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My opinion on this is that it looks very much more natural than setting the exact location of the spell so that only the enemy is caught within. Yeah some of your friends might get stuck but how can you guess the right distance. Two thumbs up for your realistic role-playing!

If then end up bothering me... I'll just roast em! In fact since I inadvertently freed the Hound. I can free anyone that gets into a bind (since everyone is immune to my fire).

No problem, Mellavin has no clue where the entanglement came from anyway.

Realistically, though, Boramin could get better at estimating the effect if he does this more often, or at least specify to cast on the safe side.

40 ft radius spread.
Whats a spare 20 feet or so of viscious vegetation.
Use some missile weapons folks.

Daerwol is NOT a ranged attacker, but I suppose he could be. Should have bought a bow and some arrows.

Originally Posted by brcarl View Post
Daerwol is NOT a ranged attacker, but I suppose he could be. Should have bought a bow and some arrows.
Take what you want from the vanquished...

I'll have to do that, Troll. EDIT: From the loot, I've added a composite longbow [+1] and 20 arrows to Daerwol's sheet.

eric, can Daerwol make any knowledge checks to identify the humanoids and/or the odd holy symbol? He's trained in History, Local, Nature and The Planes (and a couple others).

No can do. I already checked for the possibility to identify the symbol and none of you have Religion. For the humanoid, no need to roll; they are hobgoblins!

As for picking up in the loot, I use the same method as FF. I give each item its gp value and the equal share for each of you. Then with the money you have earn, you subtract the value of each item you would like to pick up for your personal use! usually FF does the price tagging but he seems pretty busy today, so I will do it later this evening so you can split the loot and go on with the game!!!

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