Part 2 - Felucia

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Such thoughts wander around her head during the trip back to the village.
While more planning is going on, she seeks out Hopla.
"I don't want you to get broken" she says, looking up at him.
"You think I'm good at the shooting game, and that I can help. If I play too, maybe I can make sure the white armour men don't break you. I'm going with you"
Hopal has gone off alone to go through his things, to decide what he can leave behind, when Mist approaches.

Though Hopla seems somehow slightly tired, or maybe haunted by something, he smiles at Mist's words. "I know we all take risk in these 'games' we play, but thank you for deciding to accompany us. I believe we will be stronger if we stay together." He truly believes that, he realizes. This strange group has grown to be his family. Even Ivar. He is strong. And he is Jedi. That alone should make Hopla trust him.

He says to Mist, "Tell me of your life before the Hutt. What do you remember? How did you come to be a slav--a toy?"

Maya asks Ivar, IG and Khen, "How is the mission so far? Do we need to patch anyone up?"

"The mission has been progressing slowly. I have sustained some minor damage, but my internal damage control has repaired some, and we do not have time for full repairs. It seems that the main garrison believes the base to be a medical research base, and know nothing of prisoners. Do you know anything about this - it may indicate a secret part to the base itself." IG-198 reports to Maya.

Maya nods, "That matches my intel somewhat. It is a secret prison for important prisoners they want to keep hidden. A defecting or mole at the rank of Admiral definitely iss something to keep quiet, wouldn't you say. There could be truth to it being a medical facility. According to the plans there is a central room on the main floor whose basic use is just that."

Mist smiles at Hopla, glad that she was right and he does like having her around.
His question about life before the Hutt confuses her though.
"I was made that way" she says, "My creator was all white with four fingers. I was only with him for a short time while he tested my responses and explained what I was for. Then he took me up to the Hutt. There was nothing else... except"
Her face contorts a little with the effort of concentration.
"Since my Atton won my freedom, I have seen flashes of things that I never experienced but also seem to remember. I don't understand what that means"

Hopla considers this. "I know things I've never experienced--language, basic facts about the galaxy, and other things. And I was made, just like you say you were made. Maybe we are programmed like droids, and we see shadows of that programming as memory. Or maybe you are remembering a life before the white fingered creator found you. I do not know."

"And maybe magic death sticks will rain from the sky." Khen says sarcastically, butting in on the conversation.


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