Part 2 - Felucia

As Hopla travels, he keeps an eye out for dangerous plants, searching his mind for clues to identify them.

Attempt Galactic Lore, use FP if fail by 4 or less.

Felucia Overland Skill Challenge Completed


Failures: 1

Setbacks: 2

Experience rewarded as CL 2 enemy.
(NPCs will not share in this, they did not participate.)

Khen continues to scout ahead, using his size and agility to keep hidden from threats.
Khen considered leading R5 to the rancor to see what would happen to the little droid, but decided that he doesn't hate him as much as Jibba Jabba and decided against it.
He helps the group avoid walking into a rancor eating one of the grub creatures. IG-198 recognizes the exploding fungi blooms again. He directs the group to avoid them by traversing a pit. The droid leaps over the pit and uses his extendable arm to help the rest climb down into and back out of the pit. This way they don't have to search for a way around the field of exploding fungi. Hopla continues to stop and study the plant life, but never comes to any conclusion on which are dangerous and which are not. Ivar hangs to the back and studies his new allies. They are surprisingly more competent than they appeared at the dinner. Even Mist is doing well acrobatically conquering her bulky space suit boots.

As the party continues, having found a suitable style for their travel, most of the group notice something. In the rear guard, Ivar sees IG-198 draw and raise a blaster, but cannot tell why. Up front, Khen freezes, spotting the shining white of Storm trooper armor. Mist and Hopla have a better view, and can see fully a stormtrooper armor effigy, a scarecrow of sorts standing off the right. Upon closer inspection, finding no traps, the group discovers that it is scout trooper armor mounted on a stick stuck in the ground, lashed on by vines. It seems something sentient around here does not like the Empire.

Proceding with caution, the group comes over a boggy rise, as the sun hits midday, to find themselves overlooking a primitive village. The village appears to have been carved almost completely out of the massive mushrooms that dominate the Felucian landscape. Each one looks old and petrified, making the mushroom huts appear far more solid than their still-living counterparts elsewhere in the jungle. One hut to the right has a fire going, as smoke exits it. Beside that hut, is a not-so-primitive pen, holding over a half-dozen very out of place animals. The skinny, tall creatures, walking on their hind legs with small spindly upper arms, they have floppy ears and horns curving back along their skull. These frail but quick looking creatures are very out of place in the wilds of Felucia.
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+8, 1d20+8, 1d20+6, 1d20+8, 1d20+8, 1d20+6, 1d20+8

Khen looks back at the others but doesn't say a word. He wonders to himself how they should proceed here.

Hopla scans the village, trying to get a glimpse of those who live here.
Perception check?

He turns to the others as they overlook the place, and quietly says, "We can attempt to skirt the village, or we could make contact. We seem to share enemies with them, at least."

Perc +8
Dice Roll: 1d20+8
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 13)
scans the village down the rise. It is too far away to pick out any individuals or what species they are. The easiest way down this side of the rise is to the right, through a boggy area. This path is best for approaching the village or skirting around it.

Mist eyes the mushroom village and the Stormtrooper effigy with an expression of intense fascination. This is all new to her, and her tail starts to dance with her sense of anticipation for learning.
"Spiky man" she calls to Hopla, "Can we please find the mushroom people and ask them why they broke the white armour man?"

"We cannot assume they will be friendly," he says, "But I too think we should approach these beings." He looks to the others for their judgment.

Ivar came up briefly to confer, "They might at least know where the Imperials troops are gathered and know of how they patrol."

He looked at the others, acknowledging the skills of the tracker, Khan and wondering his opinion. "I don't expect we will communicate with them easily though, and they may be as hostile to all aliens. Please take care."

IG-198 looks down on the village below. It would prefer to skirt the village and not risk any possible complications its… the droid recalls the Imperial Scout… competent citizens may cause.

However, it appears the majority of the group wishes to make contact. "I would suggest a couple of our number do not accompany the rest of the group to the village, but stay at effective blaster range so that covering fire can be provided if needed."

Hopla Unable to find the game forum on whether or not to enter the village.

O GM, what sense does Hopla get of the village?

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