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I forgot to include Mellavin on the latest map!!! Doh!!! Will fix everything on the next wrap up. Consider the cleric to be right behind the front men. Up to Bbender to decide behind whom though!!

I did not allow Enzo to get the bonuses from being invisible because I considered that disappearing and reappearing at the same location doesn't grant any advantageous on your attacks. In a case like Enzo is currently living through, a movement would have been necessary, even only 5-foot step, just enough to disorient the target.

Sorry, I need some reminders:

Didn't we find the Ghostlord's phylactery when we killed that goblin wizard at the tower? What did we end up doing with the object? I recall some discussion about hiding it somewhere so that the lich didn't try to take it from us when we confronted him.

Also, I recall that we were going to see the Ghostlord to let him know that he was no longer controlled by the Red Hand guys, and hopefully get him to stop helping them. Not sure how that is going to work out.

I had the same problem, but fortunately, it is very in character for Mellavin to have forgotten the details as well

You can check the first page of this thread for reading once more the discussion that occurred between you and the elves of Tiri-Kitor about the lich and its phylactery.

Mainly, the object is currently in your hands, and you are to negotiate/discuss with the lich with the phylactery as reward.

Eric and FF already knows that I'm a hard disk on two legs!

I have a very good memory... and I am good to keep tracks of game story's. I will something throw tales who seems to came out from no where! Like I did for the Phylactery.

Did you wish our actions even if we are late in the initiative order? (after the possible enemy)

I was hoping at least for a movement or a confirmation that you were going down. As for attacking the enemy, it is another matter but you can place an attack roll if you want, the result though might not be what you might expect. Consider that you can probably post on what is at hand, the rest is part of the unknown... for the moment!

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