Character Creation OOC

Character Creation OOC

Hey guys, happy to have you along. Use this area to chat, ask questions about characters and setting stuff. Work character backgrounds together or just bounce ideas off of each other.

So far THD is working on a gnome wizard with me. Won't give too much away because its more fun if everyone has their secrets. Feel free to PM me with your ideas too and we can work on your characters.

HFLep has submitted a Striker, a human rogue so far which we are working on and Dannoe has submitted a Bladeling Seeker that we are finalizing some details on.

That gives us two controllers and 1 striker so far. We are still waiting on Foucault though but we could use another player or two. I would certainly like to give Sandrock another shot but with no word I'm not sure if he'll be steady enough to play. Anyone have suggestions for people are should we open it up to applications?

THD and HFLep, your already in but I'd like to see you fill out the character applications. If anything to help you perhaps cement some details down about your characters.

I hope I don't seem to hard on wanting more details from the characters, I want you all to play what you'll find fun and Sigil is the kind of place were anyone and anything could possibly be found. But whether your some hobo empowered by voices beyond the stars or an ex-Hardhead turned blacksmith I wanted to start you out at level two to imply that you had some deeper background and ability but you perhaps were not using it fully in your current life. However, if you can convince me of it in your submission I'll certainly go with it.

It's not a problem. I am currently visiting my parents, so I do not have my books with me. I'll have something for you by Monday, though. That good enough?

Rave, I could just as easily make a defender if we need one. Not sure how well rounded you want the party to be.

Well Foucault said he was planning a Warforged Runepriest and if his friend plays a defender we'll be all set, you'll just have 2 controllers, so I think we're fine as is.

Actually my friend wanted to play a Gnome Bard, so I've switched to a Shardmind Battlemind(Try saying that five times fast). He's name is Chrysoberyl. You can call him Chrys.

So you guys want me to stick with the gnome wizard or do we need something else?

I'm going to play a midget human rogue who wants to be the next Don King of Sigil. He has a burning, passionate hatred for halflings, and is currently a fight promoter for matches ran by a gang of half-orcs.

Ravenminded, are half-orcs ok? If there is another gang that fits the story better, that'd be ok too.


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