet words fall on deaf ears, Wallac is clearly not impressed but such gentle attempts at persuasion, despite the undercurrent of threat beneath them. However, when the warforged leaves to stake out a place at the bar Rune does manage to impress upon the patrons of the bar, including Wallac, that he is not one to be trifled with. Though to some of them it is unclear exactly why.

Irimus, having Wallac still under his spell, is a bit more successful. It doesn't hurt that the Bard, having obviously done this before, is not as blunt and offers payment in exchange for the rogue's services. "Aye, I have a cousin who works as in a forge over in the Military District. Free laborer you see, they always need a few for the more skilled tasks. You can't teach a slave how to inscribe words, they might learn to read." Taking a bite of sausage Wallac speaks with his mouth full, "It's been a while since I've been over that way, and his wife does make a mean stew."

Looking into his wallet, recently filled with fresh coins he says, "I think I've got enough coin to get past the patrols. I'll go see if Lupin knows anything and I'll see you back here for a pint and some more breakfast tomorrow?" Its not so much a question as a statement as Wallac stuffs his gob with the last of his breakfast and leaving a handful of copper pieces on the table he nods to Irimus and walks to the door, passing Griel on the way without acknowledging the Goliath.

As the cutpurse leaves Orion speaks softly to the table, "It is well we convinced that man to ask a few questions for us. It seems he may more easily navigate the laws of this city than. I think that should be our next step. Before we try to leave this quarter we should inquire on how this city functions. How to pass quarters without hassle, who has control of the slaves, when and where they are bought and sold, who among the government may be sought for aid and who to avoid."

Nodding in agreement, Irimus has a rue grin on his face as if he has some devilish idea, "A fine idea Orion, and all questions that indeed should be answered. If that is our group consensus, perhaps I can get that information out of lovely patron if I offer to play again for free tonight or tomorrow."

Finishing his glass of beer Orion smiles and nods, "I will accompany you, good minstrel." When the bard sets off to make his inquiries the contemplative follows him. He does not speak a word, merely watches and listens to the workings of the world of men.

As Irimus and Orion prepare to seek out more information Greil straps his shield to his arm A light grunt escapes his lips as he keeps track of Irimus and Orion, Should those two prod too deep I'll jump in. as he stands he shrugs his shoulders and twists his head. to himself he adds, Give me an avalanche any day over finding the right pigeon to squeal

Realizing he is highly incapable of mastering the language of the people to persuade them into answering his inquiries, Rune resigns himself to follow his companions out in to the city in hopes of finding a lead to give more insight/information into what makes the military quarters tick. Sticking to Greil for a moment, he whispers Well since you got my sausages to help sate your disturbing appetite you best be ready to crush some skulls when needed. Well You follow those two and I shall walk down the other side in hopes of finding the right rat to aide us. Using his underhanded people skills in town, Rune decides to read the people on the streets through their actions and by word of mouth, hopefully I have more luck in a passive role than actively asking people for help.

Leaving the table and moving to the bar, Irimus smiles at the innkeeper and removes his hat in a sign of respect and greeting, "My good sir, I just realized in my haste to perform for you, I neglected to get your name. I am Irimus the Odd, a bard of some repute throughout the world. I have enjoyed your establishment and would offer you a deal that I hope can benefit the both of us. Allow me to perform here for a night or two for your patrons, spread the word as you will to gather a crowd of any size. It will fill your hall, earn you coins and mark your tavern as one of renowned within the city. I would accept no payment, but rather seek information about the city as I myself am new here and have no wish to end up as a slave in some merchant's house. Provide the answers to the few basic questions I have, and I will be at your service for a night or two. Does this sound like a fair trade to you good sir?"


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