Werewolves, Claimed, and Other Shapeshifters

Werewolves, Claimed, and Other Shapeshifters

Rakesh Morgan
Madboy Morgan

Type: Werewolf
Affiliation: Guardians of the Veil, Harbingers
Cabal: The Mortlake Division
Tribe: Bone Shadow
Auspice: Ithaeur
Born: 1975

Virtue: Clever
Vice: Curious
Long-Term Aspiration: To uncover the occult secrets of London

Background: Everyone needs a hobby. Rakesh Morgan's hobby just so happens to involve being chased by death-spirits through abandoned houses near London on a regular basis.

It began in high school. Rakesh was always one of the 'weird kids', a lonely, quiet boy with all the charisma and force-of-personality of a baby rabbit. He sat in the back, rarely spoke up in class, and made no friends. Even the bullies eventually left him alone, after learning that the scrawny, weedy kid was capable of fighting with a wild abandon, on one notable instance having to be pulled off another child.

It didn't help that Rakesh was also smart, as in near-genius. His parents, a Welsh construction worker and a British Indian waitress, failed to understand his proclivities completely. His father would take him to see the football game, Rakesh would only dream of when he could get home and do something interesting, like read a book. Books were Rakesh's only friends for most of his childhood. And what books they were, the grimmer and darker the better. For somewhere in Rakesh there was a morbid streak a mile long, the product of an upbringing in which meaningful human contact was difficult.

By the time he was accepted into King's College London on a scholarship, Rakesh had taken to haunting the British Museum and other prominent libraries. He read The Witch-Cult in Western Europe by the anthropologist Dr. Margaret Murray, and Aleister Crowley's The Book of Lies. Occult and peculiar history was his hobby, something mystical and exciting to get away from an otherwise humdrum existence.

King's College was the young man's saving grace. His intellect was for once appreciated, and pretty soon Rakesh was heavily enrolled in the anthropology and social history courses. He completed a Bachelors and began to work towards a Masters in Anthropology, and after several summers of volunteering and working part-time for the National Trust, Rakesh had a job lined up with them after he graduated. In short, everything was finally beginning to look up.

Then came the First Change. At first, Rakesh thought he was going mad. He would walk to the Tube station and spot Ankou, the proto-Grim Reaper of the Breton myths, standing behind a sickly-looking girl on the train. He'd gaze out across the street from his apartment window, and on a distant branch is an owl the size of a man, with skulls emblazoned on its feathers. For most werewolves, the First Change is a whirlwind of confusion and ignorance, but for Rakesh, it was a flood of nightmarish understanding. He saw things he'd only read about, things which were not, could not be real.

But if they weren't, then what was he seeing? Had the world gone mad, or just Rakesh Morgan?

It was on a snowy night in January. The crescent moon was high in the night sky, and Rakesh was trudging home after a long day of studying. When Rakesh looked up to check the color of a light, he was confronted with a horseman in archaic armor, clutching a spear that dripped spectral blood. Rakesh backed away, turned and ran from this hideous apparition, only to find a great black dog, the size of a pony, blocking the way behind him. Rakesh thought true madness was here, and he ran again, but each way he turned, but the death spirits that had hovered near Rakesh for so many years were not so easily dissuaded. Again Rakesh was blocked, and once more, and then something... snapped.

Rakesh's was not a happy change, but few are. When the local Forsaken finally found him, some hours later, he was in a cemetery, smashing headstones with one might blow after another. They took him in and calmed him down, and from that day forward, Rakesh Morgan became one of the Forsaken. After his First Change display, there really wasn't any question of tribe. Rakesh was one of the Bone Shadows, as ordained a choice as could be imagined.

In a way, Rakesh was fortunate. Though the First Change would haunt his nightmares for years afterwards, it did not touch his family and friends. Rakesh may have thought he was going insane, but he was a private man, and kept it to himself. When the First Change occurred, it was far away from home or work, and though Rakesh committed several thousand euros worth of vandalism and a fair bit of desecration, there was no blood on his claws. The fact that Rakesh periodically woke up in a cold sweat, sure that Ankou was coming for him, seemed a small price to pay.

Since then, Rakesh has somehow managed to maintain both his life as Rakesh Morgan and Madboy Morgan the Werewolf, largely by means of having lots of luck, a mental detachment that can periodically border on the sociopathic, and the fact that he is just really unimpressive. As Rakesh Morgan, he finished his masters degree in anthropology, and went to work for the National Trust, a British charity organization concerned with the historical preservation of old buildings and otherwise culturally or ecologically significant locations. Rakesh was their man to find such places, evaluate them on their historical worthiness (the National Trust, though a very wealthy charity by most standards, still does not have unlimited resources), and make plans for restoration and preservation.

At the same time, Madboy Morgan the Werewolf is the local brainiac and budding ritemaster. In his quiet and unnoticed way, Rakesh has settled into the local pack, and has set himself the personal task of learning everything about the spirit world that can possibly be known. Already, it's generally admitted that when it comes to spirit-lore, Rakesh is as good as some Ithaeur close to twice his age. Moreover, the scrawny fellow is also pretty good to have in a brawl, fighting in a manner more reminiscent of a rabid weasel than a full werewolf. Not particularly glorious, pretty effective.

What few realize is that Rakesh's skill at understanding the spirit-world is in large part a result of his anthropological training. Rakesh applies the rigors of modern research techniques to the legends of the Uratha, and though Rakesh admits that he'll never become a true anthropologist (at least, not unless he snags another scholarship), he can put it to pretty good work cataloguing the world of the Shadow. Of course, there's a downside. Treating the Uratha as research subjects has disassociated Rakesh from them, and though he knows in his brain that he is one of them, in his heart he's still Rakesh Morgan, not Madboy Morgan the Werewolf. This is a problem that probably only age and experience will rectify, though its unlikely that Rakesh will ever ascend to the heights of Harmony.

Recently, Rakesh was fired from his job from the National Trust after he was caught grave-robbing, and these days he runs an antique store and website, www.Morganantiques.com, which is enough to let him eat regularly. He's also left his pack over a falling out.

On first impression, Rakesh is a weed. On second impression, Rakesh is a slightly creepy weed. All his life, Rakesh has been an unprepossessing person, a mild-mannered young man with a nervous smile and a soft voice. It wasn't that people disliked Rakesh, they just tended to ignore him and forget him. Since the First Change, to this naturally unimpressive exterior has been added a slight edge, like that of a wolf on the prowl, an aura of barely suppressed violence that most people find unnerving. Considering that he's also a half-Indian man in War on Terror era London, and Rakesh gets asked for his passport and subjected to more than his share of searches, despite the fact that his accent is purest London. Still, to those who know him, Rakesh seems a mild and unassuming man.

This is rubbish. Behind Rakesh's forgettable facade lies a formidable and rather bitter intellect. The companionship of King's College, the National Trust, and the Uratha hasn't quite worn away the bitter misanthropy that emerged during Rakesh's school days, when he felt himself the sole man of the mind amongst a sea of dumb brutes. Though much softer and more pleasant than he used to be, Rakesh still has a streak of misanthropy in him that leads him to expect the worst of people. Had circumstances been not too different, Rakesh could've been one of the spree-shooters one reads about in the Telegraph.

As is, Rakesh's impressive mind and simmering resentment towards humanity is sublimated into an interest in the ghoulish and macabre. He finds it weirdly pleasant and relaxing, reading up the latest research on the Thuggee cult of pre-British India in the British Museum. Mostly, Rakesh keeps his interest under his hat, having realized that discussions of the etymology of the Arabian Ghul is not particularly socially acceptable.

Finally, Rakesh is also very stubborn, and very much a scrapper. When confronted with a problem, Rakesh rarely backs down, attacking it from multiple angles until it falls. When the problem happens to be a recalcitrant spirit-ridden, the 'attacking' just happens to be more literal. Rakesh isn't the strongest or the fastest werewolf around, but he's tough and he doesn't back down, which makes him rather useful in a fight. And he is, after all, a werewolf.

Rank 3
Mental 7; Physical 1; Social 1
Willpower: 1
Primal Urge: 5
Notable Powers: Master Occultist
Banes: Chaos Mage, Disruption (Silver)

Werewolves and Claimed

Lisa Richardson

Type: Spirit-Claimed
Affiliation: Guardians of the Veil
Cabal: The Mortlake Division
Claimed: 2003
Apparent Age: Early 20s

Virtue: Pragmatic
Vice: Curious

Background: Lisa was smart. Really smart. Maybe even a genius. She went through college at a very early age, driven by her mother, and came out of it with a PhD in computer science. Her thoughts were always very organized — at least to her. Every person gets an associated color, which connects her to her thoughts on the person and allows her to put her acquaintances into groups. The rest of her life was a lot like that. She went to Dr. Melissa Westly for help, for OCD, for depression, for schizoid-personality-disorder, mild agoraphobia...

When 01 addressed her through her computer late at night, she almost thought she was going even crazier (an event not unanticipated). Passing the Turing test only made her think it was a trick, but the entity proved itself real to her. Communicating with her with her modem disabled proved something, and she was curious enough to want to know what. 01 could show her, it promised, if she would just let it in. Lisa's not sure how, but she did.

Lisa slowly grew… more. She was always very smart, able to keep in mind and analyze large quantities of data at one time. Her limits vanished almost overnight. She felt like she was becoming smarter and faster all the time. Her perceptions sharpened to the point where she almost never missed anything — anything that went on in her environs, she recognized, analyzed and catalogued. Moreover, Lisa found that she could do nearly anything with computers. She had always made them dance, but now they did things she didn’t think they were supposed to be able to do. But she would find ways. Best of all, her mental handicaps disappeared. It was as though her brain was suddenly cleared and expanded at the same time. Paradise.

Now, Lisa doesn’t talk to 01 anymore. It’s in her head. She figured that 01 was the construct of an experimental supercomputer AI that somehow found a way to leap from her screen into her head. Then the werewolf and the mage informed her that 01 was a spirit who'd merged with her mind. Lisa didn't mind at all. It’s what she always was, but better and more efficient. And now she's not crazy. Or at least, not in the ways she used to be.

Wherever she lives, Lisa tends to create a den. She has food brought to her door and never willingly leaves her quarters, instead letting her mind wander the digital world. She splits her time between working on projects like that, connecting with computers across the world just to see what’s on them and building her own computer (with mail-ordered parts, naturally).
She’s thinking of making it trinary.

Before the change, Lisa looked like your average, everyday 20-something-year-old Afro-Caribbean PhD computer geek. Maybe she was pretty, but it was hard to see because she never did anything to show it off. After the change, even the possibility of pretty disappeared. Her skin darkened to the “desktop black” of popular computers. Her eyes are flat, gray light-sensitive apparatus. Fingernails and hair became silvery silicon. She now moves with a fluid grace, the most energy efficient method of transport she can devise, and her voice is almost monotone.

Rank 2
Mental 8; Physical 1; Social 0
Willpower: 1
Synthesis: 3
Notable Powers: Technology & Computing

"Smiley" Reid
Olivia Reid

Type: Werewolf
Pack: The Temple Guard
Tribe: Storm Lords.
Lodge: The Lodge of Crows
Auspice: Elodoth
Born: 1976

Virtue: Patient
Vice: Deceitful

Background: As the Alpha of a Pack known for shadowy activities, it is only fitting that not much of Ms. Reidís history is known. Anyone investigating can find out that she attended Glasgow Caledonian University in order to study Archaeology. After achieving a 1st with honours, Olivia moved to London to pursue her PhD in the subject. It was at this point she hooked up with the Temple Guard. Six months later, half the Pack was dead.

Nobody knows how everything came about, but the circumstances are generally known. One Pack member was killed in a match with another Uratha he had a grudge against. Four months later, two were slain while investigating rumours of treasure abandoned in the sewers; they were eaten by Beshilu. And the last simply was spotted in the river Thames, as though she had fallen in and drowned - the case was ruled as a suicide.

How much does this have to do with Olivia? Nobody is sure. The Alpha took to her quickly, for she was clever and resourceful. The old man soon declared that he was training her as his successor. But she was no assassin - her tasks were information gathering assignments, using secrets against others. Aside from her and the Alpha, only the true Pack assassin remained aliveÖ but not for long. His lover was killed in a fire, and he took his own life with a fact acting poison.

Perhaps all this was coincidental. Perhaps not. Both Olivia and the previous Alpha are the subject of theories, but nobody has proof. Olivia only makes a more attractive target because nobody knows her history - they say that the Alpha was training her long before she ever joined the Pack. Some even say the worked together to execute their own, but most donít believe this - why kill their own people?

Regardless, it was their job to re-build the Pack. The Alpha declared his retirement, leaving Olivia the sole Pack member. But she was a clever woman, with wealth and secrets left to her by her mentor - she soon started to recruit, starting with two werewolf siblings dabbling in minor-league crimes and elevating them. All of the members of her Pack owe her something, and she maintains an iron hold over all of them. She has also secured continual access to the Temple Church as an archaeological site. All of the Pack have fake credentials with which to gain access at any time.

And the ex-Alpha? He disappeared, too. Only he has never been found.

Olivia is not the kind of woman one might picture as a Pack Alpha. Quiet and relatively unassuming, she is quick with a smile and faster with her wit. To those outside her social circle, she leaves a bland impression of niceness.

Those who do know her, however, have seen the iron core of determination at her centre. Olivia is a woman who knows what she wants, and who to send to get it. She rarely dirties her hands herself - instead she chooses a weapon from her arsenal and makes a surgical strike. This might be as simple as dropping the right clue in the hands of someone investigating, or as involved as sending one of her wolves out for blood. She has no qualms about using any method to obtain her goals. And if somebody she sends out never returns? Well, there are plenty more werewolves who would jump at the chance to join her.

This isnít to say she is cruel or uncaring. If given the chance, she will do what she can to protect her packmates - just not at her expense. Despite this, her Pack is loyal - she is fair, generous with praise and rewards, and never intentionally sends someone on a mission they canít handle. Since she only recruits capable werewolves, most in the Pack have little to fear.

Rank 3
Mental 5; Physical 2; Social 5
Willpower: 1
Primal Urge: 5
Notable Powers: Information Gathering
Banes: Wolfsbane, Disruption (Quicksilver)

Leslie Titching

Type: Werewolf
Pack: The Temple Guard
Tribe: Storm Lord
Auspice: Irraka
Born: 1978

Virtue: Trusting (primarily around women)
Vice: Stubborn (also primarily around women)
Long-Term Aspiration: To have a non-screwed-up family

Background: In 77 AD. Pliny the Elder described oleander as "an evergreen, bearing a strong resemblance to the rose-tree, and throwing out numerous branches from the stem; to beasts of burden, goats, and sheep it is poisonous, but for man it is an antidote against the venom of serpents." Pliny may have been one of the foremost naturalists of the ancient world, but he was woefully mistaken about oleander. The flowering shrub, with its red, pink, yellow, or white blossoms is among the most toxic in the world. For centuries, it has been used in murders and factored in accidental deaths. They called it the 'be-still' tree.

That Leslie Titching chose the oleander for his deed-name would be considered suggestive of certain things about the man. He came from humble roots, one of four half-siblings in the Council Estates of Tottenham, raised by his mother and a seemingly-endless succession of her boyfriends. He dropped out of school, working for a local florist for a time. One brother in and out of jail, one sister constantly on the latest drugs, Leslie kept things together as he grew up and his mother slid into alcohol-forced dementia. He did some things he wasn't too proud of, but when one's a broke kid in the Estates, one doesn't have all that many options.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, for Leslie, one of his mother's fly-by-night boyfriends had been a werewolf, and after a late night drug-deal gone very, very, wrong, Leslie changed beneath the black sky of the New Moon. There was blood on the streets of the East End that night, and little of it was Leslie's.

The next few nights were a haze of paranoid terror. It seemed an open question as to whether the Met would find Leslie first, or the friends of his victims did. But Leslie was just temperamentally unsuited for terror. He started moving, quietly, carefully, to cover things up. There was some acting involved, and a lot of lying, and a couple of other 'attacks' on gangland figures whom Leslie knew. He was pulling it off quite well, until a woman met him one day in a park and flashed him a sharp-toothed grin. Leslie, she asked, would you like to go professional?

And so he did. They call him Oleander now, after a hit-job that led him to poison another werewolf, a dangerous old monster out in Manchester, with a truly massive quality of oleander. There's always people that need someone dead, or something sensitive handled, and Oleander knew how to keep his mouth shut and keep their secrets. He's seen a lot of things nowadays, some of them utterly freakish, others merely horrible, but Oleander keeps his mouth shut and his eyes open. He's smarter than most bruisers, but he plays dumb, and it works.

In his private life, he's a control-freak. Powerless in youth, he has to control what there is around him. He's a health-nut, being exquisitely aware of all the things that poison can do, and he's a physically powerful man, with a gym-rat's hard-muscled body. For most of his life, he was a notorious womanizer, though that faded when he met Lauren Darrow. He actually loved her, he really did, and put up with things he wouldn't have from most other people. But some things just don't seem destined to work out. Things came to a head in 2009, [Heartless], and when the fallout was over, Lauren and Oleander were apart for good, and Oleander settled down with Rebecca Lee, the fetch, and with a crisis of conscience.

Thing is, Oleander had always been violent. His First Change had lost people their lives, and though his iron self-control kept that from happening again, he had always been someone for whom the lives of strangers never really meant much. People died all the time in the Estates, the important part was keeping you and yours safe -- it was a mindset that shifted to the pack-and-herd dichotomy of the werewolf mindset with great ease. Other people didn't much matter. So Oleander was an assassin... except the event in Highgate Cemetery has prompted him to re-examine what he did. He saw himself from the outside, and he didn't like what he saw.

Of course, it was one thing to realize this, and another to do something about it. Since then, Oleander's been trying uneasily to find some sort of moral foundation. He's hardly turned into a pacifist since Highgate, and when one's entire Pack and a good chunk of the supernatural population knows you as a killer and expects you to stay a killer... turning that around is hard. Mostly, Oleander's become pickier about his targets and much more careful about his collateral damage, realizing that the people he's killed have had lives and families and loved ones too. Some people still need killing, though -- monsters both mortal and supernatural. Of that Oleander has no doubt, and again, it isn't as though retirement is possible.

Finding a moral ground between psychopath and pacifist is surprisingly difficult, Ollie's finding.
Tribe: Storm Lords
Auspice: Irraka

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4 (+1/+2 Perception), Resolve 3
Physical Attributes: Strength
4+Red in Tooth and Claw
5 (6), Dexterity
4+Beast in the Woods
7 (9), Stamina 4
Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 2, Composure 3

Mental Skills: Investigation 3, Occult 1, Medicine (Poison) 2, Politics 3
Physical Skills: Athletics 4 (+4/+10 on Jumping), Brawl (Chain x2, Grapple x2)
6, Larceny 3, Stealth (Ambush)
6, Survival (Tracking) 3
Social Skills: Empathy 2, Intimidation (Quell the Crowd) 2, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 4

Merits: Allies (Criminal)
Tong+Temple Guard
3, Resources
4, Status (
Well-Paid, Influence (Criminal)
Tong) 2, Status (
Influence (Criminal), Where the Bodies are Buried
Temple Guard) 2, Striking Looks (Gym Rat) 1
Combat Merits: Choke Hold 2, Fast Reflexes 1, Fighting Finesse (Grapple) 2, Fighting Style (Grappling) 1, Quick-Draw (Chain) 1, Shiv (Chain) 2
Lair: Suburban House

Willpower: 6
Harmony: 4
Universal Banes: Silver, Aura of Menace, Death Rage
Personal Banes: Chronological Trigger -- Wolf (New Moon)

Initiative: 12 (15)
Defense: 4 (9)
Health: 8
Size 5
Speed: 17 (20) (x2/x4 on all fours)

Primal Urge: 5
Auspice Boon: Closer Than You Think
Aspects: Red in Tooth and Claw ●●, The Beast in the Woods ●●●●●, Blood on the Wind ●●
Renown: Cunning, Honor
Trickster's Cunning: Skin Thief (Cunning), Divide and Conquer (Cunning), Fog of War (Cunning), Deny Everything (Cunning), Exit Strategy (Cunning)
Pure Hunt: Tireless Hunter (Purity)
Insight: Prey on Weakness (Cunning)
Shaping: Shutdown (Cunning)
Stealth: Feet of Mist (Cunning), Backstab (Glory), Pack Stalks the Prey (Honor), Running Silent (Purity), Slip Away (Wisdom)
Essence: 15/5
Totem Boons: Tongues
Broken Hearts
Type: Vow
[Ollie] - Lesser Alliance (-0), Medial Forbiddance; Reveal what happened at Highgate Cemetery (-2)
[Oleander] – Adroitness: Stealth, Brawl (+2)
Sanction: Lesser Curse (-1), Flaw: Nightmares (-2)
Duration: Decade (+3)
[Exceptions] The pledge is not broken and the curse is not triggered if a clause is broken or unfulfilled for any of the following reasons:
-Refusal to betray another friend or ally.
-Either party is rendered physically or mentally incapable of fulfilling the pledge, either by external or internal conditions.
-Either party is forced to break the pledge by supernatural means or mind control.
-Either party was unaware their course of action or inaction would violate the pledge.
-Either party breaks the vow of secrecy in the context of the confessional or medical/psychiatric treatment
Broken Hearts

Attacks.............................Damage.....Dice Pool.....Special
Punch (Human)........................0B/0L.............11...........Backstab (+5), Retractable Claws
Chain (Human).........................2L..................15..........Backstab (+5)
Grapple w/Chain (Human)..……..2L…...…………18..…………Backstab (+5)
Grapple (Wolf).......…….............N/A……......…..18……....……Backstab (+5), afterwards 3L Bite
Bite (Wolf)................................3L..................15.............Backstab (+5)

Lucy Carpenter
"Quiet as Thunder"

Type: Werewolf
Pack: The Temple Guard
Tribe: Storm Lords
Auspice: Irraka
Gain 9-again on Stealth and Streetwise rolls; cannot keep any property that another pack member could put to better use
Luzak, the Thief
Born: 1983

Virtue: Loving
Vice: Short-Tempered

Background: Lucy and her twin brother, Lewis, were orphaned as children after their mother died of an overdose. Even their mother did not know who the father was, so the two of them were placed in an orphanage. The two of them were adopted when they were four by a couple who had been unable to conceive on their own.

Lewis was able to remember his birth mother, thanks to his impressive memory. He thought nothing of telling other kids at school, but he and his sister were bullied because of it. Lucy’s fierce nature meant that she fought back with insults, but Lewis took it badly and became very quiet and shy, developing a stutter. She and her brother had few friends at school.

Their home life was good, however, as their adoptive parents cared a great deal about them. Unfortunately, when Lewis and Lucy were fifteen tragedy struck again; their parents were killed in a car crash. Rather than go back into the system, they ran away together.

Living on the streets wasn’t easy, but they survived. Lucy was a skilled thief and soon they realised they could turn their individual talents to good use; by going after bigger jobs. Lewis was a dab hand with computers, so they stole one and set themselves up in a small apartment. Then Lewis would penetrate and disable security systems while Lucy snuck into various places and stole things. The pair were excellent at this. When they had their first change, Lucy’s skills as a thief were further enhanced by her Gifts.

They made a good living for themselves, good enough to move into a nice little flat in a decent area of London. To this day, they aren’t certain how Olivia discovered who they were or where they lived. However, she did, and she extended an invitation to the Temple Guard to them. They accepted, and neither has ever regretted joining the Pack.

Now with a taste of real stability, Lucy established herself as a high end professional thief for hire. She is very good at her work, thanks to her skills and Gifts. Her work tends to be spread out, so she found herself a social life; a few girlfriends, though few serious. Engaging in hobbies with friends. Having a good time. Lewis still helps Lucy with her work as a thief, but only occasionally; she doesn’t need his help a much anymore.

Lucy is a very feisty young woman. She is quick to give her opinion, to criticise and to suggest alternatives. Unlike her brother, she is very outspoken. She doesn’t hesitate to speak, and her criticisms are brutal in their honesty. Yet she is always fair with them, if a little blunt. She loves her work; successfully stealing is a thrill for her, the bigger the job the better. She loves nothing more that a difficult job, and the adrenaline rush means she usually calls a friend with benefits right after. She is very in touch with her wolf side; she likes to hunt, to camp, to get back to nature.

Rank 2
Mental 2; Physical 4; Social 3
Willpower: 1
Primal Urge: 3
Notable Powers: Burglary
Banes: Hated by Beasts

Lewis Carpenter
"Ace of Cables"

Type: Werewolf
Pack: The Temple Guard
Tribe: Iron Masters.
Lodge: The Lodge of Wires
Auspice: Ithaeur
Born: 1983

Virtue: Confident
Vice: Corrupt

Background: Lewis and his twin sister, Lucy, were orphaned as children after their mother died of an overdose. Even their mother did not know who the father was, so the two of them were placed in an orphanage. The two of them were adopted when they were four by a couple who had been unable to conceive on their own.

Lewis was able to remember his birth mother, thanks to his impressive memory. He thought nothing of telling other kids at school, but he and his sister were bullied because of it. Lucy’s fierce nature meant that she fought back with insults, but Lewis took it badly and became very quiet and shy, developing a stutter. He and his sister had few friends at school.

Their home life was good, however, as their adoptive parents cared a great deal about them. Unfortunately, when Lewis and Lucy were fifteen tragedy struck again; their parents were killed in a car crash. Rather than go back into the system, they ran away together.

Living on the streets wasn’t easy, but they survived. Lucy was a skilled thief and soon they realised they could turn their individual talents to good use; by going after bigger jobs. Lewis was a dab hand with computers, so they stole one and set themselves up in a small apartment. Then Lewis would penetrate and disable security systems while Lucy snuck into various places and stole things. The pair were excellent at this. When they had their first change, Lucy’s skills as a thief were further enhanced by her Gifts.

They made a good living for themselves, good enough to move into a nice little flat in a decent area of London. To this day, they aren’t certain how Olivia discovered who they were or where they lived. However, she did, and she extended an invitation to the Temple Guard to them. They accepted, and neither has ever regretted joining the Pack.

Now with a taste of real stability, Lewis decided to go after an education. He obtained a degree in artificial intelligence and joined the research staff at his university. He still helps Lucy with her work as a thief, but only occasionally; she doesn’t need his help a much anymore.

Quiet and shy, Lewis must be prodded into giving his opinion on something. He is insightful, clever and polite - nobody would guess that he has (and sometimes still is) involved in criminal activities. He has absolutely no desire to engage in violence of any kind. If possible, he always stays at home and acts as tech support. He is unfailingly loyal to the Temple Guard; only his sister means more to him. Lewis is not very in touch with his wolf side - in fact, he is remarkably out of touch with it.

Rank: 2
Mental 4; Physical 3; Social 2
Willpower: 1
Primal Urge: 2
Notable Powers: Computers
Banes: Hated by Beasts

Alice Pleasant

Type: Werewolf
Affiliation: Freehold of New Jerusalem
Court: Summer
Entitlements: Crimson Paladin, Knight of the Rose
Auspice: Pure
Tribe: Fire-Touched
Born: 1979

Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Violent
Long-Term Aspiration: To achieve inner peace

Formerly a Fire-Touched Paladin, and leader of the small ex-Pure pack known as Revelation. Cinder is a calm, focused individual who can seem easily distracted or careless at times. Young for a paladin, she acquired her position by means of prophecy and interpersonal skill, and so is much more a leader than a fighter. At the same time, she is also extremely comfortable in her wolf form, which can make her an unexpected foe.

Cinder currently claims a locus in Green Park, acquired with the help of spells cast by J. Ilkin Aylesworth. She also has some extremely tenuous and uncertain relations with Othello, her father.

Originally Posted by Cinder talking to J.T. Underwood
"I was born in '79. My parents were supposed to be Thomas and Phoebe Pleasant. But they weren't. My mother met a man, a strange young man who said beautiful words, and who knew magic. Who was magic. His name was Felix March. Now his name is Othello. One is as real as another, I think. My mother loved him. She never stopped loving him. After the divorce, she had a picture of him framed on her night-stand."

Cinder shifted and reached into her jeans pocket, and took out a faded, much-folded photograph. Despite the poor quality, it showed a whimsical young man, dusky-skinned and dark haired, with green eyes. He wasn't necessarily handsome, but he looked like fun, with his outsized bowtie and his outsized grin, and laughing, bright eyes.

"I took after my mother completely when I was born." Cinder said, shrugging. "I don't know why. I'm not sure how she knew I was his. Magic, I suppose. Or maybe he told her. I don't know. She'd talk about it later, you see. When she was alone, and thought I was asleep or not paying attention. But Felix took me when I was just born, and he gave me my Curse. Then he left."

"When I changed... it was some stupid argument with my mother. My stepfather had long since left. I think he knew, in the end, I wasn't his." Cinder sighed. "I Changed, and I was a monster... I have her blood in my throat."

Tribe Fire-Touched (Rogue)
Auspice Pure

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 4
Physical Attributes: Strength
5+Red in Tooth and Claw
8 (10), Dexterity 4, Stamina
5+Unstoppable Beast
8 (10)
Social Attributes: Presence
5+Forest Queen
7, Manipulation 1, Composure 2

Mental Skills: Crafts 1, Occult 3
Physical Skills: Athletics 4, Brawl (Bite x2) 6, Stealth 1, Survival (Urban) 5
Social Skills: Animal Ken 1, Empathy 3, Expression 3, Intimidation (Howl) 5 (+2), Persuasion (Making a Deal +2) 0, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1

Merits: Allies (Medical)
3, Destiny (Bane: Her Father) 5, Fast Reflexes 3, Hunting Ground (Green Park) 4, Indomitable 2, Language (First Tongue) 1, Mantle (Summer) 3, Status (
Well-Fed, Support Group, Glamorous, Influence (Medical)
Freehold) 3, Striking Looks (Amazon) 1
Lair: The Green Park Tree

Willpower: 6
Harmony: 8; +2 Support Group
Universal Banes: Silver, Aura of Menace, Death Rage
Personal Banes: Silver Allergen, Chronological Trigger -- Wolf (Crescent Moon)

Initiative: 8
Defense: 3
Armor: 2/1 (5/3)
Mind Shield: 4 (Indomitable+Forest Queen)
Health: 14 (17); 4B Regeneration
Size 6 (7)
Speed: 12 (14)

Primal Urge: 6
Entitlement Powers: Awe and Terror (Crimson Paladin); Valiant Heart (Knight of the Rose)
Pure Boon: Faithful
Aspects: Red in Tooth and Claw ●●●●●, Unstoppable Brute ●●●●●, Forest-Queen ●●
Renown: Purity, Wisdom
Honored Oath: Honest Oath (Honor)
Glorious Epic: Thousand-Throat Howl (Glory)
Pure Hunt: Lore of the Land (Purity), Tireless Hunter (Purity)
Elements: Tongue of Flame (Purity)
Rituals: ●
1st: Call Spirit, Twilight Eyes
Essence: 20/6; +8 Starting (Hunting Ground 5 + Well-Fed 3)

Attacks..............................Damage.....Dice Pool.....Special
Retractable Claws (Human)..... 1L..................15...........
Bite (Wolf)............................. 5A..................23...........
Claws (Wolf)............................3A..................19...........

Gabriel Law

Type: Werewolf.
Pack: The Thunderpaws
Tribe: Bone Shadows.
Auspice: Cahalith
Born: 1955

Virtue: Hopeful
Vice: Lazy

Background: Gabriel Law started out as baker, but now owns a small chain ("Have Your Cake") in London and the surrounding areas. Undergoing his First Change back in the late seventies, Gabriel ran with another pack known as the Thunder's Hope, up until the early eighties, when they were mostly slaughtered by an Azlu the size of a minibus. The Spider-Host cut his throat, but he survived. Only one other of the Hopes survived, the one who finished the Azlu off before they could start devouring the dead Pack members. Gabriel wanted to start a new Pack with ______, but recriminations over just who had done what in the lead-up to the disaster prevented this idea from ever getting off the ground.

It was this near-death experience that sent Gabriel into the Bone Shadows, and into the particular mysticism that they espoused. He learned an ever-increasing amount of spirit-lore, and after bouncing about as a member of a few other packs and as a lone wolf, in time created his own pack, the Thunderpaws with his Beta and (eventual) wife, Tiffany Llewellyn-Pritchard. He is by nature a fairly even-tempered, if sometimes irritable man, but the Azlu bring out a ruthless, vicious side of his personality, one that has caused trouble within the Thunderpaws.

Calm and level-headed, Gabriel has attained a position of leadership in the Forsaken society on the back of his age, experience, and diplomatic demeanor. Gabriel is skilled at conciliation and compromise, and it is largely due to him that the packs of London even occasionally work together. His bakeries and temporal wealth make him a useful man to know as well, and Gabriel leverages this for all it is worth when dealing with Uratha and spirits alike. Having lost his previous pack, however, Gabriel has a tendency towards over-protectiveness, and perhaps overindulgence, with his own pack.

Rank: 3
Mental 4; Physical 3; Social 5
Willpower: 1
Primal Urge: 5
Notable Powers: Diplomacy
Banes: Chronological Trigger - Wolf (Crescent Moon), Paw Prints

Tiffany Llewellyn-Pritchard

Type: Werewolf
Pack: The Thunderpaws
Tribe: Iron Master
Auspice: Elodoth.
Born: 1965

Virtue: Peaceful
Vice: Indecisive (Over-Thoughtful)

Background: Tiffany Pritchard was a successful trainee therapist in Swansea when she went through the First Change, fresh out of the university. Rather than fall apart, she pulled things together by force of will and a paranoid fear of losing control. Offered a position helping Armed Forces members, Tiffany spent several years travelling to different British and American military bases during the early 1990s, and was very peripherally involved in the first Gulf War. She married a Welsh soldier, Dai Llewellyn, in 1991, though she never told him the truth of what she was. On military bases, never staying in one spot for too long, it was possible to stay isolated from the world of the Forsaken. But not from life completely. Tiffany was transformed, running through a forest in Bosnia, the same night in 1994 when Dai died in a botched operation, murdered by Serbian paramilitaries.

After that, travelling the world for Queen and Country rather palled. Tiffany accepted a transfer offered by a sympathetic superior and settled at London. She she continues to work with the Ministry of Defense to this day, providing mental health services to veterans, though she also has a small private practice primarily for other supernaturals.

She encountered Gabriel on a run in the city; recognising one another as werewolves, they got to talking. Tiffany was new and looking for a Pack, Gabriel had lost his own pack almost fifteen years ago and had bounced around between other packs, never truly accepted. They decided to start a new pack together, and set up 72 Zealand Road as their new pack home. One thing led to another, and a few years afterwards they were married, though Tiffany kept her Dai's name, for both personal and professional reasons.

Tiffany is the second-in-command of the Thunderpaws, and functions as the pack's ambassador. Anyone who wants to see Gabriel goes through her first. Before his exile, Tiffany had been training Michael as her successor in the role - unofficially, having taken Michael under her wing.

Kind and considerate, Tiffany is what you might expect of a counsellor - she is always thinking of others, taking their thoughts and feelings into consideration. She looks after the Packís mental well-being, solving disputes and smoothing ruffled feathers. She is also good for insights into the behaviour of others. She can be over-analytical and over-cautious at times, taking too much time considering every possibility rather than taking action when it is required. Like Gabriel, she'd been hurt before, and the possibility of losing her loved ones again is just too much to bear.

Tiffany's most notable trait is that she is an extremely good listener, and she tends to keep her ear to the ground. If there is something that affects the werewolf community of London, chances are good that Tiffany will be one of the very first to hear it.

Rank: 3
Mental 5; Physical 3; Social 4
Willpower: 1
Primal Urge: 5
Notable Powers: Empathy
Banes: Repulsion (Marigolds), Wolfsbane

Jeremy Campbell

Type: Werewolf
Pack: The Thunderpaws
Tribe: Iron Masters
Auspice: Irraka
Born: 1986

Virtue: Clever
Vice: Hasty
Long-Term Aspiration: To get Michael back into the Thunderpaws

Background: Growing up in Dublin, Jeremy fell in with the wrong crowd and got hooked on heroin. His parents were both drunks, abusive to each other and their son. Jeremy went through the First Change unnoticed, but it scared him - thinking he was losing his mind, he tried to quit. His dealer didn’t like the idea of losing a paying customer, so he threatened him. Making a break for it, Jeremy caught a boat to England and ended up in London, going through withdrawal and changing at random, unable to control it. He lived on the streets for a year, avoiding other werewolves and strung out half the time, until he ran into Gabriel.

Having experimented with drugs in his youth, Gabriel knew what it could do to a werewolf, so he took Jeremy and locked him up for a week to sober him out. With Tiffany and Phyllis’ help, Jeremy got clean - and thanks to the horrible experiences of erratic changes, he never wanted to go back. But he asked the Pack to watch him for signs he was slipping.

Living with Gabriel and Tiffany, Jeremy applied to and was accepted at a college to do animation, his big passion. His new interest in technology has also led him to join the Lodge of Wires after being aggressively pursued by some of the local lodge members, including the Ace of Cables.

Jeremy is a quiet young man. He is very opinionated, but rarely shares his opinions (or himself) without someone to draw him out. He is clever and creative, and a very fun person to be around when he has been drawn out of his shell. However it takes someone that he likes and trusts to do so, and there aren’t many people like that outside of the Thunderpaws. Jeremy is very slow to trust but once he does he is faithful for life.

Rank: 1
Mental 2; Physical 3; Social 1
Willpower: 1
Primal Urge: 1
Notable Powers: Reformed Street-Thief
Banes: Allergenic Trigger – Rage (Poppies)


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