Act 1: The Ixian Prisoner Scene 2: Once More into the Breach

Irimus sidles up to the bar and catches the innkeeper when he stops for a moment to clean some dusty mugs. The Bard, with Orion by his side keeping a casual eye on the innkeeper, quickly recounts his offer. The innkeeper looks the two travelers up and down before offering his hand to Irimus, "Eugene McDowah, plenty of folk 'round here think they're funny calling me 'You'. They ain't, so don't you think about it." Seeing another patron walk up to the bar Eugene points to a pair of stools in front of you, "'ave a sit, there's one of the sods now, I'll be right back." He drys off the mug he just washed and shouts down the bar, "'eah? What'll you have today guv'?"

When Eugene returns he explains, "Now, I'm all ways happy to 'ave a good minstrel. they're rare round these parts, too much of a taste for the good life, which this ain't. And you're welcome to ply your song here too for a couple nights but you best be careful. You sing something some Guard or snitch thinks is 'incendiary' then they're gonna send you to the stockade or shake you down for coin. And don't anger anyone you don't have to, if there's one thing you don't want in this town, its to get attention from the Guard."

"Now, if you promise me you can keep your 'eads down, then we're good, but if the Patrols come looking for you, you're just some wandering fool who took up 'ere a night for vittles." Eugene grabs another mug and begins to wash, "Now, let me give you a bit of the lay o' the land here, because you ain't gonna last to long if you don't know whats what 'ere. Now, I know I already said it but it bears repeating, avoid the City Guard. This ain't Vendhya, you cross the law you don't get a barrister and a trial, you bribe your way out or you go to the stockade until one of the Prince's decides they've got a use for you. The Princes are the government 'ere, such as it is, the City exists for their convenience, and as long as you don't up set things then they don't care what you do, or what the goons in the Guard do to you. Now you will have to pass through the Guard if you want to travel to another quarter, and if you're set on doing that the best advice I can give is pass quick, run or bribe but what ever you do, NEVER kill a City Guard. Thats a shitstorm no one wants. You kill a Guard and you won;t be welcome 'ere no more."

With a sigh Eugene answers your other question, "As for the Slaves, they are the life blood of Ix. There are five Slave Princes who run the Slave Trade, you want to buy a slave, you get it from them. They do auction off individual slaves at an outdoor auction once a week at the Gallows in the Merchant Quarter, but most are sold by the chain, fifty slaves to a chain or taken by caravan to other cities for sale. Now the Princes aren't ones to let their stock sit idle, so while the Slaves are waiting to be sold they till the fields outside the City walls or work the forges. Its brutal work and some die, but some would die sitting chained up in a warehouse all day too. The warehouse are massive brick buildings in the Military Quarter, you can't miss them there's probably a dozen of them scattered around the quarter."

Convening with the group Greil continues to rap a few of his knuckles across his shield. So what's our next course? Do we lay still or should we consider scouting out our next path to see where we need to go and make plans for a later escape? The sun has not even reached its peak for the morn He shifts his weight on his feet and looks upon the others for a response

"Then we may have enough time, for we have much to learn. " Orion responds, "If we are to pose as slavers we cannot be entirely ignorant of their doings. I propose we head to the Merchant or maybe the Government quarter to learn what we can of their words and ways."

Turning to Irimus "It seems to me you are the most eloquent among us. What would you say to being the merchant when Boone returns with the papers?"

Nodding, Irimus smiles, "If you feel a nave like myself could be convincing enough, then by all means I shall play the part. Thank you for the information, and the hospitality Eugene. I will do my best to make you rich in my short time here."

I personally would prefer to travel to the military quarter than going into the proverbial vipers' den. However, with Irimus at the lead and Boone bringing back our papers I will continue with you all to go forth into the Merchants' Quarter. Still feeling a bit hesitant of traveling into the Merchants' Quarter, Rune stops for a moment to readjust his shoulder joint like he is prone to do when being a tad nervous.

Standing readily Greil barely thinks to grab the rest of his equipment before leading off in the direction of the Merchants quarter. Pushing people aside as the group travels he calls back, The guards must be a real brute squad to move through this flock he laughs lightly If only we were important enough to just yell "Everybody Move!" wouldn't that be nice Grunting he continues forth trying to make way for the rest of the group

Smiling gently Orion waves at Greil as he slowly weaves through the foot traffic, "Be patient my friend. All these people have places to go, do they not? There is a flow to their movements. Follow it and we well reach our destination in due time."

Looking about him as they move through the throng, Irimus does his best to observe and study the locals to learn the way they move and interact in a crowd.

Leaving the Dusty Bowl you part ways with Boone, who heads back towards the West Gate as you weave your way towards the Merchants Quarter to the South. Muscling your way through the crowds, you spot a gang of Hobgoblin Mercenaries headed in the same direction a some paces in front of you.

When you reach the avenue that separates the two quarters the Hobgoblins are quickly stopped by a patrol of the City Guard. However, the Hobgoblins are in no mood to be waylaid and one of them quickly draws a small blade from his belt and slips it between the armor of the closest Guard. Blood spills out onto the paving stones of the avenue as bystanders scatter and the Guards and Hobgoblins brawl. The fight fills up the street a head of you, but Griel spots a pile of boxes and barrels that you could scale and skirt the fight by crossing some rooftops to get to the avenue and cross into the Merchants Quarter. Of course there is a perfectly good fight going.

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Orion calmly skirts the crowd of bystanders backing away from the fight. He sees a guard throw of one of the hobgoblins into the mob and the warrior turns on his heels and delivers and open palm to the back of the mercenary. Recoiling from the sudden blow the goblin gets thrown into his comrades in melee with the guards, knocking them into the ground.


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