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Sorry if I missed a map legend somewhere, but...

What are "Za", "Ut", and the yellow X in a circle?

x I think was the spell effect

Za and Ut are various Hobgoblins trying to kill us. The one with the X is the spellcaster.

Yeah and the yellow circle is the glitterdust area! BTW the letters in blue represents you and your friends while the red ones represent the enemies! Lolllllllllll!

Troll has answered correctly to your question, me I'm only raving!

I'm a bit confused about the status of the dog in front of mellavin: in the status, it says dead, but it is still on the map.

Damn layers! My mistake! It is dead, just forgot to delete its layer on the painting program!!!!!

On vacation!

Since I'm on vacation all the week, my posting rate might be erratic a bit. Will try to do my best but RL will probably take over most of the time. Be patient, I'll be back at a more regular rate next week!

Not to be a spoil-sport, Freddy, but doesn't Enzo need a DC 20 Stregnth or Escape check to move while within the Entangle radius? (Trust me, I'm not happy Daerwol's dealing with it, either. But at least it stopped the enemy reinforcements.)

Enzo managed to evade the tangling plants, so he can move.

Now that I checked, though, he can only move at 1/2 speed, and tumbling is at half-speed as well. This makes a maximum of 7.5 feet instead of the 10 feet Enzo wanted to move to. I will leave it for the DM to decide.

From the looks of it, I also need another reflex save at my turn if I want to avoid being caught by the stuff. I will add that save. Hopefully, the dog will get caught before Enzo

Sorry folks with the entangle but the reinforcements were about to roll over us.
You want the entangle down just say so.
Otherwise just missile the warriors to death.


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