Part 2 - Felucia

Mist flops down on the ramp and accepts the boots, then eyes her feet uncertainly. Though her instinct is to wash herself with her tongue, something about the stuff she stepped in is so icky that a part of her wants a different option. It seems wrong on a level beyond even a Hutt... and so she sits there with her left foot in front of her face, opening and closing her mouth each time she changes her mind on how to wash herself...

R5 beeps vehemently in protest at the jawa, while rocking back and forth excitedly. Quirky leaps up on Hopla's shoulder from the angry droid.

Maya runs off the ramp and pukes at the sight of Mist's near action, gasping, she says, "Oh my gosh, one of you, please, help with that," as Maya purges more of the gourmet meal they had before exiting hyper space.

Hopla says, "We will not dismantle R5." He sees Mist's predicament and walks to her, setting the monkey lizard in her hands to distract her from what she is about to do.

"Use some of the ship's water to clean your feet before putting these on," he indicates the boots. "And this creature is your pet. You must care for it, because you chose to bring it along. Do you understand?" He looks her in the eye. "You must not let it damage the small red droid either. Agreed?"

"Also," he says earnestly, "do this place. It is tainted by the dark side of the Force." Realizing she may not understand this, he says, "Many things here may hurt you. Be wary as a cat!"

Having Quirky dropped on her does indeed keep Mist from licking her feet but it doesn't improve her mood in the slightest as she flinches away from the monkey-lizard and glares up at Hopla.
"Quirky is not mine" she insists, dropping him as she gets to her feet.
"He scares me and I did not bring him along. He keeps following me and I don't know how to make him stop"
A silky voice whispers in her ears that she could get rid of Quirky by shooting him, but that seems mean.

She retreats into the ship to wash her feet. Using water seems strange but no worse than what she usually does. Once she is done, she puts the boots on and rejoins the group, going straight to Hopla. His warning scared her, but she still wants to see more of the mushroom planet.
"Spiky man, please keep Quirky away from me" she pleads.

Quirky hisses at the two and runs over to investigate where Maya purged herself beside the ramp. Maya begins to turn green again, "In four days we'll begin to worry, one to get there, one to case it, one to execute, and one to get back if you haven't found a way to call for pickup." She holds a hand over her mouth and turns away from the kowokian monkey lizard and keeps her back to it.

Travel MechanicSomeone will need to navigate you through the fungus jungles to reach the base. So you will need to choose a field leader to make the survival checks for travel. Aid another is allowed on this option, as is taking 10 (for the leader or helpers), but will slow your travel as you all consult and check maps and carefully move along.

R5 has the basic holo of the planet and automatically aids the survival check. (+2 to the main character)

We'll do several checks with intermittent scenes based on how you are doing.

This is a subtle nudge to get moving, but if you are having fun with some good character interaction, I'm fine with that also.

I'm itching to try out the Skill Challenge mechanic, but you really need a situation that is more dramatic to qualify. As the Order 66 podcast suggests, you need to have real consequences on the line, and this is just travel, so it didn't make the cut.

IG-198 decides that in the best interests of the mission it should allow the others to lead. Not that it couldn't get to the outpost by itself...

To Mist, Hopla replies, "I fear the monkeylizard will be the least of our worries."

He considers the group. "Khen, you are most stealthy. Will you walk point, and leave us trailsign to follow? IG-198 can walk rearguard," he acknowledges the droid, giving it a chance to disagree. "The rest of us will stay close together. Maya was correct. This place is...wrong. The dark side is strong here." He looks around the group for response.

We will use R5 to aid Khen on the survival check. Can multiple people aid? If so, do the benefits stack, or does it just provide more chances to succeed? If we realize we are lost, we can take 10 at that point to attempt to get back on track. Hopla has food/water. Does everyone else?

Aid Another
Mutliple people can aid another. The DC is 10 and it adds +2 to the main character's roll.
The benefits do stack. You can take 10 now, but not after you roll.

You won't know if you are lost until you figure out you are lost.

if anyone plans to leave gear on the ship let me know. I assume Khen left his stolen stormtrooper weapons and utility belts on the ship, as they put him into a heavy load.

A standard utility belt has 3 days of food capsules, nutritional but not flavorful.

When no one disagrees, Hopla says, "Then let us go." They set off into the wilderness of Felucia.


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