Part 2 - Felucia

Part 2 - Felucia

As the blue tunnel of hyperspace fades away and the pinpoints of stars fill the windows of the cockpit, you get a brief glimpse of the planet Felucia hanging just below your ship. Captain O'Keefe says, "Looks all clear, Crash?" Crash moves over to the sensor operator position and jacks in. "No ships at the facility. Two anti-air batteries, big trouble. No way we can get close with those active. Very dangerous, should've charged double for this one. On the ground nearby are also three other small buildings, appear to be a garage and baracks."

Sironna nods, "Very well, our initial plan of approach to that small valley is in order. Take her in Crash, keep us low after breaking atmo." She turns in her pilot's chair to those in the cockpit watching, "If you want a roof pickup, or anything nearby, you'll need to shut down those turrets on the roof, one way or another. Easy way is inside from the command center. After that I can give you a hot-zone pickup."

They hear the ships blasters fire off, and Crash comes over the intercom, "Scared off a Acklay. Nothing to worry about."

They open the ships ramp for the heroes to exit.

Khen moves to a window after the shot is fired. He's never seen a Acklay before and is curious to learn what it is.

Khen hurries to the nearest viewport and does indeed see a giant crab / mantis like monster fleeing into the fungus like jungle.

Maya steps down the ramp, blaster pistol in hand, "Something feels wrong about this place. I'm at 100%, but I do have work to do if you don't need me along." Quirky has been somewhat unhappy since Mist quit paying as much attention to him. He's taken to picking on R5 and currently rides atop the downtrodden droid's cylindrical head. The droid's paint job shows stains and scratches from the growingly vicious kowakian monkey lizard. R5-B8 rolls out from the ship and appears to be scanning the immediate area.

Having spent the last few days experimenting with various outfits and avoiding Quirky as much as possible, Mist is wearing the all-temperature cloak from the field kit over her metal bikini as she feels most comfortable wearing that.
Rushing out of the ship to experience the mushroom planet for the first time, she suddenly gets her bare feet stuck in the yielding soil, and screams as a collection of insect decide to investigate the disturbance.
"This places smells nasty" she moans, "But it looks so wow over there"

IG-198 marches down the ramp drawing its blaster and vibroblade as it does. The battle droid moves a little way in front of the others, as they gather together, and scans the area for any danger.

Ivar waves goodbye to Sironna and steps onto the gangplank. He stops to look around, eyes wide in wonder and walks down to the ground. "This place is unbelievable," he comments then takes a deepbreath through his nose with his eyes closed. "Such strange plant-life here." he spoke in awe, amazed that Felucia was not a more
trying to remember any rumours or spacer talk about creatures and cultures here
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 6)
common subject for gossip and folklore.

Following Khen out onto the gangplank, Hopla feels the planet's savage strain of the dark side. It is primal, fundamental, basic. But even as he feels this, his training tells him that such feelings are a lure for the unwary.

He extends his
Hopla tries to sense force users at our destination, if possible.
senses further, toward the distant base.

Ivar knows the war did come to Felucia, however he can't remember anything memorable said of the planet.

Maya walks back up the ramp to the ship. A few minutes later, she returns with a pair of boots off of a space suit, she offers them to Mist, "Might not be fashionable, but these might make the walk more comfortable."

Hopla finds that the presence of the darkside is overpowering his senses past his immediate surroundings. And the base they are targeting is quite far away.

R5 rolls over near Hopla, the astromech moves slowly through the boglike area issuing complaining tones. Maya asks, "According to the holos, the base is that way." She motions off to the left. "Comm check," she depresses her comlink, and while you can all hear her, it comes through very broken. She frowns and says, "Must be some kind of natural interference. At the comm bunker you will be able to use their equipment to call out this far, most likely it is why there is a comm bunker out here. Looks like you will be out of touch on this mission until you find a way to boost your signal or use imperial equipment with a signal booster. May the Force be with you." She backs up near the ramp, still with an uneasy look.

Khen scoffs at the force line. He hears it often enough to make him sick. He knows the force exists, but he still doesn't believe in it. Perhaps it's because he just doesn't understand it, or maybe he understands it too well after traveling with Hopla and doesn't want to believe in it. "This place sucks. Can we boost our signal through R5... maybe gut him and use him for parts to that effect?"


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