House Rule 6 - Firing into melee

After some research online, I have come up with several optional rules that mimic the old v.2.0 rules about firing into melee. Though Gwydion has proved to be a dead-eyed shot, he effectively fired into a melee where two of his friends were fighting against a smaller enemy that was standing beyond them. In real life, I'm not sure you'd have done it! Therefore, there must be some element of risk incorporated. Here is the new rule:

If you fire into melee, I will allow you to hit your target normally. If you miss by more than four, the shot goes wide. If you miss by four or less, you must roll another attack. If this one hits, it will hit the nearest target that makes sense to the DM.

Advantages: You still get a good chance at teh bad guy

Disadvantages: If you're slightly off, you can easily hit the ally you're trying to help.

Seems fair to me.