Act 1: The Ixian Prisoner Scene 2: Once More into the Breach

as the fight breaks loose Greil smiles. Noting the location of the boxes he flies in the fight. Hammer appearing in hand he charges in For Justice! he cries and swinging his weapon looking to strike down one of the offending Hobgolins. Afterwards he raises his shield assuming a defensive stance.

Finally able to truly incinerate some hobgoblins, Rune takes a step forward and unleashes the stars from the skies to be brought forth in an incendiary form. These hobgoblins shall perish for attempting to start trouble before our exploits have ended in this town.

Spoiling for a fight after spending so much time among drunks and stool pigeons, when the brawl breaks out in front of them Orion and Griel rush forward without hesitation. The monks fist slams into one of the Hobgoblins', breaking his jaw and sending him sprawling. The Hobgoblins head strikes the ground just seconds before Griel's hammer strikes the Hobgoblins skull, shattering the remaining bones in the Hobgoblins head.

Behind them, Rune calls down a cluster of stars which pelts a three of the other Hobgoblins jagged shards of flaming celestial magic.

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Quickly regaining his composure as the first hobgoblin falls at his feet, Orion lightly steps away, putting his back against the wall. He then delivers another open handed strike to the hobgoblin beside him. He does not even touch him but the mercenary feels the wave of concussion in his stomach, which reverberates to his comrade next to him.

Phase of the Moon; HP: 78/78 AC 26 Fort 21 Ref 22 Will 25 AP 0 Surges 1/9 used

Seeing Orion line up his enemies exactly how he likes it to be done, Rune cannot help but pat Greil on the back and say Sorry friend, but these guys are mine for right now...perhaps you can take the last one or join in the fray with their burned bodies? Rune focuses his power and calls upon the skies once more to bring down the stars to incinerate his enemies.

Gritting his teeth, Greil holds back while the parties ranged force attacks. As the flare from Rune's spell dies Greil is already moving. Mentally and physically preparing himself he dives into the combat. Raising his hammer he calls upon the primal spirits issueing a challenge to the Hobgoblins before him. Feel the Wrath of the Trail-Blazer! Bringing his hammer down he bellows as he feels the spirits prepare to defend his allies

"Whoa there! What is going on? Why are these hobgoblins suddenly causing a riot? Sir, are you alright? Look out, he's headed right for you!" Irimus yells out, trying to make it seem like his groups involvement in the melee is fleeting at best. As he does so, behind his back he pulls his wand and with a flick of his wrist, he tries to send the hobgoblin sailing towards one of the guardsmen. "Gentlemen, back away and let the guards do their work," Irimus calls out, moving over towards Greil, grabbing the large goliath and looking him in the face, whispering in hushed tones but with a sternness that will not be ignored. "We have more pressing matter, let it go. After we do what is needed, you can slaughter the green skins by the boat load, but we need to leave no. Move!"

With hardly a pause Orion and Griel continue to wade deeper into the fight, Orion's thunderous attack sends two Hobgoblins reeling, one is quickly impaled by a burning shard of some heavenly body summoned to earth by Rune, the other falls to Griel's already bloody hammer. Not content with those he has already slain, the warden calls out another Hobgoblin. Behind them Irimus shouts and his melodic words cause one of the remaining Hobgoblins to stumble, creating an opening for one of the Guards, whose halberd slides through his hands as he attemps to jab at the Hobgoblin. The haft is wet with the splattered blood of Rune and Griel's victims. The Guards being busy with the Hobgoblins in front of them dont really seem to be listening to Irimus's words, but were you to ask them you doubt if they could tell you whom was fighting and whom wasn't. The Hobgoblins on the other hand have noticed that they have lost a few of their comrades to your arms.

The Guards continue their fight with the Hobgoblins and two of them manage to land blows, taking one of the Hobgoblins an inch closer to death and wounding another for the first time. The Hobgoblins respond in kind, one swinging a flail wide in Griel's general direction and the other two landing glancing blows on two of the three human guards.

Phase of the Moon; HP: 78/78 AC 26(28/30) Fort 21 Ref 22 Will 25 AP 0 Surges 1/9 used

Seeing the carnage surrounding him, Rune cannot help but revel in it and attempt to create even more chaos through the cosmos. I shall put myself into a tight spot but for a moment, and then we shall see the carnage begin anew. Smirking as well as he possibly can with his "facial" muscles, Rune steps forward into the fray and attacks their ally that has yet to be hit provoking a couple of attacks in the meantime.

Darting forward into the road Orion lurches as if tripping, almost throwing himself on the guard in front of him. He reaches his hands out and strikes the hobgoblins beside him as if trying to catch his balance.

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